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  1. StateCaniac, I agree that the third line center is the most critical piece for the team to fill. And JR has a tough job there -- at least from my view, there's no one I'm really fired up about in the price range we can afford. As for a Pitkanen deal hurting that, it is certainly possible. Though it's hard to tell what the cost for Pitkanen would be as he has no contract.
  2. There is the perception that our defense was horrid last season. However, in the biggest defensive stat of all -- goals against -- our D was actually better last year than in the Stanley Cup winning season: last season we gave up 7 FEWER goals! No, the big problem for this team was scoring. And Lavi's coaching style is not to out "defend" the opponent (a la the Devils and most of the Western Conference) but to out "score" the opponent. Pitkanen could be a step up there.
  3. No question, Pitkanen is a player. For those that like stats and such, his hockeyanalysis.com contribution rating is 3303-- only Staal and Brindy have a higher total for Carolina. Wallin's contribution rating is far below that at 2176, though that is still good enough to be second among Cane's defensemen, behind Commodore. (Just for comparison, Nicklas Lidstrom's rating is 4880 (first among dmen).) Pikanen's number is not that far from being in the Top 20 among league defensemen. What's it all mean? Wallin for Pitkanen seems like a great deal and a good move toward youth. However, you can't force Nic to go, he is cheap relative to his contribution level (and is locked up for three years), and Pitkanen has no contract at the moment.
  4. Hedican at 100% is a big if, but in general I agree with you caniac6. In spite of the hype, except for not having the right d-man for the powerplay (with Kabs injury and failure to come back to form), defense was not this team's problem last year. How many realize that we actually gave up fewer goals last season than in our Stanley Cup winning year (253 vs. 260)? I'd rather focus what few dollars we have to getting a solution to the third line center and any other means to boost scoring.
  5. Agreed...while I like Larose, if he's the best we can do as a third line center then we're in trouble...
  6. Hopefully the white jerseys will have a silver stripe instead of red. Red would be really tacky IMO Agreed...hopefully no red stripe. Otherwise, they'd have to issue them white nylons too in order to complete the Candy Striper uniform..
  7. Canada.com reports the same Commodore or Wallin for Pitkanen rumor as elsewhere, but also notes this: "The Edmonton Oilers have always liked Pitkanen, too, but they've apparently cooled on him after some background checks." Knowing how the Canes recently have valued character and a happy locker room above other things (which is why Esposito was passed over by us in the draft), makes me wonder whether Pitkanen is really the object of JR's desire, assuming Edmonton's background check information is true.
  8. JR and the Canes like guys with character and integrity...seems like they got that with Sutter. This is from Canada.com: Rutherford obviously relied on talent and bloodlines to make the pick, but likes Brandon's character just as much. "He was picked in the first round but here he was on the second day, down at our (draft) table, shaking hands with three of the kids we drafted," said Rutherford. I wonder how many of the other teams drafted Number 1's did that?
  9. On draft day '03, he was listed as 6'3", 182#. The team roster now shows him at 6'4", 205#.
  10. A little lengthy post here, but given the level of interest in Pitkanen and his current status, I thought this bit from Slam Sports' Dr. Hockey may be useful: PITKANEN TRADE IMMINENT? If your boss came to you and said he wanted to give you a pay cut while throwing around money for new arrivals in your office, how would you react to the news? The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the team filed for salary arbitration with restricted free-agent defenseman Joni Pitkanen. The Flyers want to lower his $2 million salary. This, after handing out around $63M in contracts to Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen. Ouch. Granted, Pitkanen did not have a great season. He was -25, but unfortunately that wasn
  11. Time will tell, I suppose, but TSN had him rated at #9 (though other services did have him lower -- ISS having him just barely a first-rounder at #30). My take on that is defensive-minded forwards just aren't that sexy a pick -- but teams need them to win and the Canes' current defensive-minded forward, while playing at an extremely high level of late, isn't getting any younger. I think that is why, while all the TSN analysts during the broadcast were expecting Carolina to take Esposito or Cherepanov...not a single one of them said it was a bad or strange pick when they announced taking Sutter instead.
  12. you forget the players have a say in it and the higher it goes up the more money they will have to escrow. see my post above. caniac97, I appreciate your point on the escrow. I was trying to make one slightly different: it doesn't matter how much goes into escrow and eventually comes back to the teams (or the players), if those big market teams get the benefit of the labor of that extra superstar or multiple stars during the course of the season due to the growing differential in "the" cap versus smaller team's "self-imposed" caps.
  13. From a contract standpoint, the Canes would prefer to keep Wallin over Commodore. Wallin is locked in at what now seems to be a reasonable price for 3 more years while Commodore becomes a UFA after this season. On the open market he will make over $2 million based on how salaries are going. Yes, he's popular and flashy and his game has improved but he still drifts out of position too much, is at times a stride too slow and puts his brain in neutral with almost random pinches. I'm sure the Commodore lovers will howl, but it's true. His offensive stats are somewhat misleading but that was on a very offensively challenged blueline and probably are an aberration more than anything. Wallin isn't flashy but he is better than Commodore from a pure defensive standpoint almost across the board. Commodore still has the Aaron Ward tendency to take stupid penalties at inopportune times. I'm not 100% sure but I don't believe Wallin has a NTC. The Canes also really like the way Wallin and Gleason match-up in a pair and Gleason isn't going any where. Outstanding point, stormrider, on the contract consideration. That would lean toward keeping Wallin. Frankly, Wallin is the most Glen Wesley-like defenseman we have (other than the original, of course!) and, at 'only' 31, still should have quite a few more productive years ahead. O.K., I'm convinced, cut loose the red head (but I'm still keeping my robe!)
  14. Commie and Nick, I like both of those guys...but think giving one of them for Pitkanen would be a big step up--surely makes a lot better deal than giving up Cole for him! (Probably would prefer to give Wallin...I think Commie still has more upside.)
  15. If $52m or so is the figure and smaller market teams like the Canes go with a self-imposed lower limit (like $43m or so for Carolina), then that leaves those teams short one super star or several stars compared to the big market teams (depending how you spend the difference)... I'd say, yup, that pretty much puts the league back where it was. Coming out of the lock-out last year, the Canes payroll was much closer to the top spending teams in the league then it will be this year. Ticks me off if they locked-out and lost a whole season and still didn't get the system right! :angry:
  16. Any chance our sixth round pick, Brent Bellemore, might be a find? Great size at 6'4", 193#. No goal scoring ability, but led the OHL and CHL in regular season plus/minus with a +48 rating! Was most improved player for the Plymouth too. Maybe he'll turn into a bigger version of Wesley for us down the road...
  17. Cole for Pitkanen straight-up is not a deal I'd favor. We don't have anyone on this team that drives the net like Cole to put fear in the enemy...Ladd's the closest, but doesn't have the same turning speed/balance as Cole when driving from the boards. Our record with Cole in the line-up vs. when he's out is markedly different. To boot, he's generally the most exciting player on the ice to watch. Pitkanen isn't even under contract yet (he's an RFA), is he? If not, then that perhaps messy negotiation would also be dumped on the Canes
  18. Good find, Susan! I looked this up on Zspotlight, and the owners dedicated the name to the local NHL team. Looks like another addition to the YKYACW thread. They're set to open in about a month ~7/17. Wonder if their decor will be heavy on the Canes stuff, or if it will be like of other sports restaurants/bars with the ACC and local stuff mixed all around? Yet another reason to go out. Thanks for sharing the info! Thanks for confirming the news about the owner's intensions, marmiste. As big as college sports are around here, I was hoping it wasn't a bar dedicated to the University of Miami faithful!
  19. Sort of funny how the alphabet works, isn't it...
  20. Sort of a funny aside: Drayson Bowman had a fight with Brandon Sutter in a game between the Spokane and Red Deer on 12/6/05 (according to hockeyfights.com). Unfortunately there's no video or description of who won...though Bowman likely had the more physical build at that point in time.
  21. Here's hoping the only change for the away jersey is adding a white line...
  22. Thanks for posting...if these are them, I don't particularly care for the change. The white shoulder outline is silly looking. If an outline was "needed", I wish they'd have used the silver instead of the white so it wouldn't stand out so much.
  23. When the draft was here, the Caniac nation was large and respectful, as I recall. In Columbus theyare booing everyone and everything...they just booed Steve Yzerman for goodness sakes.
  24. Pretty happy with the Sutter pick. "Hitting the wall" is the only knock on him, but I think this is because he's still growing into his body (Remember E. Staal's first season?). At 20, this kid may be 6'4", 220# -- a pretty awesome 'vehicle' for someone that all the scouting reports say has a great hockey sense.
  25. You may want to file this under "believe it when I see it" ... but according to the schedule, Versus will re-broadcast the NHL Awards Show today at 4:30. I thought I would share for those, like me, that tuned in to the original Versus broadcast only to see two 'gentlemen' engaging in some form of fighting that was definitely not according to the rules set forth by the Marquess of Queensberry.
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