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  1. Has it been confirmed that the long-promised new larger video screens are going in PNC for this season? If not, WRAL just confirmed it as they were doing a live spot from PNC for a piece on Ticketmaster fees and showed a big crane on the PNC arena floor with an oh-by-the-way explanation that a new JumboTron is being installed. Woohoo...
  2. Me and Mrs. Storm were in Winnipeg a couple weeks ago and a car pulled past us with Winnipeg Jets flags flying from each window. Mrs. Storm says, “Take your flags down dude, the playoffs have been over for you for a month!” I deadpan, “He can’t, didn’t you see who’s car that was? It was Paul Maurice!” 😂
  3. Must be, Canes have a hard time letting go of him. If you go to the Canes web page to the "Team" "In the system" roster, as of this afternoon, it still shows Adam Fox listed with the Canes. When you click his name, it shows his affiliation as the Rangers, but someone hasn't updated the Canes prospect roster yet... 😉
  4. For what it’s worth Evolving Wild’s projections estimate Aho will get (or is worth?) an 8 year contract with a $10m salary cap hit. Panarin (UFA) and Rantanen (RFA) are the only FAs projected to get bigger deals. 💰💰💰
  5. Wouldn’t Alex Nedeljkovic get one of those goalie slots on the big club next year? He’s developed exactly as you dream about for a goalie and accomplished everything you can ask for in the AHL; deep playoff run, all star, goalie of the year award. I like too that he didn’t wet his pads on his one big call-up opportunity this year, getting the start in Vancouver where the Canes never win, he was solid in the 5-2 victory, shutting the door after the Canucks went up 2-1. His NHL stats are limited but juicy in two appearances, 1.33 GAA and .953 save percentage.
  6. Yeah, at various times, you could've listed the three as: Trade him! x2 Hands of Stone HWSNBN
  7. Hey remkin, Leafsfan1967 covered the early part of the feud nicely in part with this snippet from the post above: “...my kids have been enjoying the "Surge". When Don Cherry, a man who I admire, came out and called the players jerks. My boys and I realized he has lost touch. This is the greatest game in the world and if these professional athletes are still having fun at this level what better message to send to the kids playing this fantastic game...“
  8. Well, I thought it was pretty clever. Cherry's first rant was referring to the team as jerks, this more recent rant is really directed to the fans as being jerks so thought this addition tied it all together nicely. I'm sure Cherry will be turning his ire toward Stormy and Hamilton the pig next...so maybe Canes marketing can be more creative with those! 😉
  9. Canes marketing with another home run...er, hat trick. They modified the Bunch of Jerks t-shirt to say “Bunch of Front Running Jerks”! Available soon at The Eye. 😂😂😂
  10. @Leafsfan1967 Enjoyed reading your posts...hope you and your boys enjoyed the game and visit!
  11. I showed the Don Cherry video to Mrs. Storm and she says, "What an idiot!" I say in shock, "You can't say that, he's a national institution!!!" "In Canada," she finishes, adding "down here, he's an idiot!"
  12. There is one listed on craigslist, posted a couple weeks ago, that is like those I used to see in area bars. He's asking $350 (negotiable), Raleigh location.
  13. I thought top-shelf had a chance with his prediction last night. After the handshakes, the boys seemed to gather in a loose circle at the blue line and chat for a bit before they finally lined up and did the stick bows. In the previous home playoff wins, they pretty much lined up and did the stick bows right away, so when they gathered for a bit longer yesterday it made me wonder for a sec if something more dramatic was in the works...
  14. I didn't notice this after Game 3, but may have missed it, after Game 4, after the Star of the Game Interview, they played a skol clap celebration video on the JumboTron as fans filed out. Some fans did join in the clap as they were leaving.
  15. Cool! If we have a playoff game go to the shootout, Jake is our guy! ...oh wait 😜
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