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  1. Last night after the E to Semin shorty attempt, my daughter asks "What would have happened if we scored that?"  I thought she was asking about the power play going away so I launched into a huge explanation of why it expires for the PP team but not the PK team.  She says, "No Mom.  What do we get if they score a shorty?"  She's assuming there is some sort of food tied to every possible novelty...and maybe there should be!  Haha!  Seems like a marketing opportunity missed out on.  What would be the perfect product to tie to a short-handed goal?

    How about a free short-stack of pancakes from IHOP!

  2. I know NFL football is different than playing as an NHL goalie, but based on my many years covering the NFL, I'm thinking Cam will be back in 4-5 weeks.


    Yeah, if it was Adrian Peterson, he'd probably be playing tomorrow night!

    For an NHL goalie, I'd think the amount of knee squatting and dropping to fully play the position requires more recovery and therapy versus the average NFLer.

  3. .

    And for those wanting to ridicule Chantel endlessly... Amber Sersen - the in arena announcer - called Jussi "Juicy Jokeinen" - hard Js on both first and last names. Really?????? OK. And Chantel is both prettier and has a way less annoying voice. OK... Nice that that is my only complaint tonight.

    Little Storm turned to me and said, "Did she just call him Juicy Joke-in-en?" I could only sigh.

    Great game all around with Nash's breakout game and Semin's strong effort the highlights.

  4. Just pulled up this old attendance thread to post that Carolina has now broken into the top half of NHL attendance, ranking 14th with a 18,369 average.  Tonight is expected to be close to a sellout too.  On occupancy percentage, Carolina is almost to body temperature at 98.3.  The attendance average number is better than defending champs LA, and 'traditional markets' such as Boston, NJ, the Rangers & Islanders, Edmonton, Winnipeg and St. Louis. 


    Yes, Carolina's arena is bigger than some of those markets, but that's not our fault! :thumbsup2:



  5. Speaking of smaller players with potential, I still have not heard a good reason why Ryan Murphy is not being looked at as a potential stud NHL Forward.  He's NEVER going to be a strong D-man -- lets face it. Statistically, he's not likely going to grow more than 1-in and even if he gains 15-lbs of pure muscle, he'll still only going to be 190-ish (at most).

    .... Again just not buying the fact "he's going to grow".. .why hope?



    Ryan Murphy is right now essentially the same size as defending Norris trophy winner Erik Karlsson, whose 6'0" and, depending on the source, is between 175 and 180 pounds.  Before his injury many, including me, considered Karlsson to be among the best D-men in the league.  Let's see what teenager Murphy will bring to camp in the next seasons before writing him off on the blue line.  I think he has brilliant potential.

  6. So, when Franchise becomes our new GM after JR finally retires, does he have to sell?

    I don't think so...I'm not sure, but I think JR was listed in one of the earlier rounds of minority owners.  Overall, this is good news for the long-term prospects of the Canes staying in Carolina.  Hopefully, the minority ownership set-up has a firewall that would prevent it from becoming a Toronto Maple Leaf-like gaggle of conflicting owners.

  7. Defensive coverage is definitely the biggest problem...but softie goals is problem 1A.

    Another problem for both goalies is they almost NEVER get to play with the lead. Think about the toughest positions in other sports: Quarterback and Pitcher. How much more manageable is the game if their team has a lead?

    In hockey, it's as or more important for the goalie. And the Canes have only scored first a few times this season, maybe 4 or 5? Give either of these goalies a lead and they've taken care of business--the Canes are one of only two teams in the entire NHL that has won every game when leading after one period and also when leading after two periods.

  8. What I don't agree with some of you is when you say the team played well.

    For me, the comment on level of play is in consideration of context. A big part of that context for the Canes was the missing pieces, including the absence of the top 2 defensemen and the franchise winger. A chunk of the team was minor leaguers—heck, we even had a junior leaguer on the team playing major minutes.

    As I sat there watching the Mighty Mites at intermission, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of them would be in the Hurricanes line-up for Saturday’s game….

  9. Impressed with the team's play considering all the holes. The loss is on Cam, for sure.

    And the League MUST address these linesmen and whatever power trip they're on with throwing guys out of the draws. It is an epidemic around the league this year and is an embarrassment to the game. Just drop the puck or drop dead.

  10. I don't think we need to mourn the loss of Skinner yet. Concussions are strange injuries and, yes, some guys seem prone to them. But it's not fair to try to tag Skinner that way at this point. And some guys that have been written off do come back and some with seemingly no recurrence. Cullen is one that I thought would need to hang it up. Remember the headaches, the darkrooms, all the specialists, and the goofy yellow visor he wore for awhile to deal with his post concussion issues? I thought he would never be a full season guy again and to my surprise since those concussions he's been a 70+ game a season player.

  11. Lets not lose hope yet. It looks like Wallace is ok and Joni might be back. LaRose to 2nd line was the smart move. Muller has to get that 3rd line going and he will still have Jussi available for the PP. LaRose has proven he can fill in on top 6 in the past and Jussi has a chance to kick the third line into gear. Except for J the second line didn't look very good in Montreal. Of course Muller could be trying things out in practice and the lines could look entirely different tomorrow.

    I agree OBXer with LaRose on the second line. I was surprised he wasn't plugged in there for the Montreal game--it's just the least disruptive thing to do. And LaRose is a similar player to Skinner.....well, except for that skill part! lol

  12. Hey PK, tell me where I can get one of those and I'll have Ronnie sign both of 'em! :thumbsup:

    Failing that....if you're patient, there should be some opportunities to get his autograph, just keep a lookout. For example, it is not out of the question that he might be a guest on a future Canes Corner.

  13. ...

    OH, one last thing lest you think I've gone negative on the team. What I take away from this game (other than a W) is not the stinker game, but that Cam is back. And that is the most important thing of all. Because the way we play defense, we are going to need All Star Cam.

    How 'bout the special teams? Isn't that worth a shout-out? The Powerplay only had 2 opportunities, but cashed in at a critical moment on the second one. The first one, which didn't score, was even better and saw outstanding puck possession and movement. The penalty kill was perfect on the scoreboard. Yes, they didn't get some clears they should have had, but enduring the fatigue while staying disciplined in formation helped make up for the loose play in 5 on 5. So I would add special teams to Cam in what enabled the Canes to have the chance for the W.

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