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  1. I wasn’t sure with that long off-the-board outlet clear if Ayers actually did get credited with a shot on goal like I called it at the time, but combing through the stat sheet this morning, I see it does show Ayres with one shot on goal!!! The guy can do everything in the game...and still clean up the ice afterward! 😂
  2. I am fully prepared that last night might have been the high water mark of this season. Great moment if it was. To replace (yet another) top Defenseman and both Goalies for a bubble team is a huge ask. I’d rather the team not mortgage the future to fill the holes for a playoff push this season but these holes will make other teams target the Canes with all sorts of offers by trade deadline day, I would think. Hope the Canes will still look for hockey deals that make sense going forward versus expensive rentals.
  3. Did you say anything to him at intermission? “Yeah, stop the puck buddy!” says Brind’Amour, LOL
  4. The health of the Mrazek and Reimer will be a big thing to hear about
  5. Ayers got a nice cheer from the fans there when he came out as star of the game 😊
  6. Imagine being a Toronto fan and not only not winning this game, but losing it by three goals! 😂
  7. Marty chanting ‘Davie, Davie, Davie” on the way to the locker room, lol
  8. Would be cool if Johnny did a ‘do you believe in miracles? Yes!’ call in the final seconds if the Canes hold on.
  9. So Mrazek was ‘officially’ ruled out, was Reimer? I don’t recall hearing...
  10. Short shifts, get pucks deep, short shifts, pucks deep, repeat
  11. His jersey will be ‘item of the game’ at The Eye!
  12. Canes had a big trade during the first intermission...😜
  13. Because we make about ten posts after every save Ayers makes, lol
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