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  1. Tight playoff hockey, not a lot of room for either team that period
  2. They’re getting really close to getting one...really, really close...
  3. The players have an “unfit to play” category for these bubble playoffs. Is there an “unfit to ref” classification for the referees? 🤔
  4. Except on the power play, the Bruins are stacking the blue line something fierce on the Canes power play entries. A chip and chase with speed would help neutralize that. The Canes kept trying to bull their way in against that Bruins blue line stand and made more turnovers than my local bake shop...
  5. Well, you can't blame Skinner...he wanted to go to a team that would make the playoffs...
  6. That should be a boost for team spirit. Good news!
  7. I agree. I think this years Cup winner will have endured a special test, they'll have dug deep for energy and motivation, they didn't have arena fans for that or personal contact with friends and family to motivate or console or provide a safe harbor. It all had to come from within them and their teammates. Because of that, all things being equal, this year's Cup winner will have had a tougher gauntlet to charge through than in normal years. No asterisk needed for this year's winner, they'll have earned it. On the quality of the hockey, while there have been some duds here and there, I've watched a lot of the games and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality, grit, and intensity. I was afraid heading into this, the hockey would be sort of like pre-season level or all star game intensity. It has not been. Of course, I've been starved for watching any sort of live sport--after all, there's only so much cornhole tournament viewing one can take--so I may be grading on a curve...! 😄
  8. The Canes responded to the twit's tweet simply saying: "This one should’ve stayed in the drafts, Jack." The article noting the Canes response tweet also noted that idiot Jack got the player wrong with his silly "playing hobby-horse" comment, as that was actually Aho taking on Chara behind the net not Svech. It's bad to be stupid, it's bad to be wrong, but to be wrong and stupid is Jack Edwards.
  9. Canes rebounded well to win the series against the Caps last year when Svech was knocked out. They’ll need to rally and rebound here.
  10. Gutty win by Boston with the pre-game drama they faced and Pasta still out... Canes will need to figure out their special teams mess soon.
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