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  1. Has anyone seen the rink McFarlane added to the collector's club line. It is huge - too huge for most people probably - but nice. If they ever did enough Canes figures, I would love to match them up with the Oilers on that thing. Then again, as small as his series are, I might end up with Francis and Gretzky thrown into the mix to have enough players. I suppose if I had the time, I could customize a bunch of figures to match up the top Canes and Oilers lines from last year.
    I haven't seen the rink in person, but the photos of it look pretty cool. Here's a couple of shots of the rink populated with Red Wings and Leafs figures featuring Hull firing a shot and Yzerman delivering a check:



  2. I'm not the best at recaping a practice but here are a few things I noticed:

    Cole is obviously hurting--skating slow and grimacing a lot

    Williams was not at practice-at least I did not see him

    Stillman not there either

    Brindy worked with his son on the ice towards the end of practice--too cute for words-even Hedican got into the act and was showing the kid some skating strides

    looked like the guys were taking the practice seriously--skating hard, battling for the puck, etc.

    Coach called a team meeting at 12:15-not sure if that is normal or not as I do not get to that many practices.

    I'm sure someone can add more....

    Nice recap...I will add that Whitney also was not in practice. To compensate for all the missing forwards, Hutchinson and Seidenberg both dressed and practiced (mostly) as forwards.

    Cole seemed fine until he took a pretty mean hit and spill in the left corner (where the Canes shoot once during games) during a drill. He got up gingerly, went down to the ice to stretch for a bit, and seemed to be fighting his way through the rest of practice after that.

    marmiste mentioned the glove and stick drill that Jeff Daniels had (primarily) LaRose and Adams doing. LaRose was very good at it while Adams never could get the hang of it -- falling down on two of the attempts while trying to get around the glove. :Oops:

    EDIT: Oh, one more thing -- Kaberle had a nasty looking black eye. Did he have that during the Montreal game? I couldn't recall.

  3. Part of the problem is our forechecking. Every once in a while, we have 3 guys behind the net. When one of them actually gets the puck, there is nobody to pass it to so they try and skate it out. They did a good job of rolling off and getting in front of the net tonight.
    Good point Offsides. While I think our forecheck has been pretty good over the last couple weeks in grinding it out in the corner and behind the net, the pattern of getting three guys behind the net drives me crazy. What often happens is an easy breakout for the other team as the D-men are forced to retreat from the blue line to the neutral zone or else a 2 or 3 on 1 is an almost certainty.

  4. Atlanta should be coming into the RBC next week with a VERY fragile psyche, having just tonight lost their division lead that they've held most of the season.

    If the Canes can do something at home that they haven't done it awhile, namely score some quick goals in the first period, I think the Thrashers are ripe for a collapse.

  5. What's missing from this insightful discussion is the wisdom of Niclas Wallin:
    Defenseman Niclas Wallin offered a blunter endorsement of NBC's decision.

    "Drop the old farts, and get the new guys in. That's what I would do," Wallin said.

    (Lord Stanley's Blog)

    Thanks Carolinax2...I also like Cole's tounge-in-cheek comment:
    "Pittsburgh and who?" Carolina wing Erik Cole said. "Obviously it's a good rivalry and both teams are having really good years, so why wouldn't they want to do that?"

    Cole left it for us to read between the lines and note Philadelphia's league-worst record.

  6. How many times has Philly been put on nat'l tv? And how many of those times have they won? lol they just want to give P Burgh some recognition.
    Funny but a good point! ... I did a quick check at the Versus site, and the Flyers are actually 3 wins, 2 losses on the Versus national games this season. I could not find their NBC record, but I know they beat the Thrashers on NBC right after the all-star break.

  7. I don't think the cancellation has anything to do with Phillie or Northern bias. I think it has more to do Crosby and the fact that the NHL is a regional sport. And when I say regional I don't mean that only people in the North watch hockey. By regional I mean, people are only interested in watching the NHL team in their region. If NBC showed the ATL/CAR game, I'm almost certain that they'd get high ratings in both Atlanta and Carolina and surrounding areas......but I'm almost equally certain that no one outside those areas would bother watching. That type of viewer ratings is ok for smaller stations like VS but not NBC. By showing the PIT/PHI game there's a greater chance more people around the country would be interested in watching Crosby.
    Well put Hoyle. Let's face it, Pittsburgh is the most exciting, hottest team in hockey to watch down this recent stretch of play with huge offensive talent. The thing questionable about the switch here is Philly as the opponent -- a blow-out is likely which tends to be a ratings turn off in any sport (unless it's Tiger Woods).

  8. Just noticed this update, mostly good news, in the N&O's Lord Stanley's Blog:

    Cole skates, Hedican not concussed

    Erik Cole skated this morning and made it through the Hurricanes' entire practice at the RecZone. Coaches will give him another look at Saturday's morning skate before determining whether Cole — who missed the last three games with a hip pointer – is ready to play tomorrow night against Montreal.

    Defenseman Bret Hedican underwent further testing this morning after leaving Thursday night's game with what the team believed to be a concussion. Coach Peter Laviolette said today's tests show that Hedican did not suffer a concussion and said Hedican's availability was "day to day."

  9. I don't know if someone can clear this up for me, but I was a bit confused. Hutch was skating as a forward today, or at least that what it appeared to be...I thought that was interesting and was wondering if there might be a reason for that?

    Anywho, I thought you all might like to know that I am pretty sure that Iceberg will be playing tonight, I overheard someone asking about it and I think he said he will be.

    Sometimes if we are short on forwards, Lavi will dress a defenseman as a forward. He'll do this to even up the forward lines. I remember the practice after the all-star game Lavi had Tanabe and Seidenberg play forward since Staal and Willie hadn't made it back in town yet. He may pick his offensive-defenseman to dress forward at times.

    It'll be nice to see the Iceberg back out there, but too bad it had to come at the cost of loosing Hedican. :?

    You're correct Colesy, Hutch will likely fill in as a forward as a band-aid. The opposite has been the case in the past: Didn't Cole play defenseman last year during a game when a couple of our D-men got hurt?

  10. No arena...even in the lofty Ice Cathedrals of the Great White North…has fans that are thrilled when their home team performs very poorly, is down by three goals, and saves their worst play for the third period. In EVERY arena, in those circumstances, some 'fans' will boo and others will leave early -- only the quantity of those actions may vary from place to place.

  11. Probably an e-mail blast... you should have multiple opportunities to pick up...

    here ya go... straight from the hurricanes club this AM:

    "We sent a new list of our customers to the NHL about a month ago because we were receiving so many phone calls and e-mails about people not getting the magazines. They were going to update their database for the next shipments for us. "

    Seems when the Red Storm asks a question, things really get moving...nice, nice... :wink:

  12. Thanks Topshelf, well put. On the injury front, don't forget Brindy who is clearly a wounded warrior and has only been able to play at about 80% for many weeks now due to the nagging foot issue, etc.

    Back to your main point: We all agree, I think, that good starting players and chemistry between them contribute to winning. Surely, then, not having those starters hurts chemistry, hurts consistency. Is this the sole cause of losing? No! But neither is simply saying losses are all due to "poor effort" or "lack of heart" or "Tanabe" or some such intangible as can be read over and over in various threads. Given the overall obstacles faced, fighting for a playoff spot at this point ain't bad....we could easily have been down there with the Flyers. I believe "health" will determine this team's consistency of performance down the stretch at least as much as any other factor. Unfortunately, that factor doesn't look promising at the moment.

  13. Well we will surely need Willy back but Hedicans injury might just be a blessing in disquise.Bret is washed up,to slow,never in position has absolutly no physical presence on the ice.Him and Kaberle should skate around and hold hands.They are 2 of the worst "D" men in the league.and i use the "D" word losley!!!

    Who are you and what team have you been watching? I can see to a certain extent how it may be a blessing in disguise since it'll give other guys a chance to prove why they belong here, but you can't say he's a bad defenseman. Aging yes, bad no.

    Hedican is no worse than the rest of the lot. This team is built around offense. As a group, I would speculate there is no team in the league that has less of a dropoff from the play of their "best" defensemen to their "worst" than us . We have a blandly average blueline group -- especially when looking at purely "D" play. I will concede there is a big difference when factoring in their offensive ability (though, to date, they've all stunk at finding the net). :cry:

  14. Atlanta appears to be in free-fall and, if anyone has watched them on Center Ice, their game is just awful lately. They've only had one requlation win in their last ten and have been giving up a huge number of goals.

    It's Tampa that most concerns me for the Division title. They're 8-2 in their last 10 and seem to be able to score at will.

  15. I'm just having some sport with ya', Fightin' ...

    Yes, I agree on Cole and tough play and giving it all. He always plays on the edge of his ability. To me, that's how Cole has this absurd reputation as a diver -- the guy is skating so on edge and so to his limit that it doesn't take much of a touch to create a dramatic looking fall.

  16. Can anyone help me out on info about when and if the Canes are practicing today (Wed the 14th) and directions to the practice arena? Any help much much appreciated.
    You missed it, it was at 11 at the RecZone (according to the team site (look under "schedule" then "practice schedule").)

  17. For these two games, I think Joe has done a fine job working hard in the corners and on the cycle. He was forever last night on one shift positioned in front of the net (in the second period) and couldn't get anyone to give him a feed. That chemistry will come with time. Yes, he is slow, but I like what I've seen so far, including winning 75% of his faceoffs last night.

    Two games don't make the deal, but I've watched Belanger's games with Atlanta and he's struggled. Joe's stats across the board, hits - takeaways - blocked shots - whatever, have been better. A healthy Joe working the corners and the slot could be worth the shot JR was thinking.

  18. General parking at the arena is $8.00. Tailgating is the Caniac contribution to the NHL. While not particularly common at other NHL venues, the pregame grillin’ begins in earnest about 2 hours before game time in the RBC Center parking lots (limited on weekday games, bigger on weekend games). If you won’t be tailgating yourself, I’d still suggest getting there a little early and walking around the lots to see what’s going on among the Caniacs – most are friendly and you may even be offered a beer or burger.

    The arena opens one hour before game time. For your first game, try to go in then to get oriented to where your seats are. There are two main “Eye†shops, one with mostly jerseys and the other with all manor of merchandise if you need Cane’s gear. Other things usually going on prior to the game include a silent auction for Cane’s gear, like player worn jerseys, benefiting the Kids n’ Community foundation and Stormy and the Storm Squad can usually be spotted roaming the lower concourse.

    I’d recommend going down to the ice level for warm-ups. At the RBC center, you are allowed to go down to the ice behind the goal where the Hurricanes warm-up. Cameras are allowed, even ones with detachable lens (but no video recording), so you can get some good close-up pictures if you wish. Ask one of the RBC Center attendants about which section you need to go to in order to watch warm-ups.

    Enjoy! :thumbup:

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