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  1. I used the stencil idea to do my mailbox. I have the best one in the neighborhood. Ok, it's the *only* one... and it's easy to tell people which house is mine with all the 'beige' Cary houses. :roll:
  2. That locker room has got to be a pretty dismal place to be right now. Sorry for stating the obvious.
  3. under 3 minutes: I'm alternating between feeling ill and seeing tomorrow's headline: Canes' playoffs hope still alive with last minute goal!
  4. geez louise. Between leaving MacGregor and turning the tv on, we're down 3-2??? Down one is no biggie, but losing a 2-0 lead shakes the confidence. Shut down Vinnie from coming anywhere close and we can do this!
  5. Can we make an offering to the iPod to assure the win? The team's been doing too much 'shuffling' itself lately.
  6. I'll be at MacGregor Ale House wearing #26. I thought being with a crowd would be a lot more fun than watching at home with the dog. The MacGregor guy said Buff vs. Pitts attracts lots of Sabres fans, so the place should be loud. Can't wait to "woooo"
  7. Panthers blocked 19 of our shots??? geez, Belfour doesn't have much to do.
  8. So -- I'll keep my playoff deposit on account for next year. The chemistry just wasn't there, but the talent was - and is. For '08? Hedican retires (those old hips just can't take it anymore), same for Wes though it will be a sad day to read that headline; Brindy can stay as long as he takes some time to heal up this summer; Carter..not sure the chemistry is there; Williams needs to keep taking lessons from Cole on charging up the boards; likewise Ladd; Staal, get married and then get back in the game. Gleason - it's a chemistry & maturity thing cuz the talent is there. Cam/Graham is a natural combination (how can you not like the rhyme?) But seriously, a goalie like Ward needs more than a season and a half to mature. He had a lot thrown at him (literally) this year that Gerber sucked up prior to his takeover. I have tickets for the last couple of games and will love every second. (whoa! are those 'ladies' the Panthers version of the storm squad??). r&b
  9. Just got in and saw the score. Don't know what happened (or didn't) so I won't comment on that. Kaberle had the team high shots for tonight? geez. Looks like my playoff deposit may go on account for next year. That's okay. Disappointed in the guys' efforts? For sure. Maybe being a Cubs fan all those years toughened me to my resolve that we'll have a better season in 07-08. I've got tickets for Friday's TB game - not to mention 4/6 ATL game - hey. We're not out yet and that could be THE game. But yeah, Pinehurst could be getting some early business this year.
  10. very fast pace so far. Who will run out of gas first. I predict--not us. I see us slow down in teh 2nd (as usual) but come back for our usual 3rd. But no more own goals, puh-leeze.
  11. Is Archie's ghost hanging around? We give up another first-minute goal! But on the bright side, the Staal-Cole tandem that didn't go in against San Jose worked like a dream to tie it up. We finally got a 2-line pass to spring Cole - where has THAT been all year??
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