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  1. I like their cream filled but others of their offerings are hit-or-miss with me 🍩🍩🍩
  2. Aho almost on the shorty...
  3. SInce it seems to be commercial critique night: That solar power commercial would probably be better for their business if they didn’t show the aerial shots of how god-ugly your home will look after putting all those panels on top...
  4. Gardiner with another save...maybe he needs a try at the rotation...
  5. Those are pretty tasty...
  6. Nice save Reimer on the juicy high slot turnover...
  7. Nice reward with the goal after the long offensive zone possession on the shift before
  8. Somehow I missed seeing that movie when it came out and in subsequent years and only got around to seeing it for the first time about five years ago. It is so funny, lots of memorable scenes.
  9. Did the ref get in Svech’s way a bit that hindered him getting the puck out?
  10. Dead slot chance there...need to get Elvis all shook up
  11. This game is so lopsided except for the scoreboard part...the Gameflow chart is waves of red.
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