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  1. 26 minutes ago, wxray1 said:

    They say this is the strongest NC based earthquake since 1916.  Still, the 2011 VA quake (5.8) was felt much more here.


    I definitely felt it but wasn’t sure what it was.  I thought Mrs. Storm had fallen upstairs.  When we learned later it was an earthquake, she was not amused by my initial thought at what it was...sigh. 🙄

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  2. 20 minutes ago, LakeLivin said:

    I think part of my problem with it is that to my mind it promulgates the image of Carolina as backwoods and backwards. Potentially adding to the redneck / NASCAR / "marrying your sister" type narrative that much o the rest of the league seems to have towards the Canes. Of course, that could just be my own insecurities, lol [for the record I've never married a sister, or even a cousin!].   


    Certain parts of the hockey world will NEVER EVER accept Carolina as belonging in the League.  Screw them.  And frankly some of our fan base are NASCAR-loving rednecks—I can’t be sure of their marital relations!—but I’ve enjoyed meeting and chatting with many of them at tailgates and other Canes events.  Most of them embraced the “Redneck Hockey” moniker the rest of the League intended as an insult to Canes fans years ago much like the more recent crop of Canes fans embraced being known as fans of “A Bunch of Jerks.”  Having said that, as I mentioned in another thread, I had never heard the expression “Dear Gussie!” before so didn’t know it’s southern roots.  I expect a lot of people don’t as it appears an archaic exclamation. 

  3. It made me laugh the first time he said it, and the Canes won a big game.  Look, it’s no more corn-ball as “Hey, Hey, Whaddaya Say!” but shorter, which is good.  I’ll cut Mike some slack and vote “Like it”

  4. 7 hours ago, caniac-1-1 said:

    So far, teams facing elimination are 0-6, with CBJ/TOR looking like it will be 0-7 (Leafs trailing 2-0 in the third). 


    If Vancouver also wins, the play-in games will be done two days before the boring round-robin finally finishes up.


    7 hours ago, AWACSooner said:

    Like I said, this formatting SUCKS...


    After being uncertain beforehand, I think the league did a good job with this formatting.  They had a lot of things to consider to come up with the right balance.  And they had to err on including more teams than some would like because of the season left to play and, let’s face it, to make sure the maximum number of fans had some rooting interest for tuning in. 


    Selfishly, the thing I liked the most, especially during this extended telework period for me, is noon and early afternoon playoff hockey!  I think my co-workers are wondering why my calendar seems to be blocked off a lot as ‘unavailable’ in the afternoon the past week or so! 😊 

  5. 35 minutes ago, 2ndsacker said:

    ...I kept an account with all MLB radio broadcasts for many years and grew quite partial to Jack Buck calling Cardinals games, and a couple other legends over time. 


    I grew up as a Cardinals fan and fell asleep many a night listening to Jack Buck and Mike Shannon call the Cards games.  Shannon was known to drink a Busch beer or two...or three or twelve during the games and some of those broadcasts with Buck and a hammered Mike Shannon were most amusing!

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  6. The D played so much better in this series than they did in the exhibition game versus the Caps!  


    My biggest concern is about the long layoff following this sweep to the next game action.  We all remember the Canes not showing up very much against the Bruins after the long gap last season after sweeping NYI.  This will be a good coaching challenge for Brindy to remind the team of how bad it felt last year to go from sweeping to getting swept.  Hope he can do some things differently in this break to get them ready.

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  7. 6 hours ago, bluedevilcane said:

    Dear Gussie is a southern expression. I’m sure northern transplants haven’t heard it. I wouldn’t bet on it but I think the late great Woody Durham said it from time to time. In the Bob Harris era, when Duke scored a big basket in an important game, Bob would say “How sweet it is” (stolen from Jackie Gleason). Dear Gussie can replace “that’s hockey baby” and How sweet it is could be Mike’s “Hey, hey whaddaya say.“ Take a couple of catchphrases from local college sports announcers. They’re not familiar to most hockey fans. If Dear Gussie didn’t appeal to you, you still have to love the way Mike used it to express emotion on a great save.


    I confess I’ve never heard the expression before, but Googling “Dear Gussie” revealed it is a known exclamation albeit an old-time one and, as you note, most common in the South.  As Maniscalco is an upstate New York native, you wouldn’t think this would be a phase he would have heard growing up.  Where’d he hear it to use at such an intense moment in the game?  What intrigue!  It is funny how we all picked up on it.  Curious if he’ll use it again...

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