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  1. Heck, even at home, I sometimes rise a bit out of my chair during a real tense game when a breakaway happens late in the game that would take the lead. Invariably, the Canes player fumbles the puck or shoots it 6 feet over the net or similar. Mrs. Storm then looks at me and says, “Sit down you idiot.” Sigh...
  2. Yikes, I confess, I am guilty of this occasionally on a clean breakaway...sorry coastal! 😊
  3. Great game to be at, another sellout, crowd into it. The Star Wars pregame video and theming throughout the night was well done. As for the game, after the Wild first goal, the Canes took it from there, and when they scored on the 5 on 3 with that beauty, it just seemed like this game was going to be a win...except for the variables of the ice and the refs. The ice was not good and the officiating seemed uneven, Canes had two interference penalties against but seemed to have worse done to them with no call, Aho and line were great, the penalty kill good, Petr solid...and most of the boys really got into the Storm Surge. It has been awhile since I’d seen a hat trick, did they always offer 25% off on hats after the game when a hat trick was scored? Great marketing ploy, cause they sold a ton of hats after the game, the line to get into The Eye post game looked crazy long!
  4. Don’t worry, I’m going to be there. But wait, the Canes have dropped three straight with me in attendance! Maybe I should watch LSU for you and you go see the Canes...? 🤔🐯🏈
  5. This is at Canes practice today, I was just about to post it too..so funny!
  6. Rod’s simple explanation on why the current Canes are more successful than past Canes teams in the shootout, he said something like ‘the shootout requires talent and we’ve got more talented players now...” 😄
  7. Be interested to hear Petr’s post game comments...
  8. Do any of the Canes score with their eyes open? 😑🚨
  9. “Gloria Estefan has always been a huge Caniac!” 😄
  10. Canes trying to give away this point...
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