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  1. A more even start than last game...need to work the puck in better on those offensive possessions.
  2. You are correct, I think topper has it wrong. The goalie has to come completely out of the crease to cover a puck that is not a shot for it to be a delay of game. What Mrazek did, cover a puck while he was still partially in the crease, is fine. You see this every game by every goalie, often on those ‘puck bouncing off the boards beside the net plays’ where the goalie reaches out of his crease to cover the puck as it slides from behind the net.
  3. Right, winning hits is for losers. You can only hit if you don’t have the puck. The Canes problem versus to B’s was not having the puck. They need to be better in the dot and win some puck battles for a start.
  4. This one hurts...Canes need to get more organized play going tomorrow
  5. I’m sure the refs are admonishing themselves at intermission and we’ll get a make-up call for sure...! 😜
  6. If Canes can pull out this win, the short-turnaround to tomorrow’s game should definitely favor them. We’ll I think it favors them in any event, but the win would be gravy...
  7. Why isn’t this game over? Canes once had a great, great coach that said if you get to 3 goals, you win! ”Ice on the rink is one thing, ice and water in your glass—that’s another...”
  8. If it does, AWACS might be able to catch the end...so there’s that...
  9. Canes just aren’t getting much puck luck on those Rask rebounds. Keep driving and pot one!
  10. Officially, he was listed in the same game status as me, “unfit to play.”
  11. Jordan going with the Eric Staal wrap that never works move there...
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