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  1. Well, that PP actually looked pretty good.
  2. Puck in the net not on it, please...
  3. Now boys, on this power play, how about NOT doing that ‘drop pass turnover as soon as you enter the O-zone’ thing that has worked so ‘well’ this game so far?
  4. ...finally had one they couldn’t ignore.
  5. Refs are just against the team in red, good grief...
  6. Canes are their own worst enemy on the powerplay, yuck
  7. Reimer a little awkwardinto the boards...
  8. Refs blew these calls, but what else is new...?
  9. Oh yeah, I thought it was next year...long lead up.
  10. Two games in a row scoring on the first shot...woohoo!
  11. Maybe it will be Ron Francis and his Seattle NHL team to face the Canes...
  12. The Williams feature on what he did on his break from hockey was amusing 🙂
  13. Decent first half of PP...second half finished the job—almost! 🚨
  14. Williams really clobbered on the boards, ouch
  15. Canes fall down all over...and there’s a goal, sigh
  16. Another slow start...Mrazek to work early
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