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  1. http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bob_mckenzie/''>http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bob_mckenzie/' target="_blank">http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bob_mckenzie/[/post] ugh, I was really hoping they'd go back to white at home I was hoping for a compromise and get both! The Red Storm proposal is teams would wear their whites at home games up until New Year's Day and then their color unis at home after that...
  2. Signing all these old guys to long term and/or no trade contracts...I hope Wally can rig some skates on wheelchairs if needed...
  3. Red_Storm

    Table Hockey

    I got the table-top Stiga Stanley Cup game for little Storm (well, I "occasionally" play too! ) for Xmas a couple years ago. It got a lot of use (and is still today played more than most long forgotten gifts). They're well made...just have to be careful with smaller kids that they don't bend the rods or over-twist them if locked with another player. You can even order a http://www.rodwarriors.com/Bubbledome/bubbledome.html' target="_blank">bubbledome[/post] to give it the bubble hockey feel if you wish. We don't have one of those (and, while cool, it's generally not needed. The plexiglass boards do a decent job of keeping most pucks in.) Space is an issue, but with the legs collapsed, it slides easily under the couch when the dining room table is actually needed for something other than hockey!
  4. $2.5 for 3 years I like Walker and hope I'm wrong...but think we may have over-paid in dollars and years for an injury-prone 33 year old who is coming off a career-year in games played and above career averages in all other meaningful stats...
  5. Hockey (Canes!) has consumed more and more of my sports time and especially dollars over the last few years, but when I get a chance for other sports, they are: NFL: Vikings MLB: Cardinals College Sports: Virginia Tech Golf: Regular tour - Mickelson, Senior - The Walrus NBA, NASCAR, Grand Prix, Soccer, Tennis, etc.: Not much interest, but will occasionally watch almost any sporting event if desperate enough.
  6. Time Warner carries the FSN South HD Cane's games in their "HD Suite" package...of course, only about 10 or so games in the last two seasons have been available in HD -- hopefully they'll have a lot more this season...
  7. I hadn't seen that Topshelf....very nice. Thanks for posting.
  8. It is free to attend and open to all. There's rides, attractions, autograph sessions with the players, food vendors, hockey memorabilia vendors, etc. In the post lock-out era, the Carnival has been held during the pre-season (September). In 2005 it was in conjunction with a pre-season game. In 2006, it was on a practice day (Lavi was miked-up for the practice so the fans could hear what he was telling the players in the drills, etc... pretty cool). As soon as the 2007 schedules are out, just keep checking the Canes website as I'm sure they'll post info on the Carnival shortly after that.
  9. They had a huge amount of stuff (gloves, helmets, practice jerseys, skates, pads, etc.) for sale at last years Caniac Carnival...and Wally will even bargain with you if you get a hold of him. To him and the Canes equipment staff, I'm sure, this stuff is "junk" and they just want to get it moved at these events to free up their storage space.
  10. A sampling of memories: Very nervous about the game after getting our butts royally kicked in Game 6. After handing them Game 5, I thought our boys psyche would be fragile. Scoring early and first would be key I kept saying all day. We did! A relief. Standing the whole game
  11. Disappointed for sure and, frankly, surprised. Overall, though, winning the Stanley Cup covers a LOT of sins. Down the road, no one will remember missing the playoffs here or there, but winning the Cup is forever.
  12. A little surprised by the choice...but heard on the radio this morning that one of the reasons EA would have picked Staal is that he is a big video game player. EA likes to send their cover guy around the nation promoting the product and the press are there, so it helps if the guy actually plays the game. Years ago, the guy said, EA would put people on the cover that were good hockey players but who didn't have a clue about the video game (I think he specifically mentioned Eric Lindros as an example) -- they were pretty worthless at promoting the product and giving good "quotes" to the press about the game. He said that EA now selects guys that are good but who are also passionate about the video game.
  13. Hmm, didnt think about that. Guys, you're almost talking like they're going to play this on some frozen pond in somebody's backyard somewhere and have to set up lights. They'll play this in a stadium -- Fenway park, the Patriot's Gillette stadium, the Bill's Ralph Wilson stadium or the like. The Edmonton game was in Commonwealth Stadium where the CFL's Eskimos play.
  14. I though it was on the multimedia page (or its equivalent) a long time ago, but can't say for sure. I am almost certain that there are several sock puppet videos on the Hurricanes 2002 Eastern Conference Champions DVD.
  15. The white jersey Francis (which is the less common one) is still in the box. The red Francis is out of the box -- I had the base of that figure signed by Mr. Francis a few years ago at the Jimmy V.
  16. Uh, they won their first cup years before this guy was born ..still it's pretty amazing to read this guys account of seeing them first-hand hoist their most "recent" cup (in '27!). Amazing to be 99 year old, have all your marbles, be physically sound, and still have a passion for hockey...that's a life to shoot for!!!
  17. DJ, you've got to take it with a little grain of salt because it's "unofficial", but this is a pretty good site at showing the salary costs for players on the Cane's (and around the league), how long their contracts are, age, position, free agency status, how much they count toward the cap, cap space reamianing, etc. Enjoy! http://www.nhlnumbers.com/car.html
  18. That's probably still a few bucks more than this team would historically pay for a third line center, but I'd say if we could get Stumpel for that, it would be great. He's got size, a pretty accurate shot, stays fairly healthly, lots of plusses. He had a really good year last season (including 9 powerplay goals, 2 shorties, and 4 game winners) on a pretty bad team -- he may get several offers.
  19. I agree....and I think Tanabe should feel a bit a loyalty for the 'Canes giving him a shot (yet again) last season and would sign cheap. His play toward the end of last season showed he can make a contribution...
  20. Maybe $200,000 or so more than I was hoping we could get him to re-sign for, but I won't quibble...
  21. There was talk during the end of season interviews about doing just that, not sure if it was JR that mentioned it or John Forslund. Maybe it was Red Storm said it that you're thinking of... ...or, pehaps not, anyway I posted this awhile back and still agree it may be a good idea:
  22. Not EVERY night though. So what is it? With Center Ice, Cane's games that are NOT on FSN South, Versus, or NBC, are carried by Center Ice (obviously you'll be seeing it thru the away team feed and away team broadcasters -- which is sometimes very interesting to see what they have to say). In effect, Center Ice, when combined with FSN, etc., allows you to see "almost" all 82 Canes games. (The "almost" is that there is usually one or two Canes games per year that aren't carried by by FSN or the other team's network, so there's no TV coverage at all for Center Ice to show.)
  23. I found it odd hearing them play Khachaturyan's Saber Dance in Ottawa during the game with Buffalo last night....
  24. Red_Storm

    History Trivia!

    Maybe WWI US Vets? Sadly, Wiki now says there are only 28 of these brave souls left...
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