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  1. I agree that, unfortunately, Lavi is a good fit and solid hire for the Caps
  2. Here’s my sales pitch for canesfan1977: If you collect Canes bobbleheads and don’t have the Hardee’s set, that’s the one I’d recommend to get from canesfan1977. Four bobbleheads, a facsimile autographed puck and a cool display stand for them all. I don’t think Canes bobbleheads have had anything like that since.
  3. So are they changing their name to the Chicago WolvesPack? 😜😂
  4. bluedevilcane may be referring to NHL hockey media bias, but if he’s not, I’ll say it—anyone that listens to the NHL on XM channel, watches NHL network, or reads the major writers that cover the National League know that most of those analysts and writers are Canadian or are from ‘traditional’ US hockey markets and their coverage of the league is heavily, heavily tilted toward the original 6 and north of the boarder teams. So, yeah, I’m thrilled all those teams are now watching the playoffs just like me! 😄 Regarding Bettman, agreed, his vision for an expanded League is one reason Raleigh and many ‘non-traditional’ markets have a team and why he generally gets a much warmer welcome from Raleigh fans than the raucous booing he gets in those ‘traditional’ markets.
  5. The Miami Herald is reporting Charlotte will become the affiliate for the Florida Panthers. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/article245507380.html
  6. And it was a great game too...that late Avs goal and then the Stars answer 10 seconds later, wow! It had about everything you’d want in a game 7 drama wise.
  7. As an “ABC” fan in the playoffs (anyone but Canada), it gave me pleasure to see the Canucks defeated. The last time a Canadian team won the Cup? 1993! Hockey is America’s Game!!! (we just need a lot o’ Canadians to keep playing it for us)
  8. That used to be true AWACS but not anymore. With social media being around for about 20 years, there is a whole generation of people raised in that world that do not recognize any lines of decency between social media and real life encounters. A quick YouTube search of the recent urban center unrest will show innumerable 20-25 year olds making vile taunts DIRECTLY to the faces of police officers, federal law enforcement, local and national elected officials, and to people just like you and me who were simply trying to enjoy a peaceful meal at a restaurant. Hockey is back this afternoon, so at least there’s that...
  9. A couple late goals made the scoreboard look close and TB did dominate a lot of play in the second period, but overall I think all of the Canes-Boston games felt closer than what TB was able to do with the Bs in Game 1. And I laughed at only 29 seconds in when Chara got called for crosschecking on a fairly mild check — he’d have gotten about a dozen of those penalties if they called in that way in the Canes series... 🙄
  10. Go all in on southern just to tick off the Canadian and Yankee teams and media even more, instead of “Grit” and “Grind” how about “Grits” and “Gravy”?!! 😜
  11. I know it is sport to bash Staal, but he was having a solid defensive game in that game. He was good in faceoffs and even with the time missed, still ended up being the team leader in hits and first among forwards in blocked shots. Who knows if the collapse would’ve been avoided, but the team was better that night with him than without him.
  12. He still has some game left. I assume he’s finished, but if he’s interested in another 1/2 season or whatever, the Canes should be too. But some fit in the organization would be second best. Such a quality player.
  13. I know there is a lot of disappointment in losing and some comments that the Canes didn’t show up, didn’t try, didn’t play hard, etc.. I made the comment above but went back and added it up to be sure and if I got counted correctly in this series the Canes scored nine even strength goals and the Bruins? The exact same nine goals! And that included one empty net goal! 5 on 5 the scoreboard says this was a close, even series. Special teams was the difference...and that difference, unfortunately, was big. Canes were disappointing but not embarrassing. Given the special teams disparity, those questionable ref calls made a bigger difference than they otherwise should have. Pity.
  14. As a former Minnesotan, I wouldn’t mind the (North) Stars. Or my childhood favorite, the Blues, for the west.
  15. Close series, special teams were the big scoreboard difference. On to next season.
  16. Cane was slashed! And Bruins get the PP, lordy
  17. I’d rather hear Tripp talked about the goalie’s groin over Millbury any day...
  18. Oh mercy what a sequence on both ends
  19. Bruins led the period in shots, but the Canes definitely had some good possessions and the better chances. Though Mrazek did have to make one 5 bell save.
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