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  1. Canes sure had the "fight" to win this game. One funny moment in the third--Thornton was cross-checking and generally manhandling Sanguinetti after the whistle. Westgarth see this and quickly skates up behind Thornton and taps him on the shoulder. Thornton turns around to see who it is and quickly disengages from Sangs and skates straight to his bench. Nice.

  2. Hope Faulkie plays, yes, we do play well in beantown...


    Not three years ago when Carolyn and I witnessed three shorties scored on us...in one POWER PLAY!

    Even strong trends are no match for the "AWACSooner effect" from an in-person viewing. That is some powerful anti-mojo it seems....!

  3. In the end though, Shaggy is going to pull off the mask, to reveal...

    ...Pete Friesen!

    What else could explain the above average injuries and slower than expected recoveries by the team through the years? And the lower energy levels on the ice versus other teams most nights? The poorer than average record on back-to-backs?

    Coaches have changed, players have changed, JR has changed approaches, the ownership mix has changed. The one constant is Pete Friesen...he must be the problem!!!!!

  4. Due to the Jokenin trade, the best part of the game was only about 3 people yelled "Jussi!" and "Gleason!" versus the usual 300 during the Anthem. Ummm, and that was about it for the highlights...

    I hate to say it, but it sure seems like Muller has lost this team. This end stretch of games will be as much a test for him as for the stinking wretches on the ice.

  5. First, Caniac condolences to Ric Flair on the passing of his son.

    On the game, Peters answered the challenge..and needed to. For all the good feeling about a win, the Canes had far too many times of chasing Jets in the defensive zone without being able to get a clear.

    Great pass by Pitkanen on the first goal and the first line continues to demonstrate it's one of the league's best.

    Ruutu was having his best game since back in those few promising shifts before his injury. Hope he is ok.

  6. Sounds like we're pretty close in our opinions and observations and I agree, dump and chase shouldn't be the first choice of any team unless they're 100% sure they can retrieve the puck and attempts to carry the puck into the zone havn't worked...


    I like the dump (or chip) and chase as one tool to counter the neutral zone blockage.  If the dump is made at speed and when the d-man is facing the Canes player, the rules help too.  The refs, at least early in the season (seems less so lately), were consistently calling interference when the d-man held up the chasing o-man after he'd dumped the puck in.  So if done with thinking and with speed, the dump/chip and chase is certainly an improvement over the lazy dump/hard wrap in or the all to often neutral zone turnover.

  7. Dan Ellis now has 2 points, Tim Brent's on our PP and has the same amount of points.

    Yeah, but Brent is pretty good defensively which the Canes need on the powerplay considering how many short-handed opportunities they give up!

    Four losses in a row and the Jets still romping. The Canes haven't played solid since that first period of the Caps loss. And they've squandered some decent goaltending in the process. Ellis calling out the team more directly than any other player I've heard so far is a sign of the 'desperation' that other teams--if you believe the broadcasters--have used against the Canes. Will this right the ship or sink it further?

  8. It should have been 1-0, good guys.  Everyone who watched knows what that means.  That's all I'm going to say about this game.

    I agree JB. The Canes did get the short end of the officiating stick on this one. Entertaining game to watch though, for a 1-1 game there were lots of chances for much more.

    Skinner has been bit on his ability to finish in the last 4 or 5 games or so. This game he ended up with no shots and led the team in misses. Ugly. Hope he can knock a couple in soon to get that scoring swagger back before Muller decides to drop him to the 4th line...

  9. A choke game followed by this stinker will make Monday's game very interesting. A loss to the slumping Rangers will set off all the panic alarms.

    Not much to say about this game, the Canes played about eight minutes of good hockey at the end of the first and not much else. After leading the league by a fair margin in shots on goal all season, they've now slid to second and are near the bottom of the league in shots against. The team is so inconsistent in faceoffs, sometimes good, sometimes bad and yesterday was bad, winning only 38%--the Canes were chasing the puck all night.

  10. Little footnote on Adam Hall.  During the 04-05 lockout, he played on a Finnish league team with former Hurricane fan favorite Sami Kapanen.


    Looks like a low risk pick-up with some face off, PK skill and lots of big league experience.  Not much of a fighter though, looks like the last time he won one was back in '09 in a quick look at hockeyfights.  Seems like most on the Tampa boards aren't happy with him being waived and, of course, with Carolina claiming him...so that's something.

  11. Our powerplay ..... Semin should play the point instead of the halfwall  ...

    I see what you're saying, with Semin's vision and top-notch passing skills, he'll have a great view of options at the point.  However, I like him where he can move in down low.  He's been scoring his goals and getting great chances lately basically right on top of the crease and in the low slot--I like keeping him on a part of the ice where he can continue to do that.


    Muller has shaken things up personnel-wise over the weeks, using 3 forwards vs. 4 forwards for example, but the stiffness in their execution has remained.  I think that's what needs to be addressed more than anything.

  12. Some thoughts:


    1. Look to hire a new ICE MAN.. that ice was horrible!.. def. miss donny, and i'm dreading what the ice is going to look like here come playoff time wih this new guy.


    I agree. Of course, the Canes won't knock their home ice conditions, but what have the visitors been saying? It really is taking away from the game to see guys just fall down like a kid taking their first turn on the ice and it takes away from skilled play with bouncing pucks. I remember one play when Skinner had basically a 2 on 1 play coming up the left wing almost the full length of the ice and he never could get the puck settled for an opportunity.

    Embarrassing to have once been known as having about the best ice in a non-traditional market to seeing this washboard stuff.

  13. Seriously, why should we keep Wallace?


    I like what Wallace brings, he's willing to throw hits and battle with anyone. ...

    I agree TSA. Maybe AWACS hasn't been able to watch as many Canes games as he'd like and misses that part of Wallace's play, because in his role a lot of what he does doesn't show up on the scoresheet. One thing that does show up on the stats, Wallace has only played in 18 games, but is second on the team in hits.

  14. Other guys who scored a goal on their first shot in the big leagues: Rod Brind'Amour and a guy named Wayne.


    John Wayne could really shoot, i tell ya..

    Hmmm, let me give this a "Six Degrees" try:

    John Wayne co-starred in Dark Command with Roy Rogers

    Roy Rogers was in Hollywood Canteen with Joan Crawford

    Joan Crawford was directed in an episode of Night Gallery by Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg directed Saving Private Ryan with Tom Hanks

    Tom Hanks was in A League of Their Own with Janet Jones


    Janet Jones is married to Wayne Gretzky!

  15. It is indeed awesome, but I'm wondering how out of shape he is. With it being the hip, the place that transfers all your body power I have to imagine he hasn't been able to do anything.

    Well, I'm sure he's been doing his rehab, physical therapy and whatever else he's allowed and able to do. Seems like he's ahead of pace if the report is true.

    Ruutu is the Canes Corner guest tonight, this news should make for some interesting discussion on how close he is.

  16. Regarding trades, the Canes don't have a whole lot of spare assets (of market value) to trade and my understanding is this upcoming draft is relatively deep.  Years ago, the Canes sucked at drafting, so bundling a bunch o' picks with scrub players to trade was no biggie.  But the Canes have been drafting better--I'd like to see them hold onto picks if they can.  Of course, JR has been known to find the diamond in the rough from another team's bargain bin or off waivers on occasion.  This current team, when healthy, has shown they're a solid top 10 team.  So, go shopping yes, but I don't think (more health issues notwithstanding) a trade is essential.

  17. ...


    2. The Win streak as been saying has hid the awful Power play lately, but when lose, it sure gets magnified the other way.. Got to get back to basics, and shots on goal and get a few "ugly goals"




    I agree on the PP canes-in-7.  Tripp mentioned in the broadcast that Muller likes set plays on the power play and there was a practice clip of E Staal and Semin talking things through.  I'm fine with set plays off of face-offs, but during the power play possessions it they have "set plays" that they're attempting to execute, they are way over-thinking them!  The difference between their 5 on 5 play and man-advantage play is the power play looks like they're moving in slow motion!  I think they'd be better off trying to pretend they don't have the man-advantage and just execute like they do 5 on 5 and the hole in the defense--and the related scoring chance--will become apparent. 

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