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  1. We do, but they aren't widely circulated and used in everyday transactions like in Canada.

    Nic pics!

    The vending machines at work actually take dollar coins, so I usually keep a handful of 'em in my desk for that. It is SO much better putting a buck coin in the machine than trying to get it to take the beat up dollar bills I seem to always end up with.

  2. The Hurricanes certainly do unite nations! I just wish I had found this forum long ago, I felt really isolated as an NHL fan here as it isn't at all popular from what my eyes tell me. Now I can chat canes with caniacs!

    I wouldn't quite say "super real fan", because all I do is keep up with my team in the only way I can. The Hurricanes were the first ever sports team I fell in love with back in 2004, so I am so used to having to follow teams in that play matches in the early hours of the morning. I don't really follow sports over here, I follow the Packers, Dodgers, Heat and Volunteers avidly too, with almost every minute of my free time. Its normal for me to stay up till 4:00am watching sports on Friday and Saturday night all year round and almost every day during holidays. I have never known anything different... If that makes sense.

    Packers? I might have called you something different had I known that! I'm a Vikings fan... :P

  3. Chip tweeted Larose is sitting out of practice today and pulled from his canes corner appearance tonight. Thoughts?? A trade in the works??

    We can end the trade rumor right here:

    Michael Smith@MSmithCanes

    Head coach Kirk Muller said #Canes Chad LaRose had an allergic reaction to something he ate this morning.

    Food allergy? Thought Rosie might be allergic to practice there for a moment.....

  4. I still have to figure out why Joni was shooting the puck from center ice? Not once but numerous times.

    Since the B's were effectively clogging the middle---if you shoot to the goalie, the puck

    gets out of our end----without an icing call ? If so, it was pretty clever. Just speculating.

    I think you're exactly right UNC, Joni is usually pretty accurate with his passing so if the other options are limited, to avoid the icing, he puts it on net from center ice and beyond. Smart play and you never know when you might handcuff a goalie. The Bruins used a couple of "fly ball" type dump ins from mid-ice on Cam and he awkwardly handled one of them that looked like it could have slipped through.

    On the game overall, the analysis is simple: in spite of what our eyes may tell us, the scoreboard says the Canes played well enough at even strength and short-handed to beat the Bruins (empty netter aside, of course). Lack of powerplay scoring and giving up the shorty was the killer. It was disappointing as the Canes first PP unit had looked pretty good the last few games even though they weren't scoring a lot. Boston's PK isn't 100% for nothing.

  5. Thus far, it looks like there aren't too many "disgruntled" fans out there.

    21 of 30 teams are averaging 100% attendance

    28 of 30 teams are averaging >90% attendance

    2 of 30 teams <90% are Colorado (89%) and Phoenix (79%)

    Maybe Bettman was right.

    Record TV ratings too. I think the NBA learned last season, and perhaps the NHL this season, that a shorter season has a lot of appeal to fans--now if they could just do it without all the labor drama....

  6. Yes. I used to watch NHL on ESPN but they lost the rights in the Uk. So now I have gamecenter. I watch the weekend games live and the midweek games after school the day after (unless they are blacked out). This is the first year I have been able to watch more than 5 canes games! After following the canes for 8 years, this is a total breath lf fresh air for me. Because ESPN only showed canes games a few times a year. So I am a happy bunny, I hate watching highlights. I love full games! I feel far more like a real fan! But I couldn't do anything about it before because I was too young to use the Internet to get streams and couldn't afford gamecenter...

    No fears, you and aRyaz are super real fans, your dedication is awesome!


  7. .

    Canes had that same faceoff issue last season and it killed them, good thing they found a way to improve on that stat.

    I think you're thinking about two seasons ago. Last season the Canes were MUCH improved in faceoffs, finishing 10th in the league at 52.5%. Two seasons ago, they stunk: only 44.6% and next to last in the NHL. Staal's improvement a big reason, going from 48% the year before to 52.5% last season.

  8. A note from the "game day experience" I should mention. The Cane's organist is pretty clever with his tune selection. I'm sure many have noticed on a rainy soaked game day, for example, he'll play stuff like "Stormy Weather" and "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head." Before Tuesdays game, he must have sensed the panic of Cane's fans after the teams blow-out losses in their 0-2 start.

    The tune he was playing as we walked to our seats awaiting the pre-game warm-ups? "It's now or never"!!! :lol:

  9. I'm not sure this thought had been posted by others, but I was thinking about the defensive issues and trying to remember how many clean breakaway opportunities the Canes have given up? How many decent two on one breaks have been given up? Any? If so, not many that I recall. If true, then the Canes entire weakness on D is in its defensive zone--and fixing D zone coverage issues is a lot easier than fixing whole ice breakdown issues. Remember how many clean breakaways we were giving up at the start of last season, it was at least 3 or 4 per game!

    Of course, "easy" fixes still need to be fixed.....

  10. Tripp, talking about the Molson Miracle said something like, "Theodore was playing just like he is tonight until the Hurricanes broke his back...."

    Long pause, maybe a break, then awkwardly Tripp adds:

    "Just want to clarify, the Hurricanes didn't literally break Theodore's back. They just finally scored a goal to get going...."

  11. That may or may not explain Peter Karmanos's off timed comments about team USA winning the recent championship. It seemed to just come out of left field but maybe he was trying to fill space while they got technical issues under control. At least that's what I'm hoping.

    "off timed comments"? I thought she'd asked him about his involvement in USA hockey and he gave an enthusiastic answer, and justifiably so. The list of people that have done more than Karmonos when it comes to supporting USA hockey in recent years is pretty short.

    Regarding Chantel...not much to add. I think at one point when reading the scores she said something like "the Blackhawks were leading by 2" when the game was already over and they'd won 5-2. Hopefully, the next outing for her...and the Canes...will be much improved.

  12. What a stinker! But don't be too discouraged (yet)...as I recall the Canes played a bad game coming out of the last lockout, a road loss to the Lightening. The home opener was in doubt too, but ended in a shoot out win and they were off for the most memorable season yet.

    My eyes weren't the best judge of this game as I was so disgusted with the start, so I mined the stats a little for some perspective, good and bad.

    This one was easy for the eyes to see, the Canes were AWFUL with defensive zone face-offs. BOTH Staals were only 20% and Brent only 33%. Jussi was 50%, but only took 2 defensive zone draws. Yuck, that has to improve. The Canes were much better on the dot in other zones as they ended the night with a 49% overall FO%.

    With Ruutu out, who would step up among the forwards as a physical presence? The only one was Jordan Staal, with 8 hits. LaRose had three. No one else on the team had more than 2. Pretty sad considering that they were down so early, you'd have expected more hits back.

    The shots were the most interesting stat, revealing the Canes actually played pretty solid (the goals given up aside...haha). The Panthers had only 25 shots and were extraordinarily accurate both in goals made and they only missed putting the puck on net 4 times. In contrast, the Canes had 42 shots and missed the net another 25 times. In other words the Canes missed hitting the net as many times as the Panthers put one on it! Hopefully the Canes can get a few more shots on (and in!) the net while keeping the opposition total low going forward.

  13. Part 1

    1) Who scores the first goal of the season? Skinner

    2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2) J.Staal

    3) Who takes the first penalty of the season?Pitkanen

    4) What will that penalty be for? Tripping

    5) Who scores the first PP goal? E.Staal

    6) Who has the first fighting major of the season?Westgarth

    Part 2

    1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th? (after the first 12 games) 5-5-2

    2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th? 2

  14. I think this season is gone :whiteflag:

    Maybe so. At this cost, the league better do something radical. The NFL essentially busted their union in '87 with replacement players. The networks still covered the games (keeping that revenue stream) and players started to cross the line in droves. The league took a big risk but the NFL never looked back and entered an extended period of labor stability and went from being a major sports league in the US to a mega-super neverthelike seen before league.

    The NHL better think of something equally radical or this cycle seems doomed to repeat every seven years or so like a puck eating plaque of locusts.


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