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  1. There's another thread on this that answers many of your questions: http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index.php?showtopic=8801
  2. Interesting post. My prediction: seven. Ladd will have a breakout scoring year, Cullen will return to form and Stillman will get back in the grove. Williams, Whitney, Cole, Staal will be there too. Brindy has had two above average goal scoring years, so is due for a drop-off. Walker, an injury-prone guy, broke all the odds last season by playing in 81 games...not so lucky this season and his production will drop. Hamilton will have flashes, but being paired with Adams and LaRose is not condusive to scoring!
  3. The new CBA sort of solves this problem. The Salary cap fluctuates with overall league revenue. In order for the players to get richer, the league and owners have to get richer too. That's my point...it moves with "overall" league revenue. Simple arithmetic shows having a number of low revenue teams will lower the average and result in a lower cap; this in turn increases the profit margins of large revenue teams. Thus, the incentive of large revenue teams is NOT to have all teams earn more revenue...their incentive is for the league to keep around as many low revenue teams as possible.
  4. One problem is the warped incentive structure the NHL has now. Many here assume from reading your posts, that it's good for the league to move the team to a successful market, that it's a "no-brainer" to go to Hamilton, or even that it would be good if 16,000+ showed up for Preds games this season. However, the NHL owners have an incentive NOT to feel that way! Why? Low revenue franchises help to hold down the salary cap. A lower salary cap helps high revenue teams earn more bucks. The more teams on the brink of bankruptcy means more profits for Montreal, Toronto, New York, etc. Forever Whalers is not too far off in his sarcasim as there are probably quite a few NHL owners that would like to see a franchise in New Mexico or Puerto Rico...not because they would succeed, but because they would not! Having an incentive structure that works to the greed of owners in the short run but damages the sport in the long run is awful.
  5. she was kidding, ALL season ticket holders will be mailed their tickets regardless of plan. And, I would imagine, many season ticket holders will not be able to go or will not want to go...so if you're not a season ticket holder and don't want to chance waiting in line, you may want to post your interest for tickets on the "swap meet" section of the board. Some season ticket holder will likely be happy to give you their tickets if they're not otherwise able to use them. Good luck!
  6. Agree...one slightly different alternative is to trade Letowski for picks and/or prospects and sign a very modestly priced FA defenseman with his $800k salary freed-up.
  7. I'm content to wait and let all the facts come out and judge Vick then (Conflict of Interest disclaimer: As a Tech Alum, I do have a soft spot for the Maroon and Orange Number 7 ). I will say, however, as more of these NFL, Pro Wrestling, Soccer, and NBA follies take place, it is interesting how well NHLers behave off the ice as compared to their other sports counter-parts. Along those lines a recent article in SI.com by Darren Eliot talked about this concluding, in part, that "NHL players are an honest, genuine and hard-working group with little in the way of bad behavior examples..."
  8. I think it's pre-Cullen news. JR said that he'd been pursing a deal with the Rangers for some time on Cullen. Since that was taking so long and potentially falling through, I would not be surprised to learn that Peca was one of the alternatives. But I'm not a big fan of his for this team, so hopefully this is old, no longer valid, news....
  9. I'm missing the Francis as well and have been looking for one for awhile. Only seen it offered on eBay once...and that was during the lock-out when one guy was selling all his Cane's stuff in a huge lot. I didn't really want all the other stuff, so I didn't bid. Haven't seen one since. If anyone has an extra Season Ticket Holder 2000-01 Ron Francis Litho that is in good shape (no folds or creases), I'd be interested in a purchase or trade (I have other Lithos (some signed by the player) and other Cane items that may be of interest to you for a swap). Send me a pm.
  10. i agree, now if we can just get developers with deep pockets to build a couple more office buildings and a five star hotel then that area will be set for years to come. 5 star hotel was built on Harrison Ave, right next to the Embassy Suites that the visiting teams stay at. But in order to get bars, etc. to locate next to the arena we would need another hotel plust a couple of office towers to make it worth their while (the bar and restaurant owners). Which brings me back the the question I asked when this thread was started, I think... What ever happened to the city's plan for the development called "Wade"? I don't know if you saw this but that is why I restarted this thread. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1613699/ Looks like "Wade" might actually happen with additional 5,000 vehicles with it. WRAL repots the area has not been developed yet becasue it has changed hands several times. That's why I'm happy with the current state of very little development around the RBC. I can get in and get out without having to deal with much in the way of "local" traffic around the arena. If there were all sorts of commercial and residential stuff surrounding the arena, imagine how much harder it would be to get in just as all those 'Wade' businesses are ending their work days and as the 'Wade' residents return to their apartments and condos. Kill Wade...kill it 'til it's dead!!!!
  11. Yeah, those NC State students are lucky to be able to walk from class right to the RBC Center to catch the game...
  12. not without going over our self imposed cap, we need to move a forward (letowski). And Letowski only costs $800k so at a $ for $ swap, you won't get much of an FA. Having said that, I think we're far deeper at forwards to call up from Albany (if needed) than decent defenseman. I rather dump Letowski for some prospects, draft picks or whatever, and sign a FA NHL level starting (albeit 3rd pair talent) defenseman.
  13. Red I agree with your first two points and obviously am a big proponent of having some R & L balance on the points. But I don't like his point shot at all. Aside from it being inaccurate, he just doesn't have the ability/dexterity to set and up and shoot quickly. It often gets blocked as a result. Stormrider...point well taken. I should confess, though, my tongue was slightly in cheek when I said Commodore's shot would "strike fear" in the opponent from the point -- I was alluding to the fact that they'll have a little time to think about the pain of taking that blocked puck as Commie goes through that big ol' wind-up...
  14. So we disagree on Kaberle, but do agree on the overall D. Believe me, Kaberle isn't my first choice at point for the PP, but he is among the defensive players on this squad. He is the only one that stays calm and knows what to do with the puck when pressured. Now using that criteria, use a forward instead, but not Staal who is much better suited down low or off the circle. I'd rather see a sniper like Whitney, but not sure he'll get back on D when the puck skips over Tanabe's stick on the other point I may have missed something but are you suggesting two forwards on the point? That is a situational strategy only used late in a game when trailing and going on the PP or if you have a key 5-on-3. Lavi prefers the F/D pairings on both PP units. I'd really like to see a right and lefty on each point which won't happen this year since all the Dmen are left-handed now. All the righties are gone - Babchuk, Tanabe, and Hutch. What about Commodore? I thought he was a righty shot? He is but he doesn't and won't play on either of the top PP units, which was the discussion. I can't see Commodore serving on the PP (weak passer, out of position habit), but he does have a shot that could strike some fear from the point. Does anyone think Lavi -- with the need for a right shot -- would at least give Big Red a look on the PP?
  15. They hold training camp at the Rec Zone and some players sign as they leave practice. Are they not practicing at the RBC Center anymore? seems they were at the Rec Zone alot last season. They practice at both. Yes, a lot depends on basketball and other activities otherwise scheduled at RBC. If RBC is "booked" the Rec Zone is the place...and since RBC is a pretty busy place, they still do practice at Rec Zone quite a bit. (Lot easier, in my experience, to get autographs at the Rec Zone. Usually there are less people there and the players are more likely to sign as they "walk" past you as opposed to when the "drive" past you after an RBC practice.
  16. Given Hedican's age and injury-proneness, Wesley's age, and the questions surrounding Kaberle's ability to return to form and other issues with the D, I think it fool-hardy to go in to the season with only 7 defensemen. "Calling up" guys 'if needed' is not a good substitute for having an NHL caliber d-main ON the team...
  17. JR gave a quote to the N&O that said basically that. Essentially, the line would be Adams/Letowski/LaRose, with Hamilton getting his play time on the PP. He said that having Hamilton would put pressure on the 4th line to perform their best, and if anyone in the top 9 is injured or struggling, Hamilton could take their place. Unless I'm misreading something here, we would have to dress 13 forwards for that to be possible...which doesn't happen. JR indicated that Hamilton would be on the fourth line and on the PP, then DeCock wrote that his presence there would put pressure on the other fourth liners to produce. I don't think he meant that they would all be in the lineup. Hamilton being in the lineup makes much more sense than Letowski. With Cullen acquired, we don't need Letowski to center the second PK unit anymore. However, because of the lack of offensive defensemen Hamilton can play a good amount of time on the point on PP. I agree we're not dressing 13 forwards and I'm not sure why the 'negative' comments from JR and Chuck Kaiton on Hamilton. Yesterday, as I'd posted in another thread, Chuck Kaiton in an 850 the Buzz interview said something like, "Not to be flip, but Hamilton is really going to have to work hard just to make the team," in response to a question about Hamilton (and Cullen) being a good combo for shoot-outs. Obviously, you want these guys all to compete hard in camp for the starting job but for JR and Chuck to sort of focus in on Hamilton as the one that needs to 'compete' just seems a strange sort of welcome to our new Cane...
  18. Just heard Chuck Kaiton in an 850 the Buzz interview saying something like, "Not to be flip, but Hamilton is really going to have to work hard just to make the team," in response to a question about Hamilton (and Cullen) being a good combo for shoot-outs. Poor Hamilton...the guy was brought in under the impression that he was going to be our third line center (he said as much in an interview after he was signed -- and it was certainly the assumption in most of this thread) and now our radio guy says he might not even be playing!
  19. We're one defenseman short aren't we? With Hutch gone, we've only got 7 now and we would want to carry 8...and with no (self-imposed) cap room left. Options: Trade a higher priced dman for 2 cheapies (or for 1 cheapie and sign another as a FA) or blow through the self-imposed cap and pick up a FA defenseman. My guess is Tanabe will be re-signed to a multiyear deal with a cheap first year and higher bucks in the second year.
  20. Welcome back, Matt! I guess this moves Letowski to a scratch with Hamilton taking the fourth line center spot as the starter and Larose back to the wing???
  21. That's a good analogy and, if LaBron does turn out to be one of the best ever, it will be seen as a wise marketing move by the NBA to have pushed him so early. Golf did it with Tiger Woods. That guy was super-hyped right from the start...he'll challenge Nicklaus, he'll be super great, we'll revolve the tour around him -- yeah, right. Well, guess what, he did turn out to be as good, if not better, than Nicklaus and the PGA Tour has grown leaps and bounds on Tiger's back as a result. For the NHL, Crosby certainly has the potential to be the next great one that can market the game. As an aside, only a little off topic, I found http://cgi.cnnsi.com/2007/extramustard/07/12/crosby.potter.tale/index.html' target="_blank">SI's recent "tale of the tape"[/post] comparing Sidney Crosby to Harry Potter amusing.
  22. Come on guys are you going to quote these facts around when it was a political polling group who only asked 467 Adults in the summer. I'm not impressed. There are more cities and towns in North Carolina than the number of adults they polled. I like the Carolina Panthers, after all we were raised on football. Football has been a part of the South for decades with the Redskins before the Panthers came along, so of course people are drawn to it. Hockey has only been a part of North Carolina for 10 years, and only the special people follow it, not everybody can be special like we are, they can only dream and the have to settle for football. Funny too, I just noticed the article about the poll was written by "Michael Moore" -- so there's no question it's likely biaesd!
  23. Wait...we may have a reversal...reports say Buffalo matched the offer...
  24. Sopel might be a good fit but even if we could afford him, how much would we have to pay an extra guy just to stand there 24/7 to hold his http://www2.sportsnet.ca/blogs/hockey_hearsay/2007/04/12/cracker_crumbles_sopels_back/' target="_blank">crackers[/post] for him? That guy may never be able to live that down....
  25. Of course no surprise with the Panthers having a huge chunk. But, in comparing the 'Canes to the Bobcats...an NHL team being more popular than the NBA team in a southern state known for basketball (albeit of the amatuer variety). That's pretty impressive...especially factoring in that the Bobcats' Charlotte population is bigger as a starting point. I think this is a decent polling result for the Hurricanes.
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