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  1. Darling is moving better, agree. Still shaky on his positioning at times but Preds haven’t made him pay for those wanderings yet.
  2. Jump Blues and Swing are too radical for the PNC Arena faithful... Though I do remember years ago they used to play a bit of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s “You Know You Wrong!” whenever the ref made a questionable call against the Canes.
  3. If he did, I think he would get Papa John’d...
  4. An article in the The Wall Street Journal about weathly parents spending big bucks so their kids can have pro-like practice and training facilities in their backyard. Why sharing? Interestingly, the article includes Rod Brind’Amour among the wealthy parents featured! https://www.wsj.com/articles/wealthy-parents-help-child-athletes-go-pro-in-their-own-backyards-1534429841 (You might need a subscription to view the full article)
  5. Whichever one is selected, I hope we actually get to hear it at a game... ?
  6. Best wishes to Chuck! I think this is a business decision that obviously is especially tough because it is Chuck Kaiton Hall of Fame Broadcaster with all those years with the franchise. More teams will be going the TV simulcast route on radio in the coming years though. Maybe for the radio audiance, Forslund can break into his great Chuck Kaiton impression from time to time...!!! ?
  7. If I looked correctly, Mrazek is 5-0-0 in his career versus Carolina...so this move takes him away as an opposing goalie. How’s that for looking positively? ?
  8. I’ve seen quite a few of the Honeymooners episodes over the years, but don’t recall that scene. Funny! CanesVision needs to incorporate that into some of the Canes Jumbotron clips!
  9. Hmm, I don’t see it either. That looks like the grey at the shoulders, but I don’t see anything that resembles those red and black points near there...?
  10. Yes, his attire was strange. Was he hurrying back from the golf course...?
  11. A couple features are a miss, but overall I like it.
  12. Why not? Heck, maybe they’ll bring in Nic Wallin for OT, Scott Walker for Fighting, Sami Kapanen for Skating. Maybe be innovative and bring back some “anti-coaches” for how not to do it like Anton Babchuk for Blasting from the Point! There has to be plenty of others—add some more!
  13. If that doesn’t light a fire and scare the bejesus out of the boys, nothing will...! ?
  14. Rafters no. But I did think it would have been great if the Canes wore a No. 9 Howe patch the season before last in remembrance of his passing in the summer of ‘16 which would honor his Whaler tie (however brief) and contributions to this great game. Opportunity missed. Frankly, the league could have done better with remembrances for Mr. Hockey that season too...
  15. The Canes have been known to go out and get a player’s brother on the team to make things happy, so there’s that...
  16. Buffalo’s boards have changed the title of their Draft thread to include “Welcome Dahlin!” so the fans at least think it’s a sure thing...lol
  17. This was many years ago at PNC, probably RBC Center at the time. I think the Canes were playing Boston and during the Kiss Cam they go through several couples then fix on a pair of men wearing Bruins jerseys, two more couples, then back to the Boston guys, crowd laughs, repeat. The Boston guys were not amused. The last time the camera fixed on the Boston guys, one of them flipped the camara the bird. And that was the end of that! Never saw anything similar at later games, I think lesson learned.
  18. Paul Fenton - he’s Assistant GM with Nashville and has been associated with the team since the beginning. Nashville, similar to Carolina, is a lower budget team that needs to develop players and be smart with contracts to have success. They’ve done things exceptionally well compared to Carolina. He seems worth pursuing. And the team Fenton first played for in his NHL days? The Hartford Whalers!
  19. At least they kept one critical Season Ticket Member privilege, the “Stanley Cup Playoffs Priority & Discount”!
  20. Back in those days, the Canes had the “Fan Appreciation Game” with the “jersey off the players back” thing as the last game of the season. Talk about a wretched experience having the team come out after blowing the playoffs and go through that. Only a handful of fans stayed (as you say “I was there”). Mrs. Storm and I got a good laugh when in more recent seasons, the Canes moved the Fan Appreciation/Jersey Off The Back thing to like the second or third to last home game instead of the last one to avoid that similar fate. Who says this organization is incapable of learning from mistakes? Of course winning the dang game would be preferred to moving the promotion...
  21. Let us hope McKegg has untapped potential for what ales the Canes....
  22. Rick DiPietro’s contract ran through 2021...now that’s a contract! Surely he’s ‘healthy’ by now, maybe the Canes can bring him back for his second PTO with the club?
  23. Good to recognize and I agree, having been to a huge number of Canes games and lots of professional sporting events elsewhere, the PNC Arena staff are almost always very courteous and friendly. Not the norm in many other venues...
  24. I like it—and whatever this team can do to generate revenue is good. The Whalers have a mystique—after all this time fans still seem to long for and love The Whale. The NHL sells Whaler merchandise. I was at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto a few years ago and bought a Ron Francis Whaler shirt at the HOF store. Why the Canes have for years turned down ‘free money’ is strange. I went to a Dallas Stars game awhile back and they had lots of North Stars merchandise in their team store (I eyed a Dino Ciccarelli jersey, but I resisted the purchase temptation!) The only Whaler nod that I can recall at a Canes game was during the 2006 Stanley Cup run, they played the Brass Bonanza during the pre-game at 2 or 3 games.
  25. I can understand Season Ticket Holders...er Members being a little put off by the ‘move on down’ and other discount things. I’m a long-time STM and I think we have to give the new owner a chance. He’s trying to shake things up on many levels in the organization. Trying to shake the stinking funk that has clung to this franchise for a decade can’t be easy...I’m giving him a wide berth and a pass....for now.
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