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  1. The person who sits in front of me at the games also calls Tanabe snuggles. Where did he get that name? Those who think Tanabe plays too soft for an NHL defenseman call him that. Others, based on his career -53 career +/- ratio and other factors derisively refer to him as "avi Tanabe" because he has no "D".
  2. I agree with colesy, I can't believe the hammering of Walker on this. He was trying to flip a pass to an open Whitney for a play that would have certainly resulted in a good opportunity to win the game. Did he execute? No, and that's fine to criticize, I suppose. But he has, in most respects, been our most consistently good forward all season. For me, I'd much rather have a guy take a penalty for something that would win the game as opposed to the multitude of 'lazy' penalties we took in this game and have throughout the season. If we needed those, we'd have re-signed Sean Hill.
  3. For whatever reason, the Internet Hockey Database link posted earlier didn't work for me -- sent me to an "archive" version that wouldn't let me pull up stats. If anyone else had that issue, see if this works: http://www.hockeydb.com/ Also, NHL.com has more complete stats than IHDB, but only going back as far as the 2001-2002 season. As far as having a great guide by your easy chair when watching games, nothing beats the NHL Official Guide and Record Book. Available at major bookstores or for about $16.50 at Amazon.com, it is full of complete stats for all current players AND prospects and summary stats for retired players as well as having all the team and individual regular season and playoff records. I've found it useful for checking on players that I'm not that familiar with during games. Plus, the 2007 edition has the photo of Brindy hoisting the Cup on the cover!
  4. I will give the aforementioned "Snuggles" his due when earned: I thought he played reasonably well yesterday. In limited ice time, an even +/-, a couple of shots, a block, and one pretty good hit. I thought he played pretty well in his last game before this as well (the one at Boston). I’d say Gleason has been our worst defenseman so far. Slapshot earlier posted the team difficulties captured in a nutshell: the weak Power Play. I agree, just a slightly better PP would make a big difference in our win-losses so far. Stillman’s return should help there and Frank later. Another factor, the games when we’ve been at our worst seem to be caused by a weak forecheck and forwards that don’t think they have to skate back and play defense. Staal and Williams are most guilty of this. On the surface, when the opponent scores, it’s easy to blame the defenseman or goalie, but look at the full play and you may reach a different conclusion. As for the defenseman, it would be nice if they could light the lamp once in a while! Only two or our eight rotating d-men have more than one goal (Commie and Hutch with 3). Four of ‘em have goose eggs. I am disappointed with the consistency of this team, but I’ve seen enough “good†from this team this season to not be too worried.
  5. All of 'em are a little different. Whitney comes out to near mid-ice sometimes while Brindy barely gets both of his skates on the ice!
  6. :shock: I don't think you quite understand the level of hatred the Flames and Oilers have for each other. Yes, indeed, the Calgary vs. Edmonton hatred is like Duke vs. UNC vs. NCSU here in the Triangle!! I'll tell a little story, during the finals last year we were seated next to some Edmonton fans (great fans and people, by the way) that came down from Alberta for the game. For those who went to the playoffs, you'll remember that during the second period intermission before the Canes took the ice they would play the “Let’s Go Canes†song being sung by various fans and celebrities (John Forslund, Ron Francis, Alex Trebek, etc.). Well, when UNC Coach Roy Williams was shown the NC State fans let out a loud chorus of boo’s….as happened during every game. The Edmonton fans leaned over to me and asked, “Who is that man?†I said, “Roy Williams, he is the basketball coach for the University of North Carolina." “Why do they boo him? He was singing for the Canes??†I replied, “A lot of people here like North Carolina State University.†“But,†he asked, even more confused, “isn’t it all North Carolina?†That’s when I was able to put it in perspective for him, “It’s like in Alberta between the Flames and you.†“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!†they said laughing!
  7. Regarding Cole's off-ice efforts, it was on the Jumbotron last night that he and Staal helped out yesterday with the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition as they were filming a project in Raleigh. Did anyone else see that or have more info about what they did?
  8. Probably here is as good a place to post this as any: On ESPN's NHL page, the SportsNation poll is "Who is your front-runner for the Hart Trophy?" Brindy is on the list, but ranks 4th in the voting, though as of now he's only two percentage points behind Niedermayer for third. http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/index
  9. bag12day wrote: bagger, I showed some teeth with that one!
  10. I like the one of the two Bruins' practically linking their sticks to trip Kevin Adams...another tripping call not made. :|
  11. A season's worth of highlight goals in these last two games, I agree. When he's on his game, Erik's on the very short list of those around the league that are just fun to watch.
  12. I laughed when I read this quote by Boston goalie Thomas in the NHL.com recap of tonight's game:
  13. It was mentioned on one of the other threads that the Canes are only carrying 22 on their active roster, while the limit is 23. So Stillman's return won't bump anyone off the roster. Though OldAndSlow may be correct in that K.Adams may be joining Tannabe as a steady healthy scratch.
  14. This is my third year with Center Ice. Well, fourth actually...I was silly enough to pre-order prior to the lockout season!! Then Time-Warner screwed up my refund...long story :evil: Anyway, it is great to know that even when there's nothing on TV, you can always find a hockey game. I did run into a little trouble though when Mrs. Storm found out how much it cost. 8)
  15. Yeah, WTP, now that you've jumped on the Canes' bandwagon with your new sig., you'll be buying a boatload of 'em at the Eye....
  16. I think this is the link you're looking for; it has various shots of the new mask and Cam's explanation of what's what: http://www.nickelback.com/nb/index.php?opt...id=454&Itemid=3
  17. You can see that save on NHL.com in the game highlights of from the game. They show goals, saves, and hits usually. I know it's there, cuz I watched it several times. Here's a link to the page: http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&page=Video While you're there, check out the highlights of the Ottawa/Florida game from Thursday (Nov. 30) where the Weiss check of Phillips resulted in the glass shattering in a huge cascade...the check and impact on the glass, while hard, didn't look all that unusual to cause that to happen. Fascinating to watch. Making it worse, kids were sitting on the front row on the other side of the glass and went to the hospital but fortunately only had a few minor cuts, etc.
  18. I must admit, I thought Motorcat's snappy reply was funny...and, of course, we all know he wasn't serious...er, uh, well....nevermind....
  19. I was hoping the team and league were going to do something like this ... though I bet that they had to get Brindy to go along with it kicking and screaming. I don't think a spotlight like this is his "thing"!
  20. At the risk of agitating things even more, I think Hoyle is getting a bit of a bum rap ... Let's just say the sum of this thread, to capture both extremes, is: The fan base and interest overall in the Canes and the sport locally (judging by things like local news coverage, office "water cooler" talk, the number of car magnets-flags-license plates, etc.) has come a LOOOOOONG way in a relatively short time .... but it could be better. Fair enough?
  21. Hehe. Thanks! It's upsetting to have to see that after all my posts though Hey, Whatthepuck, I hesitate to ask, but what would you have gotten if the Habs had won? Must have been pretty sweet to risk all this "humiliation"! 8)
  22. Tampa, while I appreciate has a much bigger population base than us, draws sellouts or close night in and night out. (Tampa currently averages 100.8% capacity and their record to date is worse than ours.) I was just hoping that our Cup win would have a similar effect on the fan base here that it had to Tampa's -- I marvel at how they have taken to supporting their team.
  23. To cut St. Louis a little slack, they did suffer through a very severe ice storm/snow storm yesterday into the evening with downed trees, road closures, power outages, etc.
  24. I was there and quite disappointed with the turn-out too. Weather, week night, basketball…all fine as excuses, but it was also a 2 for 1 season ticket holder appreciation night and a quality opponent like Montreal that is fun to watch (and it was a terrific game to watch). For some reason, there weren't even many Habs fans there either; they usually have more of a presence. I do agree with babchuckbabe that Saturday’s Boston game should be full, but the defending Champs deserve better than 13,000 for a game like last night. And WhatThePuck, to echo IrishIce, your signature gave me a big laugh too.
  25. Maybe he's just saving himself in order to go extra hard after the Habs....! :wink:
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