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  1. Please re-read...I have Carter and Vasicek on the list of players we should not re-sign (as I think better talent 'should' be available on the market at their respective price ranges). As for the players to consider for trade list -- look, we may well need to trade somebody or several somebodies to get the big-time defenseman this team sorely needs (if we can't otherwise land a top free agent). So, who would go in that circumstance? I just don't think you can expect to get an all-star top defenseman (if that's the goal) in trade simply by offering scrub players and draft picks -- though that would be nice...
  2. Of the five I listed to "consider" for trading, Gleason is the guy I hope stays and he certainly has the best potential of what we have on board for a future top defenseman. However, if we are going to secure a "big" name d-man to fill all the needs (powerplay QB and/or top line "d"-man) and we can't sign a free agent, a trade will be needed. I just don't think you can secure the quality defenseman needed if a trade is necessary by simply offering draft picks and scrubs...
  3. That's at the extreme edge for me...if as stated here, the JR offer was 2 years at 2.0/year, that seems quite fair. It is easy for Cane's fans "new" to Walker to just be spoiled by his numbers this season. He had a solid year with 81 games played...the most games ever in his career. In his long career, he'd only played in over 70 three times. His point total was his third best too. It is just the odds with his injury history (and the fact of aging) that what he did this year is not likely to be matched over the next year or two...
  4. They're not going to be traded? My, my...such certainty. Would you have said the same last year at this time about fan favorite/Game 7 trooper/alternate Captain Kevyn Adams?? Be honest now....
  5. Borrowing from a list Forever Whalers and I were tossing around on another thread, here's what I have-- Of those not under contract, I would not re-sign (in the hopes that better talent could be found for the same or similar price -- obviously, the market will dictate what's possible) VASICEK CARTER TANABE BABCHUK Those under contract that could be trade material for the right deal: ADAMS LETOWSKI SEIDENBERG GLEASON STILLMAN Hedican is under contract, but I would hope that he would retire -- the team really needs his salary freed up to work a deal for a bigger buck defenseman.
  6. I agree caniac97, most sports docs say you should avoid surgery if possible (due to risks, recovery time, etc.) -- see if therapy/rehab works first. Unfortunately the therapy route didn't with either Stillman or Kabs and surgery was needed. I think, if the doc told him it is needed, it is great that Whitney had it now.
  7. I think Stillman could be -- I'd posted earlier that this team seems pretty deep at left wing with Whitney re-signed. As top left wingers, that gives us Cole, Whitney, Stillman, and Ladd. Ladd really started playing up to his potential at the end of the season so, in my opinion, these are four first or second line left wingers. The Cane's clearly have needs elsewhere, so it would seem wise to move one of 'em if the trade value is right.
  8. That's sort of the "new" JR -- focusing on guys that get along in the locker room, no trouble-makers, etc. I don't recall that being such a pivitol issue with him earlier in his GM career. Of course, it may be the influence and style of Lavi too in wanting a team that gets along so that all his family friendly, team-building, dad's weekend stuff matched the persona of everyone on the team.
  9. Geez, we've had about three pages of discussion on LaRose. Let's just assume he's in the Hall of Fame for now . Is there any interest in discussing some of the other 20 odd players on the team and who should stay or go? To refresh, here is Forever Whalers expendable list: LAROSE VASICEK ADAMS LETOWSKI CARTER HEDICAN WESLEY SEIDENBERG GLEASON BABCHUK TANABE I said that I'd remove LaRose (this was even before he became a Hall of Famer!) and Wesley from the expendable list and add Stillman to it. What say you?
  10. It's easy to judge in hindsight because we know what happened next. I choose to cut the VT officials and police a little slack until all the facts are known that they had available. Two killings in a dorm full of LOTS of other people (i.e., potential victims) made it easy for cops to think the killer fled the scene to flee justice as is what normally happens in those types of incidents. "If he wanted to go on a rampage, he'd have done it there in that dorm" isn't poor thinking (without the benefit of our perfect hindsight, of course). Plus Virginia Tech's population and area is about the size of Apex. Can you imagine "locking down" a town the size of Apex after finding what looked like a "typical" domestic violence-type double-murder? No easy decision/task. I'm sure those officials are doing enough grief-ridden second guessing of themselves over this. I think the VT student population giving the VT President a standing ovation at the convocation today was their recognition of how difficult the task faced was.
  11. I don't have too many arguments with this list. Here's a few comments: I would add Stillman to the list. With Cole and Whitney under contract and Ladd really playing up to his potential at the end of the season, that leaves this team with what I think are four potential first or second line left wingers. Probably wise to move one of them for needs elsewhere. Stillman, I think, would be the expendable one of the four. Certainly "expendable" if the right deal were offered, but in my opinion LaRose has far more value and future with this team than we could hope to get in a trade. I wouldn't "expend" Wesley if he could be re-signed for $1.1m or so. I think he's a bargain at that price range.
  12. Red_Storm


    For Jackson and Sharpton, this whole issue really isn't about Imus -- he was just the convenient target of the moment; it's really all about the shakedown. You can bet Jackson will be meeting with MSNBC and CBS to tell them how bad they've been on race issues and one way to fix it and restore their image is to make a very generous donation to the Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH. That's how these ambulance chasers get their money...then they just sit back and wait until the next "Imus"-like incident and they spring into action again.
  13. In the Stanley Cup season, unless I miscounted, we were 5-25 in games where we gave up 4 or more goals. Virtually identical to the 6-26 you tallied for this season. The problem this year was winning the lower scoring games where, generally, the goaltender had done his job. I still believe Ward was adequate this year, but overall the defense was horrid. Whether the blame was on all the Defensemen injuries or just poor play from the D-men (and certain forwards neglecting their defensive responsibilities...Staal was a big example here, Williams to a lesser extent), that to me was more of the reason for soft goals then poor goaltending as our key defensive problem. The poor power play, of course, was the big offensive issue. I hope the team steers a couple extra million to picking up a defensemen or two that will serve to both strengthen the blueline and help the power play.
  14. I disagree just a bit. I think some rigorous training and drills on handling breakaways and shootouts and developing better techniques would be a big help to him (especially, work on effective use of the poke check). Generally, I think Cam will be a fine franchise goalie for us. His level of play was overall "adequate" and, though he didn't go out and "win" many games for us; I don't recall more than handfull of games that clearly he "lost" for us. That's probably the kind of goalie Lavi wants...one that will keep the offense in striking distance to win the game on their terms.
  15. Vasicek didn't have the length of contract issue, I grant you, but last season he had a serious injury and major surgery and didn't look very impressive after he came back from it; yet we were able to trade him for Scott Walker. There are plenty of GMs out there that aren't in their right mind...
  16. While I wouldn't mind seeing Walker re-signed, I am concerned that he may cost more than this team can/should pay for a second/third line winger. While he played 81 games for us this year, he has missed serious stretches of games with injury about every other season in his career and, at 34 next season, is in the later stage of his career. He's currently making $1.5m. Given the Defensive needs on this team, how much is reasonable to offer for him?
  17. Welcome! The video game route was a good idea for learning. One other suggestion is a real friendly book called Kids
  18. Nice summary of both sides of this deal in these two posts...overall, though, I think this is a good move for the team. Though it would have been nice to get him for the 3 year/$9m that Adam Gold was speculating it would take in last week's Aftermath show following the season ending game.
  19. A reasonable price, I think, and quickly done...somewhat of a surprise there.
  20. FW, let me drag you from the general to the specific, if I could, as I appreciate (usually!) your perspective. The recent postings here have been on Kaberle: The injury, his skill level, his offensive ability, etc. I think this is a tough one for management. They didn't shy away from moving Oleg Tverdovsky when he did turn out to be the player they thought. With Frank, I think the injury/surgury/recovery makes for a tougher calculation on JR's part. Frank is under contract, so the "safe" thing is to do nothing, cross fingers, hope for the best... From what you've seen of him, what would your advice be to JR be on Frank?
  21. Walker was only in three fights? That surprises me...seemed like he was in more. On the penalty ratio, the figures do reflect what what I thought that Joe seemed to be in the box a lot this season. I don't recall that issue with him from his previous Carolina service. In a quick look, though, his total PIM was about the same in past years...though perhaps he had more ice time then too so the ratio would've been lower?
  22. Nice post and I agree. Frank was a guy I thought we should have re-signed last year, but (when I saw the final figure) thought we overpaid a bit. In hindsight, with the injury/surgery, of course, we never should have re-signed him. I hope he can get back to the career year he had with us, but fear he may be the "new Oleg" as you state.
  23. Thanks 'kat ... wonder what your productivity ratio would have been for you at your workplace today? Anyway, interesting information. I am one that feels that while Staal did not have his best year, he was not god-awful and you're table reflects that quite interestingly. I agree that points are not 'everything' but there's not much more important stat-wise for a forward. Pretty neat too that our "defensive" forward, Brindy, is number 3 on the list!
  24. Hopefully, any increase in price will be modest...following last season was the one to jack-up the prices, not this one. Though, Cane's ticket sales/marketing isn't the franchise's strong suit. Why haven't they been accepting deposits for next years season tickets for months now (other than as a "default" for not needed playoff ticket purchases)?? They could still work out the price structure of the tickets, plans, and schedule while having these deposits IN HAND. Via tax refunds, etc., people may have money now for a deposit if they would take it, but not in a month or two when the Cane's sales office gets off its duff. Going back about a year -- in how weak ticket salesmanship and marketing is for this team -- was at the Stanley Cup parade at the RBC Center the day after winning the cup. There were over 30,000 people there. The Cane's should have had booths EVERYWHERE giving those folks information and signing them up for ticket plans. They should have hired at least a 100 temporary employees for that day just to go around and hand out ticket information, answer questions, etc. In contrast, I saw NO effort along those lines. There was (and will be) no better opportunity to sell tickets than that day following the team winning its first Stanley Cup...no wonder building the season ticket base here is such a slow process -- the fans have to do all the work!
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