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  1. commodore also kinda got caught flatfooted on another goal and let someone breeze past him......

    Cam shoulda had the glove save yes... but a shot from the slot into that corner is a way tougher save then you think. That puck was labeled.

    I think 4 of the 5 goals weren't saveable (expecially the first goal on grahame holy crap what an amazing deflection) and at least 2 were commodores fault, 1 was Cams and I just dont recall the rest because I was to mad by the end to take in the game.

    Yes, the other one you may be thinking of, on the fifth goal Commie looked completely foolish on the alley oop pass. I didn't criticize him too much on that just because it was so beautifully executed by the Wild. I love that kind of play (just wish we could do it some time, though Graham did lob one right to their blue line during the game that resulted in an offensive chance).

    I agree that shot from the circle was a blast, but Cam had no obstruction, should have seen it and if he would have "stood tall" in the net, as Tripp is fond of saying, he didn't have to do anything else because he had the angle.

    My main point was, I thought overall it was a good offensive effort (especially with Cole and Stillman out) against a solid defensive team, most of the machine gun succession goals by the Wild were more of an individual breakdown than a team D problem and if we put the kind of effort "overall" we had in the last three games, we will win two out of three (and have a fighting chance to win three of three) going forward. With the slumping Thrashers, 2 out of every 3 going out will win the Division.

    Or, we could just trade 'em all. :wink:

  2. I guess I was watching a different game -- I place this loss squarely on Ward and Commodore. Ward should have made the save on one if not both of the first two goals. He had a clean look at the first shot and crunched down like the puck was going five hole and instead it went over his shoulder. A bang shot, to be sure, but one I think he probably would say he should have had. The second goal he failed to control the shot in his glove giving an easy rebound for the score. The third goal Commodore fell down in the corner leaving his man available for the feed and an easy goal.

    The good I saw was an offense working a great forecheck. I though Big Joe showed he still had his speed (uh, slow), but did play some nice grinding for the puck in the offensive zone and he had two hits and three blocked shots, more than the rest of the rest of our forwards combined.

    We scored four goals against one of the best defenses in the league. Yeah, let's trade all the bums. :roll:

  3. Thanks for the post KernerCane, welcome. I agree, fan behavior recently at games has been a bit of the "spoiled fan syndrome". Overall, thankfully, the majority at the RBC are still interested in encouraging the team ("Let's go Canes!") when they show some poor play as opposed to booing them.

    Regarding Tanabe, he showed me an awful lot when Ponikarovsky took out Brindy's knee in the game vs. Toronto on Jan. 30th and he went right after him! Tanabe is no fighter (and unfortunately showed that in the bout with Ponikarovsky), but the fact that he so readily went after him in a fight in order to stand up for our Captain made it all the more impressive. Many notches went up in my opinion of Tanabe after that!

  4. Hard to argue against Williams and Whitney as being the on fire guys at the moment. Let me give a nod to Staal for his effort in the Boston game...EXTREMELY hard working there. Made some great puck saves at the blue line and his fight and determination to keep digging and fighting for the puck in the corner made the Wizard's second goal possible. That is tough hockey to work those corners...fan's that just look on the scoresheet for "goals" to see who is playing well miss out sometimes.

    Likewise, a nod to the Captain. He's obviously still playing hurt, but his hustle to chase after the Litowski dumped puck led directly to Whitney's first goal against Boston. Fan's that always “boo†the dump-and-chase should look at that play...when executed properly, it is just as powerful as carrying the puck in with speed as you can get their d-men turned around and out of position.

  5. Dumbest trade ever. Belanger was pretty good, Big Joe always has been and always will be pretty bad with flashes of goodness here and there.
    Shocked at the news and, yes, Vasicek is a streaky player. But I had great seats for this game -


    - and was impressed then and at other times when his game was on. He did go on to lead the team in scoring that year. A heathy Joe, with the ability to play LW or C, could be a small step up from Belanger.....at least here's hoping. :|

  6. oh!!! and another thing i noticed... they obviously dont follow the hurricanes much because one of them was analyzing the pens game and pronounced "mark recchi" as "mark ricky" :evil:
    I groaned when I heard the Mark "Ricky" comment too :roll:

    I will give them a pass for the first effort. I think being able to get some post game comments is good...I imagine for home games they might be able to get more from the players in the locker room, sort of like the "Aftermath" show does on 850 the Buzz.

  7. I'm surprised Tanabe wasnt brought up in the Superbowl topic....he gets brought up everywhere else......Topic about Babchuk....tanabes fault. Staal isnt producing earlier this year thats right that was Tanabes fault..

    I'm loving it because at this point its hilarious considering hes a top 4 d-man in the last 20 games has had about 8 points which is good for a d-man and actually is leading the team in +/- which last time I checked means goals arent being scored when hes on the ice. Whats really funny is that when Glen Wesley was a +8 on a team of negatives back in 03 he was our best defensemen to the fans. Same team of negatives this year and Tanabe is the scapegoat for everything right down to why you broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. I loved that one guy in a previous topic actually said yea hes doing great but I'm still going to blame him cause its easy, thank you for defining ignorance for me.

    I hope we trade Tanabe, this cold weather has been killing me. (It's his fault, you know...) :P

  8. Forsberg is made out of porcelain, but after missing a few games with a groin in early January, he's been hot with 11 points in his last nine games. I'm not sure if he's the best fit for our needs at the moment, but if you can get an NHL elite player with great creds (Ross trophy, Hart trophy, Calder trophy, Cup winner) to join your ranks and contribute, go for it!

  9. It's been made clear that Babs was the only choice for sending down because of his two-way contract and the waivers issue. BUT, even if Tanabe could be sent down -- and I was as critical of him as any early in the season -- I think his play of late has been adequate. Babs may have a rocket shot, but for all his PP time, he has no PP goals. Tanabe at least has one and all of his stats (when you factor in less games played) are pretty much the same as Babs...but the graph on Tanabe's stats points upward after the god-awful start he had to the season.

    Before the shooting begins, let me duck ... :lol:

  10. I think that would be awesome if Ward were the mountains and Grahame was the beach.

    Now THAT is an awesome idea! You should submit it to them! Maybe they'll be able to do that for next year! :)

    Beach for one, mountains for the other.....wouldn't that make Raleigh seem like just the great wasteland in between where they happen to play??? :wink:

  11. Trivia Alert: Anybody remember the first Canes goalie to use the Hatteras lighthouse on his mask?

    Yes, that famous Hurricane's goalie that wore Number 1 ... no, not the Little Latvian, but Sean Burke! His Hatteras was more prominent than Ward's...right down the middle of the top of his head as I recall.

    Winnah! Winnah! I thought Burke had it on the side, but I might be remembering it wrong. I'll have to dig through my old photos and see if I can come up with one that shows it. He had the whole lightning bolt thing going on too, but that's fairly common.

    Woohoo...I love winning prizeless contests! :cry: As for a picture, I didn't have one and surfed to see if I could find one and stumbled on a pretty cool site devoted to goalies and they do have a Burke photo (from a distance) with a top-side Hatteras mask on. (Funny to note too are all the empty seats in Greensboro behind him). In looking at his stats, I knew he was tall, but didn't realize he was 6'4"! Quite a contrast to the Number 1 that followed him! :-)

    To get this back on thread, the site has a page on Cam too.


  12. Trivia Alert: Anybody remember the first Canes goalie to use the Hatteras lighthouse on his mask?

    Yes, that famous Hurricane's goalie that wore Number 1 ... no, not the Little Latvian, but Sean Burke! His Hatteras was more prominent than Ward's...right down the middle of the top of his head as I recall.

  13. I knuckled under and listened to Chuck on the radio with the sound off. Having the audio feed about two seconds ahead of the video was a little annoying but – once I got the hang of it – it did help me anticipate the action!

    I did turn the sound back on during the intermission when they were interviewing our Eric Belanger. Couldn’t understand Eric’s answers or make any sense at all of the interviewer’s questions … nothing new there, I have the same problem when Tripp is doing the interviewing! :D

  14. The mask looked pretty cool in the glimpses I could see when they gave a close-up on Cam in the broadcast. Interesting he went with a North Carolina theme...is he trying to copy Graham, who said his 'bikini babes and NASCAR car' mask was a tribute to NC? :wink:

  15. Not sure if you will be able to get into the arena parking lot immediately after the game though. That is something I have not tried. I have been to Damon's a few times and am not sure of any special vegie dishes. They do have a website and you can always call them to ask. I have had their salads a few times and they are huge!!!
    The way they funnel the traffic out of there, I doubt you will be able to drive into RBC after the game. However, Damon's is probably closer than some of the spots they force you to park at anyway. Still, it is a bit of a walk from Damon's to the player exit.

  16. Didn't we get a chance to pick up Jordan? I wonder why we passed him up. I mean, our PK is good right now, but adding Jordan would definitely improve our short-handed unit.
    As I recall, JR looked into effecting a trade for their pick (that they eventually used to draft lil' Staalie), but either the Pens asking price was too high or they simply weren't interested.

  17. Thanks for posting. Wow, an A-....maybe a smidge higher than I'd give them to date, but I agree with his "respectful position" remark considering the inhumane number of injuries.

    Hopefully, we'll have a healthy, rested Brindy and Wallin and the return of Kaberle all back for that first home game after the All Star break. It will be like what Opening Night should have been. If 'Canes management were smart, they would market that game as "Opening Night 2"..... Errr, wait, had one of those didn't we??

    "Opening Night 3" anyone?? :mrgreen:

  18. The Conspriacy Theorist in me sees it this way: ABC is owned by Disney, which also owns ESPN and ESPN is biased against the Canes. So that is why ABC cut the Canes out of the show !!! :lol:
    Funny, inda, I was thinking exactly the same thing!! And, even if they did show them, I was thinking they would have probably introduced them as "Eric Staal and Erik Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes which, of course, are the former Hartford Whalers..." :-)
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