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  1. Cam seems to be having an issue with confidence right now-----and it was good to see

    his team bail him out for a change. He has done it for them many many times!

    GO CANES  !!

    Agree, Cam was below average in this contest and I think this was the first game this year the Canes won where you can say the goaltending wasn't at least average (usually it has needed to be spectacular with the anemic offense for much of the season). Good teams need to win games like this with some frequency.

    NHL Tonight:

    Lindholm gets the "first star of the night."

    He won a lot of board battles in addition to some great defensive plays (along with the offense). The line of Staal, Gerbe, and Lindholm took over the game.

    As a side note, Lindholm's shooting % is something like 27% and he hit that post in Nashville. It doesn't mean anything and it will not continue but it is pretty crazy.

    I think part of the scouting on Lindholm was an accurate shot, but that's a crazy % for sure. Hopefully Lindholm doesn't need a hard stick to the groin next game in order to deliver another performance like this!

  2. A complete collapse wasn't expected, nor was seven goals on my end of the ice and zero on the far end. Canes controlled much of the second period, but had difficulty all game exiting the defensive zone. The stat sheet shows an astounding 13 giveaways for the Canes and I think there were probably more!

    Cam was solid in the first, had a quiet second, but in the third didn't make the big saves or even the little ones to keep the team in it. You have to get points when you're at home with a lead entering the third period. Disappointing all around, best to forget and move on (though the memory of that Faulk long bomb feed to Jordan and his move in for the goal, I may let that linger for awhile...that was awesome!)

  3. The Canes came out like a team that was playing its third game in four days and Boston looked like the team desperate for a road win. The Canes had a solid second period...well except for that goal scoring part. Cam was decent, a pretty good first game back for him.

    Plenty of Boston fans in the stands. JR and Karmanos must be thrilled their strong support of realignment is paying off at the box office. A Monday night game in the fall against say Florida or Tampa would've drawn about 10,000 versus the almost 14,000 there last night.

  4. The DevilCanes are stuck with a two goal maximum and it's going to be hard to ever score more if the defensemen are only allowed to venture in the offensive zone no more than six feet or so. As soon as puck possession is lost along the boards (but not gained by the opponent), the defensemen retreat behind the blue line--even if they had the best chance to secure the lose puck, and even if they had a high forward covering behind them. This kind of structure almost eliminates easy transitions and breakaways for the opposing team. Unfortunately, it also means little sustained offensive pressure for the DevilCanes. Therefore, most goals for this team have to come in transition or on the power play. If this is the structure going forward, until the power play starts working better, we may have the two goal maximum for awhile.

  5. Peters was pretty shaky as Colorado poured it on, but whenever the Avs were able to get to the rebound, they couldn't handle the puck, whiffed it, or similar. Great team defense by Carolina got the rest of Peters' cough-ups. And offensively, the Canes actually buried one of the first rebound opportunities they had.

    J Staal and Gerbe were outstanding. The officiating was uneven at best. And the Canes power play still can't score...not even when facing an empty net...with a faceoff in the offensive zone...that they won...

  6. Perhaps this is the site you were thinking of?




    There is an "season so far" analysis at the top, and an analysis of the last 5 seasons about half way down.

    If that's not it, it's close. Good find invisibleCane, he's got lots of data and analysis there, something to explore later!

    For the injuries, he calls the metric C.H.I.P. for cap hit of injured players. The big difference for the Canes in using that versus man games lost was last season, the Canes were 15th in man games lost, but 5th in cap hit lost. This year, our banged-up Canes are 2nd in CHIP. Maybe for the next uniform update, the Canes should replace the swirl logo with a red cross....

  7. to #8, thought about writing an article about how often Canes get injured, but thankfully we did some research beforehand and were surprised to find out that over the past 4 years, the Canes have not been an anomaly in terms of man-games lost to injury.

    Here's their NHL rank in terms of games lost to injury the past 4 seasons (1st would be MOST games lost to injury):

    2013: 15th

    11-12: 22nd

    10-11: 30th (what what!?)

    09-10: 5th


    Despite it FEELING like we're more injured than the average team, we're really not.  


    All stats via Man Games Lost


    Yeah but we consistently have KEY players go down.  Skinner, Ruutu, Gleason, top 2 goalies, etc.

    Good point Faulker. A better stat is 'salary lost due to injury' as it gives some indication of the value management places on that injured/missing player. Not a perfect metric to be sure, but better than the raw data of man games lost. I thought there was a site keeping track of salary missed years ago, but in a quick check I couldn't find it.

  8. Hal·low·een, noun, \ˌha-lə-ˈwēn, ˌhä-\

    (1) the night of October 31 when children dress up as ghosts, witches, monsters, etc., and go to houses to ask for candy. (2) the point typically dividing a slow-start October from a November slide for the Carolina Hurricanes ice hockey club.

  9. I'm scared. I'm scared guys, someone hold me. It's only a month, but still. How comfortable can you be with him in net without fearing he'll re-injure himself again, there were two previous games he took a while to get up after making a butterfly save.

    I'm concerned too. I noticed even in this game in the first few minutes where it just seemed like it was a process for him to get back to his feet as opposed to just 'popping up' like he and most NHL level goalies usually do.

    Troubling too that this seemed to be a self-inflicted type injury, indicating a body failing on Cam's part. I think his recent previous injuries had been caused/initiated by outside actions (rammed into the goal post, cut with a skate) where you could say Cam had "bad luck" as opposed to being "injury prone". Now may be different and that is not good...

  10. The slight optimism is good, but let's look at the next three games. A decent Minnesota team that hasn't lost in regulation at home and perhaps the best two teams (outside of California) in the league: Colorado and Pittsburgh. So, the Canes could easily lose the next three...that wouldn't mean the team all of a sudden sucks, but would that cause a board meltdown? Bank on it!

    However if the Canes could manage say 3 points, that'd be solid.

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