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  1. Yes! But this is textbook, fundamental hockey, nothing "special" or "tricky" about it. It's interesting how a relatively recent former player and now coach (HCRB) is making sure his guys are fundamentally sound. If you had to describe to someone with zero hockey knowledge what to do on the ice to score, you would say, "Get the goalie moving and go to the net." On the PP this is a lot easier since you therorictially have an open man. And one thing I've noticed the team doing this year that they weren't doing as well last year is....going to the front of the net. Both on the PP and while even. Nice to see, fun to watch! We will eventually hit a losing streak. Every team does, but this nice little start helps offset that really well.
  2. About 10 years ago.... or however long ago it was that Pittsburgh played at The Igloo.... John: "Here we are at the Igloo getting ready for the second game this season between the Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Penguins...." Tripp: "(silent pause).....you ever been in a REAL igloo?" The delivery was gold and me and my wife still laugh about it. So random, so Tripp. Have spoken with the guy several times away form hockey. We used to both frequent a certain late night breakfast spot. Super nice guy.
  3. Totally agree. Remember when everyone got all bent about Jack Johnson not signing and staying at Michigan? He is a decent player, but he's a career -114 and was WAY overrated on his upside as an NHLer. He was supposed to be "the next Bobby Orr" or something.... He wasn't even the next *insert good d-man here*, and it likely cost him a cup in 2006.....which he has never won, by the way.....
  4. For what it's worth, there was a carbon fiber knee brace hanging in his locker area behind him during his post game interview last night..... Don't know if that's normal gear for him or not, but I'd never noticed it before.
  5. I'm pretty sure I have a team photo "pre-Rod" with Jeff Brown and someone else (Sean HIll?) doing it.....I think. But either way, hockey players have been reversing gloves in team photos since they started wearing gloves! Haha! And it's still funny for some reason! Go Canes!
  6. I was referring more to the fact that the guy that leaked the Ottawa team guys trashing their coach was an Uber driver......I'd never get into an Uber again if I was a player.
  7. I think we are because I think you also have to look at the parity in the league to make that comparison. This time last season (Nov 1st) we were 11 points behind the top team in the Eastern Conference (Tampa Bay). Right now, we're only 4 points behind the top team (Tampa again, go figure). To me that's a 7 point net gain to this point, not 1 point as you eloquently stated. I just think a direct comparison in relation to the other teams each season is a better look than a comparison against yourself season to season. We did finish 14 points out of a wildcard spot last season, so let's hope we can keep up with the rest of the league!
  8. This idea is as dumb as the Jets having a Thrashers night, the Coyotes having a Jets night, or Dallas having a North Stars night. In fact, the latter wore North Stars jerseys for an alumni game and Dallas fans just about blew a gasket. Accept your own identity. And to do it as a money grab/exposure event is even worse.
  9. I didn't leave the Canes....the Canes left me. Ugh......
  10. Yeah, roger that. My comparison is that our level of coaching experience has decreased over time....Peters at least had experience in the minors....Brindy has none, at any level, which concerns me. I hope he tears it up, but....geez....
  11. Totally agree...we went from Mo to Lavi to Mo to Muller to Peters to Brindy. Translation: We went from guys with head coaching experience to an assistant under an "okay" coach (Muller), to an assistant (Peters) under a really good coach (Babcock). Now we're going with an assistant (Brindy) under a coach that previously had no head coaching experience (Peters)....and Brindy himself has ZERO head coaching experience at any level. There is no debate to Brindy's "work ethic" and drive as a player, but does that equate to an effective offensive system? Gretzky was one of the greatest players on the planet. He was touted as "seeing the game" better than anyone alive....and he was a terrible coach. Of course I hope Brindy kills it and does a great job, but once again it seems like this team handles their business like a minor league team giving shots to guys because they have been loyal to their organization, etc. I actually would felt a lot better had they tapped someone like Jeff Daniels for the job if they were going to stay in house and didn't want to spend any money. He built this team in Charlotte....well, some of it. Only time will tell I guess. Go Canes!
  12. Altaholic


    I don't really care how it was done. I don't know Francis personally so it's no big deal. Seriously, how many of you know him personally and are going to go have a drink with him to chat about it? He was a great player, seems like a great guy and ambassador for the sport and got the respect he deserved as a great player. He got the same respect he deserved as a hockey exec.....which isn't much. He was decent, but not great. He's a grown man in a high level business position. Guys like that get fired all the time. I'm pretty sure Ron Francis isn't sitting at home complaining about how bad he was treated by this franchise. They gave him what he deserved. They retired his number and celebrated his playing career. His career as a hockey exec wasn't really much to celebrate. Sounds harsh, I know, but am I REALLY supposed to feel bad for Ron Francis?
  13. Fletcher is probably a great GM, but I think a lot of people might be missing the big glaring issue here (or at least not mentioning it)...... Fletcher and any other legit GM is going to need more than $400k per year. Once again, even with a new owner, the Canes are looking to go cheap. That doesn't sit well with me. And how does it look to the players.? They want to win, but play for a tightwad team who won't go spend what they need to win. Ownership is going to have to take some losses, get some wins, and bring the fans back. It's called an "investment". I'm sure all of these guys heard of that somewhere in business school. You put up the money first then reap the rewards later.....and you have to spend big to win big!
  14. On Pack The Bowl....I wonder how the guy who paid $100 bucks a seat and has season tickets feels about a guy sitting next to him in a seat he essentially bought for $20 bucks off StubHub? A very generous offer, and maybe a one-time thing, but if you start to devalue your product, you aren't going to go very far. Why pay full price when the club will give you freebies?
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