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  1. 10-0, Toronto and Buffalo, 93 and 06
  2. I was there too and that McGinn turnover for the GWG was a gut punch. It was obviously a close game, pretty even in shots, chances, on the scoreboard, but it sure seemed like Columbus was the superior team, better passing, frustrating the Canes in the neutral zone. The Canes passing was awful. The stat sheet showed the Canes with 10 giveaways...it seemed like about 30 or 40. On Aho, I am concerned that John Forslund in the Aftermath show said he is “worried” about Aho and his play, wondering if he’s cracking under this big contract and responsibility. Said his play was indistinguishable from a journeyman 3rd or 4th line center on the opposing team. Reminded listeners that Eric Staal struggled for years to be the same player he was before his big contract. Yikes! Did anyone else hear this? Hope Johnny is wrong here, but for him to say it as close as he is to the team and especially since he is not one to recklessly criticize players is interesting, troubling. I blame Mrs. Storm for the loss too. She dug out her Cory Stillman white jersey for white-out night that she bought at a Canes clearance sale many years ago. She hadn’t worn it in about 5 years because the Canes were something like 0-5 when she wore it. Now make it 0-6!
  3. Oh, one other good stat about this game— Attendance was 14,875. Not including opening night, last season it took until December 22 to have a game attendance top that mark (most Canes home games were in the 10,500 - 11,500 range during that October-December span).
  4. The main question about Haula was recovery from that serious injury and he’s answered that question well. It sure looks like the Canes picked up a 29 goal scorer (his last full season) for a steal!
  5. Were the fans chanting “SWEEP!” Lol
  6. Tripp going out on a limb saying Dougie Hamilton is now more popular than Hamilton the Pig...
  7. About time Haula came out of his mini-goal scoring slump... 😜
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