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  1. I haven't received mine yet...but in past years there always seemed to be a thing or two worth checking out in each issue.
  2. In last night's Boston at Toronto game, I noticed that Boston as the road team was wearing their dark jerseys and Toronto was wearing white at home. Do teams have an option to wear white at home? Do they need League approval? Or is this just another one of those 'the Leafs can do whatever they want' things? What you saw was Toronto wearing their 3rd jersey. Toronto's 3rd jersey is white (as is Montreal's - the only two teams in the league to do so) so those would be the only two exceptions to the "home darks" rule Upon reflection, indeed that was their third jersey...thanks for the explanation Garnetpalmetto!
  3. In last night's Boston at Toronto game, I noticed that Boston as the road team was wearing their dark jerseys and Toronto was wearing white at home. Do teams have an option to wear white at home? Do they need League approval? Or is this just another one of those 'the Leafs can do whatever they want' things?
  4. Without Tanabe out there, the guys don't know who the worst player on the ice is. It's clearly making them tense and overthink. Bring back the magic of old Dolt 45! :wink:
  5. I agree with you, 300, about the Champion’s Club. I raised an eyebrow when they announced they were doing that. Seems like not the best move in looking at the usage rate of that space so far. They mentioned during the Rangers/Tampa Bay game the other night that the Rangers set aside a prime box at MSG where they fill it full of underprivileged kids, exposing them to the game and giving them a chance to meet some of the players. I thought that a cool way to both give back to the community and grow interest in the sport.And -- just to stay on topic -) -- when it comes to noise level in the arena, kids can be the loudest.
  6. I'll be most curious to see if Lavi returns to the lines from yesterday's game or the one's that seemed to be working fine for the several games prior to yesterday. And, no, I'm not talking about the D pairings to all you Tanabe fans out there! :wink:
  7. For this year, with the modifications done for the Champions Club area, a few hockey seats were lost, bringing sellout capacity down to 18,639. At least that's been the reported sellout figure shown at NHL.com, the N&O, and elsewhere.
  8. I'll add when the big puck hits the ice at midnight, the "goal horn" sounds followed by the various music usually played following a goal. A great hockey lover way to ring in the new year! Very fun, you will enjoy. :thumbup:
  9. Not just Versus, but in glorious High Definition too! I just love HD hockey -- I think the sooner the NHL can coax more games on in HD, the more the casual fan will appreciate the sport on TV. As for the game, I hope the Rangers used up all their jump in their dismantling of Tampa Bay last night. Did anyone else see that game? I loved it when Coach Tortorella (aka Fonzie) got tossed from game with a Game Misconduct. Can’t remember the last time I saw a coach tossed.
  10. Just thought I'd add the snipped from the USA Today article from June 9, 2006, that mentioned screaming "red" as what us Canes fans do. Too bad it is imbedded in a very flattering piece on us as model fans:
  11. In the Baltimore-Washington area at sporting events, the fans scream “O!†(for Orioles) during the final “O say does that…†I didn’t think it respectful there either. As for the Canes, prior to the playoffs last year, only a handful of State fans yelled “Red†during the anthem. Unfortunately during the playoffs, especially the Finals, nearly the whole arena started to emphasize “Redâ€. Even worse, in USA Today and other news outlets during the playoffs, screaming “Red†was reported as being a Hurricane fan “custom†because we wear red. So now what was something that was a carry-over from a few NCSU fans and not Canes fans at large has been documented as a Hurricane fan tradition. Bummer.
  12. In Cam, We Trust. If we do see Grahame, I suspect it will be against Dallas. Here's the argument: Though an 'easier' opponent, Washington is a Division game, so a win is more critical (and a loss would hurt more). The Stars are a tougher opponent, sure, but as a non-conference game at home, that may be as ideal as it gets for Graham to get another shot in the pipes.
  13. I voted Red and do prefer it a bit more, so am happy it's the home jersey (now). Unlike some of the posters here, I think the eye logo is very cool, clever and well done. I moved to NC the same year as the Canes and, as silly as it sounds, their nickname, team colors, and logo were one of the things that attracted me to the team. As far as having the flag on the chest, wouldn’t that look awkward…unless the guys are skating sideways! :wink:
  14. It was in the first period, no penalty was called: Ward had KAds on the boards and basically came around with a roundhouse punch while the were both facing the boards. I couldn't believe it. Craig Adams made mention of it, almost with a shock too, when Tripp asked him at the first intermission if playing against Cullen and Ward was hard, like "do you find it tough to lay a hard check on Cullen, your good friend?" Craig said no and added with a zing "Ward didn't seem to have any problem about hitting Kevin."
  15. On the teaser, a goalie with an effective poke check is a thing of beauty. And, MattDoc, again, great photos -- by the power of the Red Storm you are designated the Official Board Photographer. Congratulations! :thumbup:
  16. Entertaining, tense, hard-hitting game. A couple of missed calls by the officials, but overall I did like the way they called the game. I haven’t taken a hard look at the stats, but it sure seemed the Hurricanes controlled the majority of play. The posts were a killer…what was it, four of ‘em? Five I guess if you count Brindy’s game winner…at least that one bounced in. And, as a carry over from the Buffalo game thread, what about the fan turnout here – for a Wednesday night game a virtual sell out, with 16,080 paid attendance. Like many speculated, I think the Monday Night Football Panther game and the generally family-oriented fan base not wanting to deal with Slug fans dampened the turnout on Monday.
  17. Throwing beer and spilling it? I think it's at least a "Man Law" violation...
  18. Last year’s playoffs showed Buffalo’s fans, at least the representatives they send to the RBC Center, are the worst. Give me Montreal fans any day. Sure they have questionable personal hygiene and sing funny songs, but they don’t let their extreme passion for their team turn into boorish behavior toward the opposing fans.
  19. I agree with blood, it seemed to me it ended up looking worse because Campbell turned a bit at the end. Elbowing was the right call, nothing worse.
  20. Thrilling comeback. But a great second period wasn’t enough to overcome the terrible hole at the start. The tie in the third just gave the Slugs their second wind. Most disappointing player on the ice for the Canes to me was Staal. He seemed VERY slow to react to the puck, showed no interest in getting back on defense, and ended up -3 on the night. Did he have a let down after the big win over his brother’s team? Seems like he had a bit of an off night after the first time we played the Pens too. I look for a big bounce back game against the Rangers.
  21. I think the one point for the overtime loss was negotiated in the labor agreement years ago at the time the overtime period was added. Players didn't want to play beyond regulation unless they were sure of getting something for it. Not sure if that's factual, but I seem to recall reading that somewhere. For me, I hate the idea of the overtime loss point. No other sport that I'm aware of gives "credit" for a loss in overtime. Football, baseball, basketball, an overtime loss is just a loss, nothing special. It does skew the standings to have some games worth a total of 3 points and others only 2. This will never fly, and will make the standings even more confusing to read, but if the overtime loss point must stay, then I say make a regulation win worth 3 points! That way, every game has equal weight in the standings.
  22. MattDoc, overall those are some great photos. Much better action shots than I've been able to muster. If you don't mind sharing, what brand/model camera are you using?
  23. Shouldn't this thread be posted in "Game Day Predictions"?? Oh, and Canes win 5 to 3 with an empty netter.
  24. While most reports have pretty consistently been saying Stillman would likely be ready for game action by the end of November, Tripp said "around mid-December" during the broadcast last night when talking about Stills return. Did anyone else pick up on that?
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