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  1. Early season comeback win over Caps to re-air tonight. Full re-broadcast schedule (so far) is posted here: https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/fox-sports-carolinas-to-re-air-best-canes-games-from-2019-20-season/c-316228910
  2. Canes at Leafs re-airing now on Fox Sports 🏒🥅🚨
  3. If you look at it again (the “see info” full description in the guide), it does say the game is on 2/22/20 and the description it gives is of the last time the Canes and Leafs met. So they didn’t bother to write a “new” program description for this game to say it was a rebroadcast. It looks like they simply recycled the original program description when the game first aired live on 2/22!
  4. According to my Spectrum channel guide, Saturday’s Ayres game rebroadcast is at 7p.
  5. Surviving but it is a lonely existence it appears... https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20200317/view-from-john-forslundrsquos-bunker-isolation-is-bad-enough-but-no-beer
  6. Just mentioned in the broadcast that it was 100 degrees opening game day, I’d forgotten that.
  7. Your wish is Fox Sports’ command, the Ayres game is being rebroadcast Saturday night!
  8. Hockey is back! Fox Sports is rebroadcasting the Canes Opening Night game versus Montreal tonight at 7:00.
  9. Developing effective treatment seems the pressing short-term need. If effective treatment becomes available that reduces the mortality by a significant percentage, say toward that of a bad-bad flu season, social restrictions should ease. I’ve read a lot about progress on vaccines, the ultimate preventative solution, but not much on progress on effective treatments for those with the bug unless I’ve missed it.
  10. In one of the early episodes of The Walking Dead, one of the characters was eaten by the infected ghouls because she ran out of toilet paper and had to venture out to get more. Maybe dystopian fiction is feeding the panic! 😱☠️
  11. Perhaps...hopefully the virus has some seasonal variability where it decreases during warmer weather like influenza. It is interesting looking at the world wide spread to date, it seems currently significantly more widespread and spreading much faster in countries north of the equator, where it is winter, versus places like South America and Africa.
  12. Columbus Blue Jackets just announced no fans for their remaining home games. Does this mean they won’t sound that stupid cannon when they score? This should help the Canes edge them in a playoff push, I can’t imagine playing in front of an empty arena gives the home team any advantage.
  13. That’s sort of how it looked on the replay...strange
  14. Nice play but still...booooo
  15. That guy is just so streaky, hard to count on him coming through again...
  16. The David Ayres commercial is a welcome mid-season replacement 😊
  17. Sloppy period of disorganized hockey.
  18. Can’t Mrazek just skate out and do any puck clearing needed? 🤔
  19. Mrazek skating out to get the puck...flashback yikes!
  20. The way he embarrassed the veterans, I’m just relieved Geekie didn’t get sent back down for that...! 😜
  21. 2 goals on....2 shots! Now that is efficient!
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