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  1. Geekie in addition to leading the team in goals, points, and +/-, led the way with 4 credited blocked shots too. What a debut! 🎉
  2. Smile on Brindy...priceless! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
  3. Forsberg has finally tied Ayres for goalie wins for the Canes this season, woohoo 🎉
  4. Looks high on the replay, sigh
  5. Is it time to fire Rod? And if the Jets miss the playoffs, Paul Maurice might be available! 🤞👍😉 #thirdtimeisthecharm
  6. Wide open net...and a miss.
  7. Canes can’t take any risks offensively because their peewee league goalie call-ups can’t make a key save. Play safe, lose close. Play aggressive, lose big. Choices, choices...
  8. The reaction to the virus seems over the top versus the relative risk. The average patron is more likely to die a premature death from downing baskets of BBQ nachos at the arena than anything related to Coronavirus...
  9. Another Cane down and another missed call, refs you STILL suck!
  10. A turnover and a goal...sigh
  11. “Too cute” on that failed Canes short-handed chance says Johnny, lol
  12. Woohoo, the Avs didn’t score on the first shot!
  13. David Ayres has more wins for the Canes this season than the team’s current goalie tandem combined! 😜 That needs to change, let it start tonight.
  14. One of John Tortorella's famous rants (which is a long list) was applicable to last nights game: “We need the occasional save. Four goals on 16 shots … I’m a little tired of the 25% rule.” 🙃
  15. Back from the game—some big breakdowns dug a bigger hole, but the Canes dominated huge stretches for much of it. 19-1 shots in the third and the Gameflow chart was ridiculously tilted toward the Canes. Khudobin was a difference maker and, my God, those refs suck, they SUCK!
  16. Ayres driving out the Zamboni rocking his Canes #90 for the Storm Surge, that’s what I want to see besides a W!
  17. Looking forward to seeing this brand new Canes team and how the new parts work for the enterprise. So much change. Should be interesting...
  18. Yep, all in for sure. I think it’s too high for Skjei, but you can’t say these aren’t aggressive moves and they are moves for players going forward too. Hopefully all these guys are good fits and the Committee did their homework.
  19. Absolutely, that was my first take too, like WTH Petr? But in watching the replay, I think he was expecting it to take a hard bounce off the boards where he would not have to skate out that far. The puck did something funny when it hit the boards, it sort of swiveled taking all the momentum out of it. In hindsight, obviously Petr should’ve scrambled back to the net but I guess in the moment that was hard to do. Strange play in a strange game!
  20. Very cool and well deserved...I’m sure he’ll get a raucous welcome in CanesLand
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