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  1. Couldn't disagree more......there's about an 80% chance the bullet is in the cylinder and aimed at people over the age of 75. Healthy people are NOT dying from COVID. And, in fact, the current overall death rate for all people, including the high risk pop. is plummeting.
  2. Sorry to hear that. But he was apparently at risk, knew the risk, and made his own decision.
  3. I don't care about the season any more. And the pandemic is over...or at least the precautions are. If state and local governments are going to allow (and condone) tens of thousands of protesters to take to the streets in every major city in America for weeks, I can't take them seriously with their lockdowns and "advice" on precautionary measures for any event. I won't watch sports out of principal. You know why? They shut us down completely. I had two friends who weren't able to attend the births of their children, my dad lost a good friend and couldn't go to his funeral....but the same people telling us to lock ourselves in our house for months are now encouraging us to take to the streets in the name of "justice". We've been taken on the biggest ride in our history. I'm doing it in their honor. Because when it's all said and done, the numbers are completely inflated and now that we know more about this virus and its effects (and who it affects), even the so-called experts won't back off or admit they were wrong. Go live your life. If you are high risk, be careful. The end.
  4. The best Tripp saying I've heard was actually in person years ago. I use to play for the Raleigh PD hockey team and we played the Secret Service in a charity game for an agent killed during 9/11. Tripp was our goalie. During the first intermission we were getting beat and Tripp had let a couple softies in. We were razzing him a bit when, with a huge smile on his face, he said, "You know, it's a very well known fact that goalies play better when the as$#holes in front of him play better defense." The room roared! Dude is hilarious....and at least back then, freakishly strong! Love that dude.
  5. Gone are the days early on at the IcePlex where you'd share locker rooms with the players while getting ready for lunch time stick and puck......Keith Primeau walking down the hall past me and my wife wearing nothing but a towel comes to mind....as well as skating stick and puck with Sean Hill and Jeff Brown.... Haha! Good times!
  6. Good points....BUT, I'm convinced I had it in late February. All the symptoms, but very mild for two days. I still have the dry cough...but it's MUCH better today. I'm a police detective so I see/am exposed to a ot of people. Considering for most people the symptoms are mild or non-existent it seems possible.
  7. The only real issue I have with your well intentioned and informative post is this "factual" statement you made at the end. This is not factual as it assumes that every American will be become infected. It also implies that the mortality rate is the same for all populations, when that clearly isn't the case. Even if you take a very basic assessment and apply it to the whole population (which is flawed) that 80% of all infected people outside of certain vulnerable groups will develop mild or no symptoms, this number decreases immensely. Add to that the fact that we will not have a 100% infection rate and the number drops substantially again. The reality is that a better "worst case scenario" is that the mortality rate is 1% for about 10% of the population who contract it, not the population as a whole. That potential number looks more like 200,000 or so. That is still a high number and I would never say we shouldn't take this seriously, of course. It's just that someone might see the "3 million dead" number and freak the hell out, and that is never gonna happen.
  8. THIS! And if time constraints (calendar) are an issue issue, make the first two rounds a best of 5 and the ECF and SCF best of 7.
  9. There are 34 points available to us over our last 17 games. I predict we'll need at least of 20 of them and finish with 95 points to get in......so 10-7-0 over the stretch. Tomorrow's a "4 point game" against the Islanders and could change the whole dynamic, so this is the turning point in my eyes. Win tomorrow against direct competition for a wildcard spot and we control our own destiny. Lose tomorrow, and not only do we not get the points, we may then need 96 points to get in with only 16 games left and it creates a much harder scenario. Let's go!! WAKE UP AND PLAY!!
  10. I agree with those who say there is "no one to blame". There really isn't. We have a team that is good, not great, and we stayed in the hunt until now. In fact, we're still in it despite the serious hand we've been dealt with injuries, etc. The difference between good teams and great teams is that great teams can withstand a little more adversity, mostly because they've got a built in cushion in their record. But a lot has to do with the caliber and experience of the players. This is a young talented team, but there are holes. We are down several guys at the absolute worst possible time. It's nobody's "fault", it's just the way it is. Will they become great and overcome it, or will they be the good team we know they are and fall a little short due to the adversity? Personally, I think they'll fall a little short....and while I'm not okay with that, I understand that sometimes you do everything right and things you can't control get in the way. One thing is for sure, given the situation, I'm not calling for anyone's job or their captaincy over this.
  11. Maybe.... The conferences would need to stay intact due to travel and logistics. My issue with the whole thing is if the season ended today, based on current standings, we're out. Despite having the least amount of points, Toronto somehow gets Tampa, The Caps go with the Islanders and poor Columbus gets the top ranked Bruins, even though they have two more points than Toronto. So the worst team (in this scenario Toronto), because they placed third in their division, not only gets in, they get an arguably slightly easier opponent by not having to face the top seed. Yes, I get that right now their winning percentages are different due to games played, etc, but this is a real possible scenario and I simply don't see the need to split it out by division. Have 'em race by points within the conference and rank them 1 thru 8, top to bottom.
  12. This is why the new system is trash......The NHL needs to simply take the top 8 teams in each Conference and seed them for the playoffs. I mean, it'll probably correct itself, because it usually deos, but there is no way TOR should be in 3rd with teams with more points in a WC spot or on the outside looking in...
  13. Yeah, I've been in the "that ship has sailed" camp this whole time as well......I'm still there. A big concern is you'd have to sit a guy, who may be playing well, because you're not acquiring JW through a trade which means cleaning out a roster spot. There's also the dynamic others have brought up of conditioning and game speed. I have seen others mention that getting JW now is like a mid-season rental guy coming over. Two things on that....One, would we be looking at all for rentals (a forward) if not for JW sitting there? He seems to be the reason anyone is even talking about "rental players". Two, looking at JW as a "rental" is different in that we wouldn't be acquiring an active player. Any rental any team would normally get at this time has played half the season at NHL speed and is in "game mode". JW isn't. So, of course I think any Canes fan would love to see JW on the ice, but at what cost? I don't think "the room" dynamics would be affected too much, save for the guy that loses his roster spot. But will he be any good? I guess we'll see if it happens. Then hindsight will prove one side wrong...... LOL
  14. How soon we all forget that we used to suck...like, really bad, and in recent memory. Now, we're off to the best start in franchise history and here we are talking about "getting to the next level" and whether or not an aging player who is a great leader, but hasn't committed to the team this year is the "leadership answer" to what this club needs. I like that it isn't enough for fans and we want to win really bad. I love it. But consider that we are playing well and haven't even seen production from our top guys yet. So check me if I'm wrong, Sandy, but if we kill the leadership in place, we kill the team. I LOVE JW, but if we can't do it with the squad we have, one player likely isn't the difference. The fact that JW is "on the fence", despite everything he has done for the team, is selfish. He should have started the season if he wanted to play. The fact that he isn't the difference if he plays well (my opinion), what if the worst case scenario happens? What if he joins the team 20 games in and sucks......then what? Are we really going to give minutes to a 38 yr old player who isn't producing when we already have a solid team in place? So, having said that, I'm done with the JW scenario. If he joins, great. If he doesn't, that's fine too because he is not the difference between a Cup and an early exit. You go to war with the Army you have.....
  15. About 10 years ago.... or however long ago it was that Pittsburgh played at The Igloo.... John: "Here we are at the Igloo getting ready for the second game this season between the Hurricanes and the Pittsburgh Penguins...." Tripp: "(silent pause).....you ever been in a REAL igloo?" The delivery was gold and me and my wife still laugh about it. So random, so Tripp. Have spoken with the guy several times away form hockey. We used to both frequent a certain late night breakfast spot. Super nice guy.
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