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  1. Surviving but it is a lonely existence it appears... https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20200317/view-from-john-forslundrsquos-bunker-isolation-is-bad-enough-but-no-beer
  2. Developing effective treatment seems the pressing short-term need. If effective treatment becomes available that reduces the mortality by a significant percentage, say toward that of a bad-bad flu season, social restrictions should ease. I’ve read a lot about progress on vaccines, the ultimate preventative solution, but not much on progress on effective treatments for those with the bug unless I’ve missed it.
  3. In one of the early episodes of The Walking Dead, one of the characters was eaten by the infected ghouls because she ran out of toilet paper and had to venture out to get more. Maybe dystopian fiction is feeding the panic! 😱☠️
  4. Perhaps...hopefully the virus has some seasonal variability where it decreases during warmer weather like influenza. It is interesting looking at the world wide spread to date, it seems currently significantly more widespread and spreading much faster in countries north of the equator, where it is winter, versus places like South America and Africa.
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets just announced no fans for their remaining home games. Does this mean they won’t sound that stupid cannon when they score? This should help the Canes edge them in a playoff push, I can’t imagine playing in front of an empty arena gives the home team any advantage.
  6. The reaction to the virus seems over the top versus the relative risk. The average patron is more likely to die a premature death from downing baskets of BBQ nachos at the arena than anything related to Coronavirus...
  7. Yep, all in for sure. I think it’s too high for Skjei, but you can’t say these aren’t aggressive moves and they are moves for players going forward too. Hopefully all these guys are good fits and the Committee did their homework.
  8. Oh yeah, I thought it was next year...long lead up.
  9. Maybe it will be Ron Francis and his Seattle NHL team to face the Canes...
  10. One of my favorite hockey-related memories is during the 2011 All Star Game in Raleigh when Mrs. Storm and I served as volunteers and got to take in a lot of everything during our off time. The City of Raleigh and the team really did a super job hosting that weekend. Our best gig as volunteers is when we got Stanley Cup duty. I was the guy standing near the Cup and was the volunteer telling folks when it was their turn to go up for Cup photos. It was great chatting with the fans from all over North America and the excitement they had, especially the kids, when it was their turn to get with the Cup. Mrs. Storm was moderating a queue in that same area, but she mostly was with ”Cup Keeper” Phil Pritchard for those that wanted a photo with him. She was able to have some cool conversations with him about his job as Stanley Cup keeper and some of the interesting experiences he’s had. Those are the kind of things that make the All Star weekend a great “event”. Does that make the All Star game a great “game”? No, it is not a game, it is at best an exhibition, a friendly, or maybe a facsimile is a better term. Does anybody really want or expect to see “real” hockey? Hard hits, cross checks, diving to block shots, fights...? If you do, well, this ‘game’ is not and never will be for you. But as an event to celebrate hockey especially for the host city and the fans that go, it is generally a winner.
  11. That’s an interesting idea to have the All-Star Game as part of the season’s start, the league should explore the pros and cons of that.
  12. I couldn’t believe it either and said “Wow, sign him up” to Mrs. Storm.
  13. Impressive speed and accuracy. Congratulations Slavin!
  14. Right, it is foolhardy, I think, for Francis to have been vague about it. If he provided a copy of a written reprimand or some written briefing that included details to management, Francis should have said so to kill that issue. Why fuel speculation? If the “briefing” he provided wasn’t specific, he should have said something now with a ‘while I communicated it to management I could have done it better’ in his statement to defuse it from coming out later.
  15. Francis issued a statement that was pretty light on details but the key detail of note was that he “briefed ownership” on the Bill Peters incident and his actions. Ball now in Karmanos’ court if he would care to respond...
  16. I think the way things are falling into place, Francis calls a press conference to announce Bill Peters as the coach of Seattle...! 😜
  17. How about Bill Peter’s brilliant “race to 3 goals” principle that swept the hockey coaching world??? And who could forget the wrestling belt and fireman’s hat (and ax!) as great team motivators, truly inspired coaching genius! 😜
  18. Michal Jordan’s allegations are interesting as he claims the physical abuse occurred to him and other players on the bench during a game! I guess it is possible, but you’d think a camera or fans would have noticed the coach whacking a player in the back of the head or kicking him. If it did happen on the bench and Rod witnessed, then the Canes get dragged into this mess too. Curse you Bill Peters!
  19. Apparently, the NHL is back in town assessing an outdoor game for the Canes, probably taking in the UNC at NCSU game this weekend to get the fan feel of the place... https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/report-nhl-testing-plans-for-outdoor-game-in-raleigh-carolina-hurricanes-194502113.html
  20. Canes are putting the “No” in November. There are so many leaks in the S.S. Carolina, it is hard to know where to begin. Mediocre to bad goaltending, especially in backup, some injuries (was Martinook that critical to the team’s success? Maybe so!), defensive breakdowns, and offense that can’t finish. Now sitting out of a playoff spot and one game above .500. Season’s crossroad ahead in these games before Thanksgiving.
  21. Well now, that’s a fine Haula ya do...
  22. I’ve got an idea, maybe they should have co-captains, has that ever been tried before? 🤔 😏
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