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  1. Tanabe's play of late has helped his trade value as he'll be dealt with Kaberle's return. JR has already gone on record saying he will be trading for a forward before the deadline. I see Tanable being paired with Letowski in a deal for whatever gem the Flyers want to give us this time. :lol:

  2. 13 sellouts in 23 home games (if I counted correctly) so far -- and a handfull of the sellouts were SRO. Probably not as good as what Cane's management whould have hoped for, but a big jump from last year. The honeymoon following the Stanley Cup win does wonders for attendance as this team is to date not nearly as much fun to watch as last year's regular season squad.

  3. According to the N&O's "Lord Stanley's Blog", the breakaway/shootout was a focus at practice today. Here's a bit of the blog:

    Having scored only once in 11 shootout attempts this season — leading to three losses —the Hurricanes' shootout regulars gathered at the end of practice Monday for a colloquium on the art of the breakaway.

    With Cam Ward and John Grahame taking turns in goal, Rod Brind'Amour, Ray Whitney, Cory Stillman, Erik Cole, Eric Staal and Scott Walker experimented with various shots and dekes in an attempt to find something that works —because very little has for the Hurricanes this season. Only Washington (0-5) and Florida (0-6) have been less successful in the shootout.

    “It was a chance to do some different moves you wouldn’t try in a game,†Whitney said. "Maybe see if we can find something that works. It's a streaky thing. Some teams are just good at it."

    The full piece is found here: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/index....1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1

  4. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but the thing I've noticed about goaltenders that struggle a bit in the shootout is that they don't play the shooter any different than in normal play. By that, I mean in normal play the goalie is concerned about making the save, yes, but he is also worried about making a clean save, no rebound or at least directing the rebound away from the slot. In the shootout, it doesn't matter where the rebound goes. So long as the puck doesn't rebound in the net, when the goalie touches the puck the round is essentially over. That's a different mentality for the goalie. He doesn't have to play the directed rebound which can open up more net sometimes; rather, he can rebound it directly back to the shooter if that's the easiest play.

    Also, I think the goalies that get into a "shootout mode" are those that agressively challenge and USE THEIR STICK. The poke check is oh so effective a weapon for the goalie in the shootout but is risky in normal play (i.e., because the poked puck could go basically anywhere and the net would be open for a shot). In a shootout, when the puck is poked, play over. Watch how agressively the effective shootout goalies make use of their stick when the shooter gets close.

  5. Forslund said during a question and answering period that the warning flag design will still go across the bottom of the jersey. At first the league wanted the shirts tucked in but then decided against it. Those pictures must be from before they made that decision.
    Yes, I'd heard that too. The "tucked in" look would be awful -- well, except for the quarter tuck in the rear that Brindy uses :lol:. If all they're going to do now is change the fabric without changing the overall look of the jersey design or how it's worn, I suppose that's fine.

    Note to Mr. Bettman - We don't want our NHL players to be dressed looking like they belong on the PGA Tour!

  6. I'm not sure if this is part of the answer or not, but season ticket holders (including mini-plan holders) can buy additional individual tickets to all the games at any time. I suppose that's a perk if the general public can only buy them up to two months in advance. I can't imagine that the team sells more tickets doing it this way versus opening up the whole season to everyone as you say they do in Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

  7. I agree with the sandhiller, frustrated but hopeful. Actually, if I were a Thrasher fan (I suppose there does exist such a thing??), I'd be a little nervous about their consistency. Atlanta hasn't exactly been solid night in and night out. So, with some better play, a third place seed (as Division champ) for the Canes is not a bizarre stretch.

  8. I think I know why Tripp had no idea about the play, if it was around the time I'm thinking of. The organization took the time to wish him a happy birthday over the Jumbo-tron, and then decided to focus on him down there on ice level.

    When he appeared on the big screen, you could tell he was having trouble on deciding whether to focus on the commentary or to ham it up on the big screen.

    Yes, they kept the jumbotron camera on him for a long time -- I'd say 40 to 50 seconds or more, but he wasn't looking at the camera or the big screen. People all around him were yelling, banging the glass, etc., trying to get him to look up at the Jumbotron and acknowledge the birthday greetings. He finally did and by that time I do believe, unfortunately for him, the puck was in play... :Oops:

    And to all you knocking Tripp as some sort of mental midget, part of it may be just an act. The guy was a goaltender for four years at Harvard University, which I understand is a pretty good school... :wink:

  9. I can't tell if the players find him annoying or not. They seem to like him, so there must be some redeeming quality

    The players seem to like him and I think he's at his best in player interviews, often able to get an amusing remark if not something insightful. In fact, when he interviews opposing team players, they seem to be receptive to Tripp as well (smiling, talkative) more so than other broadcasters get with in opposing player interviews I see on Center Ice. The exception was Tripp's interview of Serge Federov last year. I thought Federov was going to kill Tripp...it was so awkward for Tripp, but most amusing to watch!

  10. Given the short off-season, the less than favorable first half schedule, and the incredible amount of injuries, I am reasonably pleased with a 5th place conference standing. The off-season moves of trading Oleg and Joe were of modest benefit, Walker in particular has been productive and good for team chemistry. All in all, I'd give a grade around a B or B+.

  11. Last season, the notice didn't go out to season ticket holders about the lithograph until January 12th. So, we should be hearing something on that front soon.

    Any ideas on who the player depicted on the litho will be?

    Based on trying to figure out the rationale for the first five in the series, my guess would be Erik Cole. Any other guesses or does any one know?

  12. Christmas greetings to all. Here's a question, best hockey movie to watch (or receive as a gift) for Christmas? My picks are:

    For kids: The Mighty Ducks

    For all: Miracle

    For adults: Slap Shot (with Mystery, Alaska as second choice)

    For the Caniac: 2006 Stanley Cup DVD -- watched it last night for like the 15th time...! :lol:

  13. I sure hope this silly thing doesn't come to a vote. The six divisions now are pretty compact geographically and play eight games versus each other ... how will these bigger divisions "save" travel costs? While I would like to see it worked out where more interconference play can occur, I think the current division structure is just beginning to show promise.

  14. the figures are called mcfarlane sports figures, i just strip them and repaint them from scratch who i want to make, the picture is actually a 6 inch (9 inch from cup to toe) i have done a 12 inch one also,

    Oh yes, I thought they looked familiar.

    They were discussing making one of the figures of a Hurricane (I am not sure who) a while back, I dont know if it's in the process or if they came out with it yet. I like to collect the Montreal Canadiens ones though, I don't have to do any fixing to them because there are so many and they're beautiful =] The ones you made though are very nice aswell, you did a fantastic job!

    ive done a custom patrick roy in a canadiens jersey....they were supposed to do a eric staal but they postponed doing the figure.

    According to the latest I could find on the Macfarlane website, Eric Staal is supposed to be released with the "NHL 15" series slated to hit the shelves in late June 2007.

  15. Tanabe being hurt is addition by subtraction. I'd much rather have Hutch quarterbacking our powerplay than Snuggles.

    The person who sits in front of me at the games also calls Tanabe snuggles. Where did he get that name?

    Those who think Tanabe plays too soft for an NHL defenseman call him that. Others, based on his career -53 career +/- ratio and other factors derisively refer to him as "avi Tanabe" because he has no "D".

  16. For whatever reason, the Internet Hockey Database link posted earlier didn't work for me -- sent me to an "archive" version that wouldn't let me pull up stats. If anyone else had that issue, see if this works:


    Also, NHL.com has more complete stats than IHDB, but only going back as far as the 2001-2002 season. As far as having a great guide by your easy chair when watching games, nothing beats the NHL Official Guide and Record Book. Available at major bookstores or for about $16.50 at Amazon.com, it is full of complete stats for all current players AND prospects and summary stats for retired players as well as having all the team and individual regular season and playoff records. I've found it useful for checking on players that I'm not that familiar with during games. Plus, the 2007 edition has the photo of Brindy hoisting the Cup on the cover! :lol:

  17. I will give the aforementioned "Snuggles" his due when earned: I thought he played reasonably well yesterday. In limited ice time, an even +/-, a couple of shots, a block, and one pretty good hit. I thought he played pretty well in his last game before this as well (the one at Boston). I’d say Gleason has been our worst defenseman so far.

    Slapshot earlier posted the team difficulties captured in a nutshell: the weak Power Play. I agree, just a slightly better PP would make a big difference in our win-losses so far. Stillman’s return should help there and Frank later.

    Another factor, the games when we’ve been at our worst seem to be caused by a weak forecheck and forwards that don’t think they have to skate back and play defense. Staal and Williams are most guilty of this. On the surface, when the opponent scores, it’s easy to blame the defenseman or goalie, but look at the full play and you may reach a different conclusion. As for the defenseman, it would be nice if they could light the lamp once in a while! Only two or our eight rotating d-men have more than one goal (Commie and Hutch with 3). Four of ‘em have goose eggs.

    I am disappointed with the consistency of this team, but I’ve seen enough “good†from this team this season to not be too worried.

  18. I may be wrong ( it happens sometimes...lol) but I doubt fans in Calgary were rooting for the canes last year

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I don't think you quite understand the level of hatred the Flames and Oilers have for each other. :D

    Yes, indeed, the Calgary vs. Edmonton hatred is like Duke vs. UNC vs. NCSU here in the Triangle!!

    I'll tell a little story, during the finals last year we were seated next to some Edmonton fans (great fans and people, by the way) that came down from Alberta for the game. For those who went to the playoffs, you'll remember that during the second period intermission before the Canes took the ice they would play the “Let’s Go Canes†song being sung by various fans and celebrities (John Forslund, Ron Francis, Alex Trebek, etc.). Well, when UNC Coach Roy Williams was shown the NC State fans let out a loud chorus of boo’s….as happened during every game. The Edmonton fans leaned over to me and asked, “Who is that man?â€

    I said, “Roy Williams, he is the basketball coach for the University of North Carolina."

    “Why do they boo him? He was singing for the Canes??â€

    I replied, “A lot of people here like North Carolina State University.â€

    “But,†he asked, even more confused, “isn’t it all North Carolina?â€

    That’s when I was able to put it in perspective for him, “It’s like in Alberta between the Flames and you.â€

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!†they said laughing!

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