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  1. I won't be able to get there at the start, but hope to make it there for some of B and maybe C.
  2. Actually, the NBA team is called the "Charlotte" Bobcats. But for the Panthers and Hurricanes (and Patriots and Twins/Vikings/Wild and baseball's Rangers and a few other teams in other cities), I think it is just to try and appeal to a bigger audience or it just "sounds" better.
  3. I can see where Mark Roberts would be an either "love him" or "hate him" type of guy with that excited, energetic delivery he has. I think he's a goof-ball, but a likable one. One thing is for certain, he is a passionate follower of the Canes. I didn't realize he played adult league hockey as Paladin posted earlier, but did think he's knowledgeable of the game and do believe he can provide a good mix of entertainment and information on a pre and post game show -- which is just what is needed. Most of the 850 Buzz guys are a joke with their attempts to do pre/post game shows. As an aside, does anybody know, was Mark Roberts at one point the arena announcer for Cane's games (perhaps in Greensboro)?
  4. I agree with the others, that a move to Charlotte doesn't make sense for many reasons (and you can be sure the Bobcats ownership would oppose it). However, and I may draw some fire here, I WOULD like to see the Cane's play a pre-season game in Charlotte. And, if that were successful, perhaps even a regular season game in Charlotte. I think there are a lot of "potential" fans in the Charlotte area and this may help build some interest there. The more fans and following the team has in the state, the more stable the franchise will be staying right here in Raleigh.
  5. Paul Maurice calls us the "class of the east" ... add this to this "for what it's worth" thread.
  6. "Oh where, Oh where can Tannabe?" Forgive me...I saw Underdog last week....
  7. Generally fine for a snip review: This team is essentially the same team as it was last year and the year before, so a "C" is the safe middle-ground. However, I would've thought if he's predicting the team to "be in the playoff mix" that it would warrent a B- at least. Also, I would say the Edmonton collapse was "last season's biggest disappointment" -- the Cane's, at least, were in the mix for a spot until the last week of the season. The Oil was out of it by Christmas.
  8. I don't have CI, but I believe the feed is the home team. Its the home team feed. Quite interesting when we get the RSS feed from Montreal....if you know french. Actually, it is not always the home team feed. For example, when FSN South is not broadcasting a home game, you will be able to get the game on Center Ice but with (obviously) the away team broadcasters. Locally, Center Ice will never have the FSN South feed (Tripp and John) because those are blacked-out in deference to the local broadcast rights. Of course, if you are in an "away" market, say Chicago, you will get to see a lot of the Cane's FSN broadcast team via Center Ice.
  9. the are planning to do that, saw an article in the paper a while back. Some upgrades were to take place this summer while others are still planned. I think they requested some $$$ from the hotel tax to pay for it. I don't remember the full list of upgrades or the time frame for completion. I think what was to be done this off season was replacing the sound system. "Replacing the sound system"...gosh, I hope they made it LOUDER...!
  10. For me: The jersey is reserved only for game days at the RBC center. However, several Hurricanes t-shirts have gotten a lot of use during the off-season.
  11. Hey, Hey! Just hold on there a minute! Don't be knockin' SpongeBob .... the 'Storm's got a soft spot for that big, loveable yellow sponge! Besides, SpongeBob has at least twice the IQ of this spammer...which ain't bad considering he's full of holes!
  12. I agree, there's no tax on an unrealized gain, but yeah he'll pay tax if he sells it. To say he somehow has to pay tax on the value now is stupid -- this "tax lawyer" (Good God, what an awful combination of professions that is!!!!) is just some hack trying to make a headline.
  13. Can he join AARP now?? ...Just kidding, Captain! Happy Birthday!
  14. I disagree a bit...Karmanos isn't getting any younger and I'd like to see the team move at some point over the next few years to more of a local ownership -- how about a group of local businessmen/investors led by Ron Francis?
  15. from folks i have talked to within the canes, they had a reduction of around 10% prior to the release of the schedule. they expected to regain what they lost particularly the 24gamers and 10 packs. The previous season they "made their numbers" with respect to us fans but fell far short on the corporate level. I thought I remember reading something in the N&O (though in a quick check, I couldn't find it) about corporate level efforts this year being a bit better than expected. I thought I saw that shortly before the Cullen trade and wonder if that "bonus" helped in the decision to work a deal that stressed the team's self-imposed pay cap.
  16. It was held on Wednesday, September 20th @ 6pm and was a pretty fun event from what I recall.
  17. Clearly a long over-due event that looks like it turned out well. Thanks for posting, FW.
  18. Yeah, but if you "had" to pick a Cane's win, it'd likely be the Feb 22 Flyers game with Wesley's shorthanded OT winner. Surely a soft spot is there for you for that venerable old Whaler!
  19. Two or three others have said these same two and they are my pick as well...
  20. Tailgating is pretty much rampant throughout. If you got a big set up try to park near one of the treed islands or near the outside as tents have to be off the parking surface now. Is that a change about the tents? We've always tailgated with it on the parking surface and usually close to game time (as the lot began to seriously fill up) they'd ask you to take it down -- which is no problem because that's usually when we'd take it down anyway. Bummer if that's no longer allowed...I think that will hurt tailgating on "off" weather days.
  21. Never gone to the Wally sale, but how much do the sticks go for? I know they sell them at the Eye for $100 wondering if their cheaper at the Wally sale. I can't really remember what sticks went for, but if you're not too picky about what player you want for a stick (or helmet, glove, etc.), wait until near the end of the event. Last year, Wally was putting everything on sale just to get it out of there. As I recall, I think he pretty much priced everything at "2 for the price of 1" near the end of the day....
  22. Soooooo, what time are we all suppose to show up??
  23. there were quite a few seats left in 303 and 305 in the lower rows. none in 304. i am in 303, but moved up to row H. i dont like the lower rows in those sections, the glass is in the way. there were also some good ones left across the other side of the arena, in 525, 326. this was as of yesterday 4:00. how many tickets are you getting? Thanks for the update...sounds like I should be fine 'so far' with 303 or 305. I need three seats.
  24. This paragraph from the Toronto Sun "report" is equally over-the-top: "Move over Lindsay, Britney and Paris. The boys from Thunder Bay -- who both at one time played for the Peteborough Petes -- were making their own reality show. The only thing missing was the Bad Boys theme music from the TV show Cops."
  25. Yes, indeed, quite a front page story....good grief, talk about over-kill!
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