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  1. The Commish announced at the draft that the new target start date for the 2020-2021 season is January 1st, so I guess it will be just a 2021 season. The press release said they’re still shooting for a ‘full regular season’ but I’m not sure that’s logistically possible to have and still award the Cup before the Summer Olympics start, which seems a fixed season end point due to NBC broadcasting obligations.
  2. I’m not sure where the ‘local boundary’ is for the blackout region either. A little story: I confess I have always had the cord and got for many years the Center Ice package, which was great to see all the league games. Canes games were blacked out, but there were exceptions. It may be hard to believe today, but not all Canes games used to be carried by Fox Sports. About a half dozen or so games had no local TV broadcast, so the only way to get those games was on Center Ice because they would carry the Canes away team broadcast when there was no local TV. Once Fox Sports started carrying all the Canes games, I ended up dropping Center Ice...but do miss it sometimes on nights when there’s nothing to watch and I could be watching hockey!
  3. I agree that, unfortunately, Lavi is a good fit and solid hire for the Caps
  4. Here’s my sales pitch for canesfan1977: If you collect Canes bobbleheads and don’t have the Hardee’s set, that’s the one I’d recommend to get from canesfan1977. Four bobbleheads, a facsimile autographed puck and a cool display stand for them all. I don’t think Canes bobbleheads have had anything like that since.
  5. So are they changing their name to the Chicago WolvesPack? 😜😂
  6. The Miami Herald is reporting Charlotte will become the affiliate for the Florida Panthers. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/article245507380.html
  7. Those Nike commercials were great, my favorite was the one with the French Canadian goalie who had to become a taxi driver due to Mats Sundin.
  8. Certain parts of the hockey world will NEVER EVER accept Carolina as belonging in the League. Screw them. And frankly some of our fan base are NASCAR-loving rednecks—I can’t be sure of their marital relations!—but I’ve enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of them at tailgates and other Canes events. Most of them embraced the “Redneck Hockey” moniker the rest of the League intended as an insult to Canes fans years ago much like the more recent crop of Canes fans embraced being known as fans of “A Bunch of Jerks.” Having said that, as I mentioned in another thread, I had never heard the expression “Dear Gussie!” before so didn’t know it’s southern roots. I expect a lot of people don’t as it appears an archaic exclamation.
  9. It made me laugh the first time he said it, and the Canes won a big game. Look, it’s no more corn-ball as “Hey, Hey, Whaddaya Say!” but shorter, which is good. I’ll cut Mike some slack and vote “Like it”
  10. I grew up as a Cardinals fan and fell asleep many a night listening to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon call the Cards games. Shannon was known to drink a Busch beer or two...or three or twelve during the games and some of those broadcasts with Buck and a hammered Mike Shannon were most amusing!
  11. Not sure about any of those guys mentioned, to me Anson Carter is still the greatest Cane trade deadline acquisition...!!
  12. Not sure about the “dramatically” part of the production drop for O’Neill, he scored 44 goals in his final two seasons in Carolina and 39 in his subsequent (and final) two years in Toronto, pretty close. Actually, in both seasons with Toronto, he scored more goals each season and about the same number of assists as in his final year in Carolina. His final year in the league, he scored 20 goals, not bad. But I confess, yes, I have a soft spot for O’Neill, he’s one of my early Canes favorites! 😉
  13. I just hope Big Rig isn't reading this and conflating the two and yells something like this for the next goal-- "WELL YOU CAN SHAVE MY BACK WITH A RUSTY RAZOR, JACOB SLAAAAVIN WITH THE GOOOOOOAL!" 😲😂
  14. With my noise cancelling headphones, I sometimes listen to local radio when mowing the grass on the weekends. I usually listen to weekend sports or sports talk but there’s not much of that on of interest these days, so I wandered on the AM dial the other weekend and there was a local financial investment show with three or four people talking about stocks and portfolios and whatnot and lo and behold guess who was one of the panelists? Chuck Kaiton!!! I listened for about 20 minutes and it was sad. Chuck was clearly out of his element, trying to add an anecdote or touch of humor here and there, but it came off as cringe-worthy.
  15. Houston is a more attractive market than Raleigh. Of course, Houston is more attractive than a lot of current NHL cities. What keeps Dundon put? One thing in the short run was the Raleigh market proved that put a decent product on the ice and the fans would return. Attendance this year was way up from last season which was up solidly from the year before. Had the fans not returned in numbers and passion, that could’ve been a green light to bolt, but realizing there was a latent fan base here eager to return buys some time for now. The investment and infrastructure in having a top line practice facility will help anchor the team here, but the arena is an issue that needs addressing.
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