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  1. 8 hours ago, bluedevilcane said:

    I think they actually won the Olympics. I have been to the Olympic Center in Lake Placid twice for figure skating competitions. There is a huge mural that covers all 4 entrance doors into the rink that shows the scene at the end of the game with the Soviets. All the Americans were celebrating like crazy. The Soviet players all were hanging their heads, no doubt wondering what part of Siberia they were headed to. The stunning thing is that the US team consisted of college players - true amateurs. The Soviet team was the Red Army team that lived and trained together in Moscow 50 weeks a year. But it was a one off. The two teams played an exhibition before the Olympics, I think in MSG, and the Soviets won something like 8-1. I saw a documentary on the game - I think on an ESPN 30 for 30. The Russian Hockey Federation replaced the longtime coach of the team in the year before the Olympics. The Russian players were very loyal to him and not fond of his replacement. The Soviets had the best goalie in the world. Just before the end of the first period, he let in a soft goal, and the coach pulled him for their backup. They interviewed team members 30 years later who felt without the goalie change they would still have won. Still one of the great sports stories of all time, but if you ever get to see the documentary about it there are a lot of interesting back stories and subplots.

    Yes, that 30 for 30 documentary focused on the ‘miracle’ game from the Soviet perspective, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, which was very interesting.  I also like the film “Miracle” and Kurt Russell’s portrayal of Herb Brooks.  Good featurette on the DVD of Kurt getting some pointers from Herb on his coaching methods and what he was thinking at the time that I think aided Kurt in his acting role.  Shame Herb was killed before the film debuted.

  2. 2 hours ago, remkin said:

     Well I said I would open the island when the hurricanes were in a playoff spot with magic beans accounted for....For those newbies on here this is basically an expression of unbridled optimism for the future for this season for this team.


    My first real thought of the island in a looong time was when I got the Canes email the other day about Season Ticket renewal and playoff tickets and was like, “You know, I may actually need to budget for playoff tickets this year...”


    If I was smart, each year I should have been putting my annual playoff ticket money into a saver account until it was needed.  If I had, I could afford a damn deluxe suite for all of us if they made it this year... 😄

  3. 10 hours ago, AWACSooner said:

    Well, Ottawa did us no favors tonight (insert “duh” here), getting shut out for the second night in a row...back to the outside looking in on the playoffs 

    Whew boy, Ottawa is a bad looking hockey team in what I saw last night.  Columbus must have been playing down to their competition because they didn’t look great for the 2 periods I saw.  Slow motion hockey, looked like an alumni game.

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  4. 5 hours ago, super_dave_1 said:

    While I’m no rocket surgeon, dropping $250M on a startup football league when the Canes are spending at the bottom of the pile is...disturbing to a Canes fan.  Startup football leagues are historical losers. 


    24 minutes ago, cc said:

    Maybe but with the way the nfl is going who knows

    Unlike some of those other football leagues, the AAF has no desire to compete head-on with the NFL.  It’s clear intention is to become a developmental league for the NFL.  If the league can survive for a couple season where the NFL signs some sort of agreement with them, it will go a long way toward making the AAF to the NFL like the AHL is to the NHL...and, potentially, a good investment.


    I actually watched bits and pieces of a few of the AAF games, the quality of the play wasn’t bad and the TV production values were very good.  I like some of the rule changes too.  One rule change I’d like to see in the NHL is the AAF has a “Sky Judge” that serves a couple of functions, one is as the replay official—the big difference is the TV viewer actually gets to listen in on the conversations as the replay is being viewed and decided upon.  I would love to listen in on what the NHL officials and Toronto are talking about when it comes to goalie interference challenges, for example.

  5. 1 hour ago, cclifford10 said:

    I'm not sure why people are saying TD isn't willing to spend money on the canes.  Who has he not paid at this point?

    Sort of agree...deals for Ferland, Aho, others may fall into place—just have to assume they’ll happen, until they don’t.  However, this AAF move just makes me nervous, like he’s a kid easily distracted by a shiny new thing.  Hopefully, he remembers the Canes and doesn’t ignore them like a bunch of jerks... er, you know what I mean. 😄

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  6. I actually like, or am at least usually amused by, Don Cherry—though I tend to like brazen, slightly crazy analysts (I’m going to miss Johnny Miller as a golf analyst, for example.  Man, did he know how to tick off PGA players with his commentary!). I suspect, like he did when he lost the bet and had to wear Mike Commodore’s robe in 2006, we may see Mr. Cherry don a “bunch of jerks” t-shirt if the Canes can hold up their end of the bargain.  More incentive for the chase!  Whatever it takes!

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  7. I’ve grown to like the Storm Surge.  I have an interesting perspective as I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan too.  A few years ago, I attended the Vikings home game where they first did the Skol Clap and the Vikings have had some of the NFL’s most creative TD celebrations in the past couple seasons, including two used recently by the Canes, Duck-Duck-Goose (or Duck-Duck-Gray Duck as the game is known in Minnesota) and the Limbo that the Canes did last night.


    I asked Little Storm, a big Vikes fan like her dad, what’s the best celebration the Vikings have done that the Canes haven’t used yet.  She thought for a second and said, “Leap Frog!!!”  


    Yikes, on ice with skates, probably not a good one for the Canes to copy...! 😱😜😂😂

  8. 1 hour ago, bluedevilcane said:

    Eric Staal won the car one year a long time ago, and gave it away, if I’m not mistaken. Not sure to whom.

    I think he gave the car to his parents.


    I also like the current all-star format with the tournament concept and 3-on-3 play. 

  9. 30 minutes ago, wxray1 said:


    Let's watch the game at RCI with elite players then.  😜


    If someone (our owner) is going to bring up fan experience, then I'm going to comment on it.  I care, OK?  Of course, I care more about the play, that's for sure.

    I care too, thanks for the info wxray.  I was at the game today as well and noticed the 48 star flag, which I thought a little strange.  Like slapshot02 said, they probably still need to read the instruction manual. 

  10. 26 minutes ago, winger52 said:

    Congratulations to Justin Williams on 1200 games. I was really surprised by the amount of celebration associated with that accomplishment. 

    It took a little prompting from one of his mates, but I like that Williams acknowledged the crowd during the announcement.


    Props as well to the Canevision crew for their pregame video of Stormy having a restless sleep, clearly having a nightmare, and then showing the horrifying images of Gritty that he is dreaming about, very funny.

  11. 37 minutes ago, remkin said:

     Red, we are right there with you on this one. That buffet is one of the ways I get Mrs Remkin to join me at some games. The removal of the desert table may well have killed that off for us, which may actually lead to me dropping my season tickets, since I used to go to games with my brother who has moved out of state.  The desert table allowed us a taste of a couple of small deserts and was included in the already fairly robust price. It's not only buying desert that used to be included (which is a factor), but they bring you a huge desert. It's too much desert even if shared, and it's only one desert flavor. 


    We brought this up to a manager and she acted surprised and said they'd gotten a lot of good feedback about the deserts. 


    Seems like a small issue, and it is a first-world problem, but then again I doubt we go back to the buffet, and in my case, as a result I probably end up buying a lot less tickets since that was Mrs Remkin's favorite part. Hope it was worth the cost savings.


    I guess if enough people expressed dissatisfaction with it, they might change it back, but somehow I think someone is in love with their own decision on that one.


    Thanks remkin, we’ll let ‘em know for sure too.

  12. 4 hours ago, slapshot02 said:

    Inside the arena I see no change in the fan experience. They still entertain by dropping T shirts via parachute, fire T shirts via the huge jock strap, human bowling etc. No change in entertainment, concession stand prices out of control.Can you imagine two popcorns for $12.00 and one 16 oz. Beer for 13.00. $45.00 before you get to your seat. Bbq sandwich or sausage pepper or prime rib sammy for 13.00 to 16.00. Easy to spend $85.00 for 2 ppl before your parked into the seat. Still crank the siren...No organ player...no change on ice production. We are stuck in a time warp except the concession prices are excellerating.


    In recent seasons, Mrs. Storm and I have been going to the Arena Club restaurant before some of the games.  A generally decent meal and a couple drinks made watching bad hockey only part of the evening’s experience and thus it all was a little more bearable.  We hadn’t been to the Arena Club restaurant yet this season and in looking at the menu for upcoming games I see that while the prices are the same or maybe went up a little, it looks like the meal no longer includes dessert!  Who elimates dessert!?!  Fan experience changes indeed...  

  13. On 10/31/2018 at 5:52 PM, Red_Storm said:

    So McElhinney is the only goalie of the three-headed monster with a winning record for the downgraded Hurricanes and a 3-1-0 record at that, but it seems the decision is he’s the odd man out.  Does he get another shot?

    Another shot, I say...! 👍

  14. I was out of town but Mrs Storm went and said it was a little disorganized with the autographs, only 4 tables with very long lines.  I’m a miniplanner now, but have been a full STM in the past and did enjoy some of the extra perks.  I agree with hyena, if you’re going to dilute this event with miniplanners, you should add some event or something else more exclusive for full STMers.  Any sports organization, particularly this one, should treat their full STMers royally.

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  15. 31 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    The stats thing is an easy fix. They're kept by the NHL, and it's just a matter of mirroring the page at their site to the Canes' stats page, almost literally the flip of a switch in terms of site admin.


    Next time you're at the game, Red, try to find the same staffer and ask for the URL. Just be wearing a poncho, for when their head explodes. 

    Haha...will do!

  16. 1 hour ago, cc said:

    I like Walmart for Wallmark


    1 hour ago, realmdrakkar said:

    That's what my wife heard.  His first game up, after about a period she asked 'is he saying Walmart?'


    Me too.  Last year, when Walmart and Nordstrom were on the ice together, I called that our Retail Line! :)

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  17. I've read and understand some of the negative comments.  To me, however, anything the Canes can do to earn some extra money until (if?) the on ice product improves and the fans return, they should do.  The Whalers jersey is hugely popular across the country.  I was in Minnesota last week and was in a hockey shop that had some retro gear, they had some Nordiques, some Avalanche, some Golden Seals stuff, but they had about four times more Whaler gear in stock than all those other retros!  I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame for the first time about ten years ago and the only non-current team gear they had in their gift shop at that time was a Ron Francis Whaler T-Shirt.  I bought it then and have worn it occasionally to Canes games since.  Until fans return, I don't fault ownership for trying to get nickels and dimes anywhere they can.  This will do that--and raise some interest and media attention to boot.

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