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  1. winger thats a good discussion as long as it doesn't turn into a lets bash Joni debate. Our defense does seem to be more responsible and playing well together. We are still giving up a lot of SOG. Murphy has shown he can bring the offensive side when needed and our D always seems to be looking at moving the puck forward. Overall I like the look of this defense more then in the last few seasons.


    Before pinning it all on Joni we also replaced Corvo and McBain. My feeling is Joni would have had a difficult time fitting into this defensive scheme but last season pre-injury Joni looked better then I had ever seen him. Overall I like our defense.

    Nice post OBXer. On the shots against, things are moving in the right direction, the Canes currently rank 17th in the league, versus 25th & 27th in the previous two seasons.

    Ah, the great Joni debate! Your point to not overlook the supporting cast changes is key. All of them, from a defensive play side, seem to be improvements so far. From a play style standpoint, I think Murphy had been tagged when a prospect as a Joni successor and he seems to have that flair on the o-side. Positionally the d-unit are playing sound--a lot less random puck chasing and a lot more effort to keep themselves between the puck and the goal.

  2. Surprised at the final shot stats, 23-25 isles. It seemed like a more offensive game, more chances than that for both teams.

    The Isles are good and fast and pressed hard in the comeback, so a solid win for the Canes. Good for Tlusty and JStaal to get off the goose egg.

    Glad the second penalty against Skinner didn't determine the game. Was that technically a hook? I suppose, but having the stick parallel for that brief a time when it didn't appear to impede the opponent is let go a lot more often than called.

  3. Being the sick puppy I am, my favorite part of watching those types of plays is focusing in on the fan reactions. Unfortunately, the camera doesn't linger too long on the fans in this feed, but still there are a few good ones. I like the guy to the left of the Tim Hortons sign, he sinks his head in disbelief with one hand on it and, that not being enough, dips a little lower and palms the second hand on his head for good measure.

    Been there many times myself, good to see an opposing fan have to do it this time....

  4. Outside of those 2 slipups in the 2nd, I honestly thought we outplayed them even in the first 2 periods.  3rd was all ours.

    Remkin better add some cots to the island. Got a feeling it's going to get crowded.  That is until our next disappointing game, when it will empty like there's a hurricane coming.

    I agree LL. Those were the Canes two biggest miscues and the Leafs potted both of 'em. But the canes were the better team in all three periods to me.

    Congrats to Murphy on a big first goal.

    Ward was good in net and had the bizarre game winning primary assist to boot!

  5. Seriously what do we have to do to just pull one out in OT or the shootout?  I was listening to The Point on XM w/Boomer and he noted our pathetic stat of 23 OT games with only 6 OT wins.  Ugly.  The hockey gods need a sacrifice.

    Until a long term fix is found, given how bad we've been in shootouts, I wouldn't mind the coach using 4 forwards in the last minute or two of the overtime period to sort of create the feeling of desperation to score, like when the goalie is pulled in regulation.

  6. I agree with all that the intro is a downer. Hopefully a replacement is in the works! Like ncradford, the "Hurricane Warning" one from years ago is more along the lines of what works...generic 'pep rally' type stuff. The ones in recent years have been pretty player-centric which has culminated in this disaster--I don't go to the games to hear a stinkin' seminar!

    While I'm at it, bring back the "Lets Go Canes" song into to the third period that's been missing for a few years now.

  7. several concerns, with the exception of the game against the Wings, the Canes have yet to draw a full house.  Second, why does it seem that fans of the opposing team are a substantial part of the crowd?

    October thru December have usually been tough sell outs for Carolina. But through 5 home games, attendance is up versus the pre-lockout 2011-12 season. For reference, if I looked it up correctly, the second sellout that season (after the home opener) wasn't until January 14.

    Opposing fans' butts-in-seats is one of the reasons Canes management was so much in favor of the new divisions and scheduling, to bring more big fan base teams to the arena. More Boston, Pittsburgh, Philly--less Florida, Tampa, and Atlanta/Winnipeg. The only way to hold them back is consistent winning.

  8. Nice to see Lindholm light the lamp, even if a flukey goal. Even worse for Caps fans, both Lindholm and Skinner were way offside on that play.

    On a related officiating note, whoever sent the memo to the refs on the Canes being 'a bunch of divers and embellishers so be sure to call it' is clearly being followed. This one call a game nonsense is getting old.

    Good road win...improvement during the course of the game in the faceoff circle was the key to turning the tide of the game. The Canes had an awful time connecting on passes--puck control in the offensive zone has not been a real strength in any game so far this season. If they can get that figured out, watch out!

  9. Wxray, good points. I'd add I'm not as concerned about Semin as Tlusty. At least Semin is noticeable making plays, etc., even if not numerous and the points have been elusive. Tlusty, on the other hand, has been invisible. He had his ice time dramatically cut after the first period. Was this due to his poor play? Re-injury? Whatever the case, the first line needs all three wheels working and soon.


    Young J was almost the hero in OT.  Pretty much everyone in our section of the arena was cheering on young J and hoping he'd get his first NHL point on the ice with his brothers.  I thought he looked good at times, timid at times but always determined.  It was lots of fun to watch the big brothers giving him pointers and pep talks on the bench after a shift, they looked like they were enjoying it.


    I thought Jared had a very solid game, about as good an NHL debut you can have without scoring a point. He was physical on the boards and seemed to be at the front of the net at every opportunity. He dished 5 hits in only 12 minutes of ice time. 3 shots, 2 of which were blocked and no missed shots. He had a blocked shot and a takeaway defensively and seemed to be in good position in the D zone at all times. Absolutely nothing negative in his stat sheet. Impressive.

    Fairly entertaining game overall. Ellis had a chance to be the hero, but those last two goals he gave up made him the goat. Although I thought Ellis had a 'distinct kicking motion' on that game tying goal--Toronto should have overturned! LOL

    Nice center ice salute by the Canes at the end.

  11. Did the Canes just purposely lose that game? They put 3 forwards in in OT and instantly lost.


    This is the direct quote from the Caps board!

    I'm not sure I understand the three forwards either... If I heard that stats right from Forslund during the earlier 4 on 4 during the game, the Jets were awful in 4 on 4 situations.

    For the game, I thought after the slow first, the Canes played fairly well--especially considering they were out power played 6-1. The officiating was uneven, at best.

  12. Another anecdote from the game, and something I hadn't seen before. In the third, the dopey Storm Squad girls shot a t-shirt that somehow went backwards and ended up on the ice in the faceoff circle to the right of Peters. This was just seconds before they were ready to drop the puck at the other end. Peters was in his trance getting ready for the puck to drop and didn't see it. The officials and everyone else were on the other end. An official and Peters finally noticed the shirt as both started skating toward it at the same time. Little Storm said to me, Peters shoulda got to keep it for the good game he was having...!

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