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  1. By watching that video, it made me feel like even I could be a member of the SS. I've got time haha.
  2. It was so cool hearing Holly talk about the SS. I never knew guys could be on the Storm Squad, but the first thing that came to my mind was a man with his midriff showing and those tight black pants. Anyway, I thought it as great.
  3. Wow, I wish I could have gone to at least five this season! I only attended 3 games, but I went to about 10 practices. I tried to do something Canes-related, be it a game or practice at least once or twice a month.
  4. I'm guilty. I cried. It wasn't so much a cry, as it was a sorrowful weep...kidding. I wasn't bawling or anything, but I was so disappointed. This season has been so special to me and I was missing not only the team, but the game of hockey itself. After such a stellar year last season, it was crushing when we fell short. The guys seemed in good spirits at practice, though.
  5. I love South Park. Sometimes I can't believe they actually are allowed to put some of their episodes on the air, but it's always good for a laugh. I love how it deals with the more modern day issues with a comical spin, rather than pure toilet humor.
  6. Spring break, so I wont be there, but you can bet I'll be watching them. Maybe I can finally relax and watch without the pressure.
  7. So unless the Bruins have a miraculous comeback, we're done? I'm so sad.
  8. mrs-rb-17


    Does it have to be in Raleigh?! It's worth an hour and a half drive from Raleigh for Either Keplin's in Greensboro, NC or Clark's in the little ol' town of Kernersville, NC. Just thinking about it gets me in the mood for some BBQ!
  9. I'm a dedicated Caniac and all, but with us so on the edge of playoffs, we can't have this happen. I wouldn't be so worried if were were definitively in or out of the playoffs. GET IT BACK, BOYS! What if the whole team just stood in front of the goal, leaving no room for a goal during a power play. That might keep them from scoring...
  10. UGH! Can't we dominate the game for once? I'm getting tired of the other team getting off to an early lead and then us scrambling to catch up for the rest of the time. So frustrating! GO CANES!!!
  11. GO CANES! We need a win big time today, so I'll be watching! (and keeping my fingers crossed!)
  12. I'm too young to actually be "the mrs." but I'm on the older side of the 13-21 group.
  13. Aww That's awesome! I want to be a member of the Storm Squad!
  14. HAHA Which game are you watching?! (Kidding) I just hope we don't crash and burn so close to the end of the season. No thank you.
  15. Ugh...I'm appalled. Obviously no one showed up to win tonight. I'm not completely counting them out, but I'm afraid it's in the hands of the hockey gods right now. Why didn't they put in Grahame sooner? I know defense needs to step up, but some of those I know Cam could've handled. Everyone's entitled to a bad game, just not all at the same time! I just hope we aren't too far out of a playoff position and that a loss wont slow us down all that much. Plus Wesley's injured, so that's a bummer. Our poor guys, get it together! GO CANES!
  16. I don't think he has a gf. In John's bio, it mentions his wife and kids, but no mention of family in Tripp's. And I guess I'm the exception to the rule if I'm already married to Rod Brind'Amour, right? I am, after all, the mrs. (Only kidding)
  17. Finally a pic of the mrs. Quickly edited and purely out of fun:
  18. Oh gracious! It was the March 15th game against the Devils, I had received lower level seats between the blues as a birthday gift, and right beside me some guy is talking on his cellphone...the entire time! He wasn't just chatting, he was talking business. For the first two periods he was talking with what I assumed was a business associate. He finally left for the third and came back with only a few minutes left. It made me so mad! I just wish these obnoxious fans would come to a game with one goal and one goal only: to watch a hockey game.
  19. You could yell over them? Maybe work on getting a chant going in your row/section to drown him out? I just hate when fans aren't mindful of those around them.
  20. He's not like Rod who will still be ticking once he hits the 40 mark. I do hate the idea of him retiring because he is such a respected leader on the team. He's an awesome defenseman IMO and I think he adds a lot to the dynamic of the team. If he's ready to call it quits, I'll be very sad, but I'm all for it if he sticks around just one more year.
  21. I know someone who works in the palliative floor (end of life care) in a Winston-Salem hospital. She told me about one of her patients who was covered in tattoos, an elderly man, and that tattoos in your eighties tend to sag and look like a big ol' mess. Hope your tat comes out cool, though.
  22. I like Big Joe. Sure, it's taken him some time to get back into the groove of things, but I still think he's a valuable player on the team. He may not be the sharpest forward, but his size definitely comes into play at the right times.
  23. Hmmm...once a Hurricanes player, always a Hurricanes player to me. I still root for Matt Cullen, so I've gotta go with the Rangers on this one. With the Islanders so close behind, we can't afford for them to win.
  24. Hope he's ok, but then again Wallin is a pretty tough guy. I was at a practice when he lost a tooth. He collided with another guy, let out a choice foul word, spat out the tooth, and continued to practice. Gotta love a hockey player. I think I may have spoken too soon when I said that finally we were a healthy team, but if nothing has been mentioned, it probably wasn't all that serious.
  25. So glad you got your camera back! I'd hate to think something like that would happen at a game...especially between two Canes fans!
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