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  1. Thanks Oilman...you guys are the best. I will never forget after Game 7 the number of Oil fans that were congratulatory to me and my fellow Caniacs. They were respectful during the Cup presentation and three guys who we never met before, that drove down from Edmonton, even joined us for the champaigne and beer we were celebrating with in the parking lot after the game! Unbelieveable and quite a contrast to the folks from Buffalo.

  2. It might have been a face-off he actually won, too. Staal won 63% against the Caps, but is only about 43% wins on the year. He started the season so well in the circle the first couple of weeks, I thought he'd turned the corner to becoming a solid draw man...I guess not yet.

  3. ]lets go `canes!!!!

    we have to pull off a big win tomorrow against the rangers!!

    do you think lavi will keep the same lines as he had last night

    those lines actually seemed to work really well together

    i hope he does :-D

    On the lines -- I thought the Cole, Vasicek, Stillman line was an "interesting" combo...but, though they had nothing to show for it on the scoresheet, thought they played well together. Vasicek continues to work fairly well and hard in the offensive zone on the boards...I just wish he'd remember he's playing center and not wing and drift to the net more. Whatever line he's on, his positional play makes it look like we're playing three wingers. :roll:

  4. Those who think things are going to change (Canes will start winning more than they lose) I just wonder on what basis - by what spark of hope you see game after game to make those kinds of assertions beyond pollyanna-ism. They play like they already have their summer tee times reserved and clubs all polished. Across every category of play from goaltending to defense to socring to faceoffs to special teams play and especially the coaching - what do you people see to be bashing those who see a team headed down the crapper?
    Yeah, the way Edmonton pounded us 5-0 last night and us with guys injured. The Canes just showed no heart, no effort. Outplayed and out hit in every aspect. No way we'll win Game 7. Heck, we're only 6-6 in our last twelve games. Just a .500 hockey team!! Average, nothing special. We're toast!!

    Just wanted to give a little flashback as to what some of these posters may have written or been thinking back on the morning of June 18, 2006. :wink:

  5. I didn't know they played the brass bonanza before game 2 of the finals; that's pretty special. I think they should save that song for special moments like that so that the franchise and its fans can remember its history forever.
    I didn't recall hearing the Brass Bonanza before Game 2 of the finals either. Although I do remember them playing it before Game 1 in the series with the Devils (which we won 6-0). We beat Edmonton 5-0 in Game 2 of the finals. So, that's 11 goals to 0 when the Brass Bonanza is played! :shock:

  6. I'm not trying to argue that Grahame deserved an assist. I'm happy he got one. I'm just trying to understand the rule. If you go to NHL.com and look at the highlights on the 1st goal, Atlanta tried to center a pass that either deflected off Grahame, or he deflected it to Williams. Either way, it didn't seem that he had very much to do with the goal being scored. Maybe he deflected the centering pass to Williams and that allowed him to break out with the puck?
    I think it was a bit generous scoring Graham an assist on that play. But the same can be said of about a quarter of the second assists as they can frequently be so far removed from the actual scoring of the goal.

  7. Was that the last goal to be had by Wesley? I saw somebody retrieve it from the ref (Jwillie, I think). If any body has a pic or knows where to get one.....I'd like a copy. Wesley was my first favorite when the Canes came south and has stayed at the top of my list these many years. I know it's probably his last year of play.....I'll miss him. Only one thing could top that goal......a new banner in the loft when he retires.
    Regarding Wesley's future, frankly I was surprised he came back this season. However, his level of defensive play has been solid (he leads the team in +/-). Not fast, but with his experience he seems to know where he needs to be to get his stick in or just make a body block on the puck without fear as he did last night. If he wants to re-sign, I think the Canes would be willing to do it based on his play to date.

  8. Are you thinking of John Forslund? Cause Chuck hasn't had a lot of hair in many decades.
    Sorry, I guess my tongue-in-cheek was missed. :roll: Anyway, I thought it funny Chuck is getting his head shaved as a "sacrifice" for charity as there's not much there anymore. I wonder who talked him into this?

    Tripp, on the other hand, that could be traumatizing for him. I can only imagine the ribbing John Forslund will give him for his new look, particularly after all the fun Tripp has been making of John’s look with his new glasses!

  9. I thought I heard the other night that the Canes were perfect when they had the first goal this year. Before Atlanta beat them, was I hearing things??, my husband said I was.
    That was when leading after 2 periods (until Tues night vs Atl.).

    Their win % is now "only" 95% of the time :lol:

    When the Hurricanes score first, they win 74.1% of the time which is currently 9th in the league. San Jose leads the league in that stat with 82.8%.

  10. Just noticed Carter is listed as a center on our roster page. Don't know what to think about that, has he ever played center at the NHL level? I suppose he'll now be our third-line center once the entire roster is back healthy?
    No he is not a center ...
    He must have played center at some point as The Internet Hockey Database also lists Carter as a center -


    He played center at Mich State but has been a RW in the NHL. He is not a center and is not going to play center here.

    Just to get ya goin' 'Rider :wink:, Sports Illustrated also lists Carter as a center with Boston back in the day -


  11. For a fifth round pick? Pretty good pick-up for little cost. Good for JR for getting something. Not that Anson will light the world on fire, but he'll be better than continuing to have Defensemen play O or constantly calling up Little Leaguers.

  12. Attendance is being chalked up to a weekday game, not sure why that matters but anyway
    The Hurricane fan base includes proportionally a LOT more families with children than typically found in other NHL cities. Fans visiting the RBC from other arenas notice that right off. Kids in school and weeknight games are not a good combination, so there is a normal reduction in turnout for those games.

  13. still better than last year, right?
    Yes, average attendance is 17,189 versus 15,596 last year (and only 12,171 the season before!). Of course, NHL "attendance" figures are misleading. But it's the same for all teams. Many times in watching Wings games, for example, I see Joe Louis arena at about 60% full in the lower bowl only to see that they had another "sell out" on the stat sheet after the game. :roll:

    On Center Ice, the RBC looked reasonably full for a weeknight game. The announcers really didn't say much one way or another about the crowd that I could recall.

  14. This is being reported by The Hockey News from the GM meetings in Florida:

    One GM that left Naples disappointed was Jim Rutherford of the struggling Carolina Hurricanes. He tried hard to get something done here this week.

    "It looks like the trades will go down closer to the deadline," said Rutherford. "I was hoping to make a trade here, especially with the injured guys we've got, and we don't have a lot of time left. But nothing."

    The article also says that those teams that are "selling" are asking the ranch and the GMs that are interested in "buying" say the market is too high. If we have to give up any kind of high price against our future for a rent-a-player, I think JR is wise to resist.


  15. Having a sale to get some talent and have a better chance to look up Whitney and other FAs does have some appeal. The future for this team continues to look good. However, like Motorcat, I'm not prepared to give up on this season yet. The 'cat is correct in pointing out Edmonton last year as an example of "anything can happen" in the playoffs.

    I'd also like to remind all that Carolina slumped into the playoffs last year. We were playing, by far, the worst extended stretch of hockey we had all season going into the playoffs (and it continued into the first couple games of the Montreal series.) As I recall, that season ended up pretty well. :wink:

  16. I'm middle-of-the-road on this one. I have never left a game early, even the 9-0 shellacking we took at the hands of Atlanta last season.

    My reasoning? I paid for the seats and I figure my odds of seeing something exciting or interesting in the last few minutes of the game (a fight, a strange play, an injury, a miraculous comeback, etc.) are greater than my odds of seeing something interesting or exciting waiting in the parking lot to leave. A few minutes earlier on the road doesn’t mean much.

    On the other hand, if I’m watching at home, I usually have no problem switching the channel early in disgust (as I did last night). There’s no cost to do so and I figure my odds are greater of finding something more enjoyable or interesting on another channel or around the house than suffering through the game to the bitter end.

    Sounds sort of strange, perhaps. Does anyone else follow this kind of weird protocol?

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