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  1. 17 minutes ago, AWACSooner said:

    So how’d Big Rig do overall?  Tripp as well...


    I thought for those that don’t like the ‘goofy’ Tripp, this was for the most part a more by-the-book Tripp, sort of like when he got the chance to work for NBC a few seasons ago in the playoffs and wasn’t paired with John in the booth.  Considering they were calling the game from looking at a monitor over 700 miles from where the game was actually being played, I thought they did pretty well at getting the action called correctly. 

  2. 19 hours ago, beboplar said:

    Where's Chuck Kaiton these days?


    With my noise cancelling headphones, I sometimes listen to local radio when mowing the grass on the weekends.  I usually listen to weekend sports or sports talk but there’s not much of that on of interest these days, so I wandered on the AM dial the other weekend and there was a local financial investment show with three or four people talking about stocks and portfolios and whatnot and lo and behold guess who was one of the panelists?  Chuck Kaiton!!! I listened for about 20 minutes and it was sad.  Chuck was clearly out of his element, trying to add an anecdote or touch of humor here and there, but it came off as cringe-worthy.  

  3. On 6/11/2020 at 4:27 PM, wxray1 said:


    I'm still not sure how this is going to work out.  MLB is trying hard to crater their season...

    MLB is crazy, they must still think it’s the 1950s and they’re the King of Sports and fans will always be there.  The fans haven’t been there for over 20 years.  Of the major team sports, baseball has the least physical contact and had the easiest path to get back to playing games safely.  This was their big opportunity!  Baseball was played through the Spanish Flu!  Even Babe Ruth catching the Spanish Flu in spring training that year couldn’t stop baseball back then, but now, these owners and players look like they are going to squander their opportunity to take center stage in the sports world, at least for a fleeting moment until the NBA and NHL figure out their restart timing.

  4. Houston is a more attractive market than Raleigh.  Of course, Houston is more attractive than a lot of current NHL cities.  What keeps Dundon put?  One thing in the short run was the Raleigh market proved that put a decent product on the ice and the fans would return. Attendance this year was way up from last season which was up solidly from the year before.  Had the fans not returned in numbers and passion, that could’ve been a green light to bolt, but realizing there was a latent fan base here eager to return buys some time for now.  The investment and infrastructure in having a top line practice facility will help anchor the team here, but the arena is an issue that needs addressing. 

  5. 15 hours ago, legend-1 said:

     Interesting, though if he's recovered it seems like a non-issue



    Well, the Penguins have dealt with a virus rampaging through their team before in the fairly recent past.  Arguably the league‘s best player at the time, Sydney Crosby, even came down with the virus.  This was a highly infectious virus but it had a very effective vaccine and Crosby had been vaccinated, but still got the virus anyway.  Will the initial COVID-19 vaccine be anywhere near as effective as the mumps vaccine?  Unlikely, so even when there is a vaccine, figuring out the risk levels and those ‘what if’ contingency plans when someone gets sick will be on-going by the league planners perhaps for years...

  6. 8 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    One final thing about this.  We obviously all see the risk differently...


    And that view of risk changes over time in response to real or imagined changes in the threat.  After 9/11 some in the media and many people said there would never be mass gatherings again, no Super Bowl could ever be held, people wouldn’t fly, people would not want to go in tall buildings.  Years later, looking at air traffic numbers and mass gathering gate receipts, etc., it was like 9/11 never happened!  What changed?  A lot had to do with the perception that the risk was less or the realization that the risk of any one mass gathering being attacked and result in death or injury was always small.  Also changed was there was at least the appearance of safety, TSA seizing your bottle of water or shaving gel, of course, makes nothing safer, but adds to an illusion of safety, that the risk is less.  The same with metal detectors and screenings at PNC Arena.  If someone intended to do premeditated harm to PNC Arena attendees, would those security measures prevent it?  Doubtful, but the appearance of those checkpoints gives an illusion of reducing risk and making folks feel comfortable, normal.


    Likewise we’ll see mask wearing by service providers and encouragement for others to wear them, temperature checkpoints at entrances to businesses and workplaces, random testing, sanitizers everywhere, where to stand markings on the floor, etc.  Some of these measures will be of dubious ability to actually prevent someone from getting the virus, anymore than taking your shaving cream will prevent the airplane from being blown up, but it will make many folks feel safer, reducing their perception of risk.

  7. 6 hours ago, Canesfanforever said:



    He took 16+ minutes to cover something he could’ve done effectively in 5 or less, but some interesting nuggets in there.  One is the reminder of what a ridiculously sweetheart TV deal the NBA has.  With the pandemic shutdown, NHL is in pickle with both the CBA and TV contract expiring the same year—doesn’t seem like good life cycle timing there Mr. Bettman.

  8. 8 hours ago, magpiemaniac said:


    Will the NHL be next?


    Minor leagues, in all sports, have different operating revenue sources than their major league counter-parts.  The minor leagues depend significantly on gate receipts, so operating without fans is really a non-starter.  The NFL, with its huge TV revenue stream, likely could operate for a long time with no or limited fans.  The NHL, not as much.  Those planning and scenario analysis meetings at league headquarters must be something...

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