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  1. I accurately predicted Irbe's and Vasicek's respective returns to the team....though, I must admit, in both cases, I was joking in those predictions!
  2. You want a defensive defenseman? Apart from Kaberle and our scratches (Hutchinson, Seidenberg) that's all we have. Our top six is comprised of 5 defensive guys and one offensive defenseman. No sense in acquiring another. What we need is a guy with offensive talent. JR has liked JM Liles for quite some time now. With the recent additions of Hannan and Smyth perhaps they may be looking to shed some salary and JR can acquire him in a trade closer to the start of the season. He will be ufa next season so they may be willing to move him. Just a possibility. He makes a very reasonable $1.4 million this coming year. His career stats are really attractive, too. Caniac23 did say a "great" defensive defenseman...we don't have one of those. To me, if JR just can't make a deal to his liking on the D side, I wouldn't mind him looking at an upgrade to our 4th line center or wing (i.e., wherever Letowski would otherwise be playing). It would be nice to get a good role player on the fourth line that could also actually score a goal now and then. Our current 'energy line', I fear, wears their inability to hit an open net as a badge of honor!
  3. I still don't know why people stick to this assumption. Did you see him near the end of the last year? He finally found his niche. While he was still a little slow, he definitely played a lot more physical. He was hitting hard, and he used that big body of his to protect the puck. I was really hoping JoVa would stay. The problem is JoVa had so much more potential than the niche you describe of a third/fourth line grinder. For those that followed his early career only to see him develop into "this" is just not a pleasant thing to watch. That's why I'd prefer him to go elsewhere and have success at that, especially if this niche is all he is now capable of reaching.
  4. That rumor seems to be out there elsewher too...I just don't understand what we'd do with him if we signed him...
  5. I thought JoVa was playing better as he played more toward the end of the season. Especially grinding out the puck in the corner and cycling the puck. Had trouble finishing the plays though...really could have scored more down the stretch than he did. And, of course, he's slooooow. Great guy personally...always a smile; fans like him. BUT...I'd rather see the team bring up Aucoin or some other talent that hasn't had a full chance to serve as the scratch or short term replacement, if needed, to see what they have to offer. I think we know what Joe can do and I hope he can get picked up by someone where he can have a chance to play.
  6. Since a lot of the Pitkanen coming to the Cane's speculation was in this thread, I thought I'd post TSN reports: "Jason Smith and forward Joffrey Lupul to the Philadelpia Flyers for defenceman Joni Pitkanen, forward Geoff Sanderson and a third-round draft pick in 2009." Now, if we believe some of the earlier rumors, Edmonton moves Pitkanen to the Cane's in return for Erik Cole. But, let us hope not!
  7. What is this guy like defensively? Has he killed penalties? How is he in the faceoff circle? These are questions I have for a third line center. It is great that he has a scoring touch but I hope that he has other aspects to his game or his ice time could be limited. We need someone to take some preasure off Rod, he isn't getting any younger.He's more of an offensive guy. Faceoffs? Awful last season at 36%. No time really on the PK: Last season he had 904 total minutes (12.55/game) of which 667 were even strength, 235 on PP, and 2 on the PK. He was a pretty good on a bad team -4 in the +/- but hockeyanalysis.com shows him with an anemic .85 defensive rating.
  8. TSN Reports "New York Rangers sign forward Josef Vasicek to a five year, $42 million contract." Just kidding....for now...
  9. Yeah shootouts...he scored FIVE times in 10 attempts at shootouts last season. I wonder if that was a little factor that added to JR having him on the radar? Let's see his five was about four more than the whole Cane's team last season! We have a shootout to stike fear now! Another reason to be happy!
  10. Yeah, paying "superstar" money to "above average" talent -- Drury is just not "that" special...even coming off an amazing 69 point season.
  11. Another plus...someone may want to add more if they know...is that Lavi probably knows Hamilton. Though Hamilton didn't play in the regular season on the Islanders until after Lavi was gone, it is likely that Hamilton came to camp and/or played in the Islanders preseason in 02-03 when Lavi was the coach. If so, I wonder if wanting to play under Lavi was any factor?
  12. Time will tell...but this may be a great sleeper pick. This goal gave me goosebumps....take a look! He played the entire rink with one "goal" in mind. His other highlights show speed, effort and, most importantly for this team that needs to learn how, the ability to deke! He can play RW too, which fits well into the Canes value on versitility. At the moment, I think this is a good move and leaves some money in the tank for more.
  13. I agree. I'm one that did think JoVa's play did get better toward the end of the season...but by better I mean it went from "mediocre" to "average". I thought Todd White would be the guy for us....let's see what JR has in mind.
  14. Perreault signed for $1.5m for one year with Chicago. Not a guy I would have been too excited about as our third line center (because he's sloooow). Still, great face-off man and has a good accurate shot....and at $1.5m well in the price range. Signing him perhaps would have left a few bucks on the table to maybe trade for a D-man upgrade.
  15. Dang...I thought that was in our price range? I really was hoping we'd get him. And to Atlanta...that's a surprise...thought Carolina and Florida were the finalists for him.
  16. Eric Staal was raked over the coals this year by some fans because he "only" scored 70 points after his 100 point season. Drury has never scored even 70 points in his NHL career -- and he's played 8 seasons! I honestly can't see what all the fuss is about over him...he's an above average second line center, nothing special. I'd take Staal at $4.5m over $7m+ for Drury every day of the week.
  17. Curtis Media was willing to pay (I guess at the same rate), but Capitol gave more. That's certainly good for the team and says something about the fanbase. Though in the grand scheme, I would think the radio rights would be peanuts...was the dollar value of this deal announced anywhere?
  18. New cap is $50.3 million (just announced) -- a pretty aggressive $6+ million hike from last year. Holy Escrow, Batman!
  19. Oh, and if you want to see White's speed and desire take a look at this video of a goal. Doesn't hurt that it's against Buffalo too!
  20. I agree...he's a guy, perhaps surprisingly so (because you'd think he be more of a PK guy) that got a decent amount of PP time with the Wild. He scored 6 PP goals last year...the same as Whitney, for example. And has 11 over the past 2 seasons (and 1 shorty too!).
  21. Dang...that's in the ballpark of what we could have afforded. Not sure if Stumpel wanted to come here, but like his size and his versatility to play wing if needed. White is short and a "soft" hitter...but probably plays the defensive side of the ice better than Jozef. He'd be an adequate addition.
  22. Congrats Ronnie! Those guys on Power Play must have thought it was Mario that was the Lemieux on the ballot to be so off. Which reminds me of one of my favorite funny quotes from Claude Lemieux when responding to a reporters question about how it feels to be hated by opposing teams and their fans: "I was never going to be a player to get standing ovations in a visitor's building. I realized from Day One, the way I played, I'd never be a Gretzky or a Lemieux .... Well, a Mario, I mean." -- Claude Lemieux
  23. 5 years? They have too much talent that will be needing a significant raise within 5 years (assuming players like Staal keep developing), so they will have to make some tough decisions on who to keep and who to deal. I think the future is the next 2 or 3 years before they have to start making those decisions. Yeah, five years will be when the break-up begins. They have a heck of a franchise now! And certainly haven't hurt themselves with their draft or other off-season moves (other than perhaps having to give up Ouellet).
  24. You know, that's an interesting suggestion. The N&O's DeCock and here and elsewhere fuel the speculation that is focused just on Wallin because he has a no trade clause and JR only said he's interested in a d-for-d trade and the player in question has an NTC. But Hedican has a no trade clause too. If JR has a certified clean bill of health that Hedican is 100% and offers up some contingency draft picks to the other team if Hedican doesn't play x number of games -- there may be teams that have an interest.
  25. I agree there. It is almost impossible to imagine Wallin ok'ing a waiver...which meams we've been posting six pages in this thread for nothing!
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