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  1. 22 hours ago, Red_Storm said:

    That game will air tomorrow, Monday April 20, followed by Game 2 on Tuesday, Game 4 on Wednesday and that great Game 7 on Thursday.


    Strange it is the CBC rebroadcast of the game and not OLN/NBC’s.  Such a huge difference in watching hockey in SD vs. HD, my poor eyes...!

  2. 1 hour ago, KJUNKANE said:

    Just getting back to you, as spent the day with law enforcement recovering a body ironically (can read about in news). At any rate, yes my favorite show for years. Have the entire series on video someone gifted me.

    Checked the news, yes, you’ve been busy...

    I recall the show fondly but it’s probably been twenty years since I’ve seen an episode when it was in syndication.

  3. 15 minutes ago, remkin said:

    It's a fair point, but until there's a vaccine there will be some risk, and possibly even after that (depending on effectiveness and safety of the vaccine). These guys are are in their 20's and 30's and very healthy. They probably feel the risk a bit less in that sense too. To wit: so far in the US there have been 126 deaths in the 15-34 age group from Covid. In that same age group the number of deaths from flu in one year: 154. 


    Both numbers are highly slanted to young people with serious underlying medical issues. 


    If you're in that age group this is pretty close to the flu. 


    But I guess time will tell what they do. 

    Interesting remkin, I had just seen that same CDC data on flu vs COVID-19 deaths by age range. 


    The other thing that makes playing hockey hard to imagine is temporal, we are living in today.   But think back just two months ago, would we ever imagine we'd now be in a near nation-wide lockdown for over a month?  Likewise, we can't really imagine what it will be like in 2-3 months from now that the NHL is looking at because our frame of reference is dominated by today.  But in 2-3 months things could change dramatically:  real time testing may be commonplace, effective therapeutics perhaps even some for prophylactic use could be available, herd immunity, seasonal variability of the virus, etc.  Planning doesn't necessarily mean doing, but planning is good--it sure beats hunkering!

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  4. Interesting stuff, KJUNKANE.  Were you a fan of Quincy, M.E. back in the day? 📺🤔 I was always amused by the opening credits of that show when Quincy pulled the sheet off the corpse and began the autopsy in front of a row of rookie cops and all the cops pass out one by one!

  5. Saw Commissioner Bettman on the business channel this morning talking about the league and what they’ve been looking at.  He said they’re looking at all options, but talked a bit about the neutral site model that the MLB seems to be moving toward, where all the teams stay near the same site and play all the games at limited venues.  Maybe this could happen in late June/early July for a playoff tournament?

  6. 9 hours ago, thickburglar said:

    I had been meaning to post this for a while but never got around to it.  


    The night before Valentine’s Day 2020 I stopped at the Whole Foods on Six Forks to get roses for my girlfriend and something nice for dinner. When I went to check out I spotted one Martin Necas about to pay for his groceries. There was no line behind him so I decided to walk up and say a quick hello. As I walked up I saw his mom was there too. He was speaking Czech with her and looking at his phone while the checkout lady rang everything up. I walked up with my armful of like 20 roses and bottle of wine, got his attention and said “Hey you’re Martin right? I’m a big fan.” He gave me and the roses a WEIRD look and said something like “really? Oh thanks man.” I think it took him a second to realize they weren’t for him 😂 but then I wished him good luck for tomorrow and he thanked me very nicely. We beat the Devils at home 5-2 that next night on Valentines Day and Necas got 1G, 1A, so that officially went down as a great memory for me. 


    Good story! 😂

  7. Developing effective treatment seems the pressing short-term need.  If effective treatment becomes available that reduces the mortality by a significant percentage, say toward that of a bad-bad flu season, social restrictions should ease.  I’ve read a lot about progress on vaccines, the ultimate preventative solution, but not much on progress on effective treatments for those with the bug unless I’ve missed it.

  8. 16 minutes ago, PamlicoPuck said:

    If the threat of having a bad cold wiped out the T.P. stock. I cant imagine whats going to happen when we really have a crisis.......🤧


    In one of the early episodes of The Walking Dead, one of the characters was eaten by the infected ghouls because she ran out of toilet paper and had to venture out to get more.  Maybe dystopian fiction is feeding the panic! 😱☠️

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  9. 6 hours ago, gocanes0506 said:

    I think they will still have playoffs but later one.

    Perhaps...hopefully the virus has some seasonal variability where it decreases during warmer weather like influenza.  It is interesting looking at the world wide spread to date, it seems currently significantly more widespread and spreading much faster in countries north of the equator, where it is winter, versus places like South America and Africa.

  10. 1 hour ago, KJUNKANE said:

    ... The only values I see in this farcical show, billed as The All Star Game, is that it allows the host city to show off its pride, and I suppose the players enjoy brief relaxation. So, in my eyes, those are the pros.


    One of my favorite hockey-related memories is during the 2011 All Star Game in Raleigh when Mrs. Storm and I served as volunteers and got to take in a lot of everything during our off time.  The City of Raleigh and the team really did a super job hosting that weekend.  Our best gig as volunteers is when we got Stanley Cup duty.  I was the guy standing near the Cup and was the volunteer telling folks when it was their turn to go up for Cup photos.  It was great chatting with the fans from all over North America and the excitement they had, especially the kids, when it was their turn to get with the Cup.  Mrs. Storm was moderating a queue in that same area, but she mostly was with ”Cup Keeper” Phil Pritchard for those that wanted a photo with him.  She was able to have some cool conversations with him about his job as Stanley Cup keeper and some of the interesting experiences he’s had.  Those are the kind of things that make the All Star weekend a great “event”.


    Does that make the All Star game a great “game”?  No, it is not a game, it is at best an exhibition, a friendly, or maybe a facsimile is a better term.  Does anybody really want or expect to see “real” hockey?  Hard hits, cross checks, diving to block shots, fights...?  If you do, well, this ‘game’ is not and never will be for you.  But as an event to celebrate hockey especially for the host city and the fans that go, it is generally a winner.

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