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  1. It will start now because as the team continues to miss the playoffs which I might add will happen the next 3 years.  Attendance will go down and down to the point where the team is no longer sustainable in this market and will start to look elsewhere.

    It's hard to disagree, but I will to a point. Look, this team this season had very little chance of the playoffs, but up until the Faulk injury, they were still in the mix. NHL.com even had them as a 'might make it' feel-good story a couple weeks ago. Of course, that's all gone with the trade fire-sale now and appropriately so. To say that playoff missing will continue for another three years will mean a big failure of the coach, GM, and scouts. All of them failing is possible, for sure, but with the steps taken this season, I'm hoping (perhaps naively so) a little less likely.

    Attendance is the more troubling thing. The Hurricanes are DEAD LAST in the league by a HUGE MARGIN...more that 1200 less than the next worst team, Arizona. More that 1200 less!!! Even the long stretch of better play and playoff talk did little to improve attendance. Canes marketing did a major misstep and misreading of the market with the big off season price hikes. Even if the playoffs come sooner, will the fans return in big enough numbers to save the franchise? I'm no longer sure...

  2. Holy...

    The advertising is even more out of control than I remembered. It's brutal and I pray it never makes its way here.

    Anyway, good for Joni.

    It's hard to believe that someone could go from "may never skate again" to moving around like that.

    I can't even imagine the amount of commitment, hard work, and dedication it took Joni to get back to doing what he loves.

    He has nothing but my respect and I wish him all the best in the future.

    I agree Kyrule, both on the advertising...wow! And on the hard work Joni must have put in to reach this point. He looked pretty good in that clip for his first game!

  3. The other thing I can tell you is that a great way to quickly get up to speed - literally - is by concentrating on the puck.

    Regarding watching the puck, even just doing that can be difficult and frustrating to someone new to the sport.


    I’m reminded of when my neighbor was over at my house when I was watching the Canes one time and he knew very little about hockey and was getting so frustrated because he was losing track of the puck but he could tell I didn’t have any problem.  He said, “I don’t understand hockey, how you can enjoy watching it as I can’t even follow the puck!”


    He was a huge football fan, so I said, "When you’re watching football and it's 4th and inches and there’s a quarterback sneak.  You never see the football, but you’re sure he made the first down.  How do you know?" 


    He said, “Well, you can tell by the offensive line, how they got a good push forward.”


    “O.K.” I continued, “the running back has the ball in his opposite arm from your viewpoint, you can’t see the ball but you’re sure he fumbled. How?” 


    “You just know, you see guys scrambling on the ground, diving in and so on, so he must have fumbled.”


    “Right!” I said. “You don’t see the ball, but you know what’s going on because you know the game and understand the plays and positioning and everything.  It’s the same with hockey, when you have that comprehension, losing sight of the puck will be no different than losing sight of the football!”


    It was a light bulb revelation for him.  He hasn’t become a huge hockey fan, but did gain an appreciation from that exchange.  


    The best advice I can give is patience, take it all in and this fast, seemingly disorganized frantic game will slow down as you gain more understanding.  Maybe start by just watching the Canes powerplay, they move plenty slow...but I digress...


    I wish our team was better as attending a home win makes for a much better experience, but make the most of it!  Enjoy!

  4. Ron works security.  He has been working as security at the RBC/PNC for years for other events while he was Ron the Ref.  He still continues to do that as far as I know.


    Ron's a quality guy.  He has always been great to my kids, so I'm a little biased in my opinion.  Some fans were ready for a change.  Some complained about how loud he was, but that is more a function of the volume which is controlled by someone else.  Some complained about his voice.  Of all the problems the Canes had, I'm thinking Ron was the next one to blame after the hot dog vendor on the upper level.


    Ron was LOUD and he articulated so you could understand him.  Most of the folks they've had since Ron are very mellow with the microphone making it hard to hear/understand all what of they're saying. 


    I miss Ron the Ref, I miss the old goal song, I miss seeing Ric Flair on the jumbotron, I miss them playing "Let's Go Canes" at second intermission, I miss the Goodberry's vendor and....oh yeah, I MISS WINNING!!!

  5. Lower ticket, parking, and concession prices and I will start going again. I don't see this team lasting here another 3 years. Raising prices by 25% across the board and not doing anything in the off season to get excited about really.put a sour taste in my mouth about this organization. They are lucky I am even still posting on this boards.

    Surely we are the lucky ones, bluedevil  :) 


    I agree with 90% of yours and other posters on the Canes pricing strategy and general mess of things.  I dropped from a full season ticket holder to an 11 game plan.  We were just so tired of going to losing games and bad hockey, I can’t remember how many tickets we didn’t use last season or gave away because no one wanted to go, sad.  The price increase almost made us drop STHs altogether.  This season, I’m pleased with the 11 game decision, mainly because the Canes are 2-1 in the games I have attended so far and even with a half full arena, the atmosphere during and after a win is special.


    Where I guess I differ from some fans here is I thought before the season the Canes had close to zero chance of making the playoffs, so I am not nearly feeling the angst, anger and ‘woe is me, the season is lost’ feeling of others.  It was lost before it started.  I thought, and still think, the team is capable of making a run to finish around .500 but that’s about it.  In the offseason, friends at work who were STHs or fans and wondering how much to invest in the season asked me what I thought:  I said, “Be prepared for a lot of losses.  Some bad hockey, but also some young talent that will be interesting to see develop.  This season is about the future, not the now.  No playoffs (again).”  Today, I’d echo Coach Denny Green and say, “They are who we thought they were.”  Miracles happen and I’ll still watch and go to the games and hope for the best, but do so with the reduced stress of no unrealistic expectations.

  6. Interesting parallel discussions we had going on about fish and the fanbase.  What do they have in common?  Ignore them for awhile and things begin to stink...


    Don Waddell's biggest decision as president was to 'up value' or 'right price' or whatever the term was for raising prices.  From what I recall at the time, they knew (duh!) this would impact attendance and the number of STHs but thought it was necessary to restore the brand's value (Waddell wanted the Canes pricing strategy to be less like Walmart, more like Nordstrom).  I have to believe, however, the hit is worse than they projected.  The Canes are currently dead last in the league in average attendance, which is a stat made even worse considering we've had less than a handful of home games so the average is a little distorted on the upside by the opening night sellout!


    Attendance this year is way behind the two most often move rumored teams, Arizona and Florida, by about 1500.  If the Canes can only draw a little over 9000 for Friday and weekend games, when the workweek games start, what are we looking at?  8000?  7500?  Yikes!!!


    The fans have been supporting a sub-par product for years.  Just two years ago, avg attendance was 15,483, ahead of 7 other teams.  At the current pace, Canes attendance will be around what top AHL teams draw which is clearly unsustainable.  Winning will help a whole lot, but I think their marketing, promotions, and pricing plans need to be redone as well. 


    The fans have been fooled and ignored too much and, like the neglected fish, it stinks.


  7. Very good point Red.  I don't know that I'd put it at only 80% of the time that a team that plays best wins (not sure what I'd put it at), but I do agree with your point. 


    I can get a lot closer to 80% if we break what I call "random variation" down into two parts.  Let's call the first "pure luck", i.e., things that are mostly independent of what either team does on the ice (bad calls by the officials or calls that could go either way, bad bounces, fluky injuries, etc.).  Part 2 is variation in singular key plays by teams that you wouldn't consider "typical", i.e., you wouldn't realistically expect it to happen most of the time. Things like a good goalie giving up a soft goal, an average goalie legitimately standing on his head (as compared to having pucks fired into his chest) and stealing a game, taking a poorly timed penalty a player wouldn't typically take, etc. That seems like a different kind of "luck" to me in that while it isn't independent of what either team does, you couldn't realistically expect it to happen most of the time. I'd put Mrazeks turnover resulting in Rasks goal into that category.  Include that second piece and I could see your percentage getting closer to 80%.


    I think one could make the point that we're finally catching some breaks in our mini-streak: Mrazek's turnover (although let's also credit Rask for being there to take advantage of it), the goal that trickled through Greiss(?), etc. Seems like last year almost all of those went the other way.

    My percentages are tripe, I agree...haha. I don't watch a lot of basketball, but do lots and lots of football and hockey and there's a clear difference in the number of times the team based on their play that game "didn't deserve to win" or "got the lucky breaks" or "good bounces" wins in hockey vs football. Quantifying that difference along with determining the proper scope of random variation would get someone a PhD. I will contribute 4 bits to the board's scholarship fund if it will help find someone to solve this conundrum....

  8. Very good point about "luck" or in statistical terms, random variation.  While I would disagree that it's even close to 1/3 of the equation, I believe it's a very real component in the outcome of many sporting events, at least to some extent or another.  Many people discount it with aphorisms like "you make your own luck".

    Interesting discussion! My view is compared to other real time versus sports like basketball and football, hockey does involve a lot more "luck" mostly due to the lack of scoring inherent in the game. In basketball, because of the ample scoring, the team that plays better THAT game wins probably 95+% of the time. They may not be the better team overall, just that they played best that night such that fluke plays and bad calls by the refs (i.e., "luck") are swallowed up by the 50+ other scoring plays. Football has less scoring, so a bizarre play or bad call plays a role in the outcome more often, but I'd still say the team that played better that game wins 90% or more. In hockey, 'luck' or whatever you wish to term it plays a much bigger role because scoring is so scarce. Maybe only 80% of the time does the team that plays better win as a goal from a fluke or bad call can be a major difference maker in the game. I think this big 'luck' element is an adjustment for fans that first come to the game from a football or basketball perspective. In fact for my friends that are more basketball or football fans than hockey, they tell me this aspect of the game is very frustrating!

  9. Just watching some NHL On The Fly this morning and they had their Top 10 Saves of the Week feature and Cam Ward had an amazing 3 of the Top 10! The two big saves versus the Caps were in there and the sprawling desperation save versus Colorado was Number One for the week. Impressive.

  10. I received an email from the Canes today announcing "Tickets for Turkeys" in the subject line.  I'm like, "Good Lord, is THIS what they're calling us now?!?"  :lol:


    It actually looks like a nice initiative, discount tickets with proceeds from the sales going to feed the local needy.  But man, what a name, 'tickets for turkeys'...I was sure they were talking about me and the other saps that bought tickets this season... :unsure:

  11. Wasn't "Whatever It Takes" the slogan in in 05-06?

    The slogan and ad logo was “Here to Play, Here to Stay” for the start of the season.   I was at the Cane’s re-launch party at a Durham Bull’s game in August 2005 and actually still have the now much worse for the wear T-Shirt they gave away that day with that slogan featuring prominently on it.  The recent October 2nd N&O had a look back feature on the Stanley Cup season that said, “Since the run to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2002 provoked a blossoming of the fan base, the Hurricanes had finished dead last in the NHL, missed the playoffs by 16 points and sat out an entire season, a state of affairs which contributed to the team’s marketing tagline that season: “Here to play, here to stay.””


    “Whatever it Takes!” was definitely used that season during the playoffs and maybe rose at some point during the regular season as the team proved to be very good.  I was thinking the phrase came from Coach Laviolette and maybe even inspired by Julia Rowe’s brave battle with leukemia that season which was an inspiration for both the coach and the team, I can’t remember for sure. 

  12. People like you two completely amaze me. I understand being frustrated with the Hurricanes organization's lack of success over the past six years and maybe even I understand that you think the staff couldn't manage or coach their way out of a wet paper bag, but what's a season-ticket seller supposed to say? "Please buy our season tickets - we know we've been lousy ever since you can remember and we're hanging on to that one Stanley Cup we won by accident ten years ago, but we promise we're getting better and will be more fun to watch. Really we will, so please buy a season ticket so we can pay salaries for people who aren't directly connected with the product that shows on the ice? Please don't beat me, master, don't beat me...."


    JonK welcome to the boards.  I’m sure you’ll be constantly amazed by many things me and bluedevil say!


    As for what the Canes are supposed to do, as a Season Ticket holder for 12 years, over the top nonsense just doesn’t work for me and agents and reps (typically) didn’t do it in years past.  Maybe some like it, who knows?   My take is even if you’re trying to sell this team to a prospective new season ticket holder, gushing everything is great and especially gushing about the season’s “great start” is silly. You know what you sell with a down/re-building team?  Things like ‘the game day experience’ ‘ a great time out with friends (or family)’ ‘the team’s young talent’ ‘big time upcoming opposing teams (or opposing great players)’ ‘the excitement of professional hockey in person’ etc.  There are lots of legitimate things to push and peddle without entering the realm of fantasy.  (To the Canes credit, they have focused a lot of their print and tv ads on Justin Faulk and young talent as a positive appeal that the future will be better.  The problem as mentioned by me (and I think for bluedevil and wxray) is their agents and reps just seem out of tune with this aspect of the team’s ad campaign.)


    Coming out of the season long lock-out in 2005, the fanbase was about as down as it is now and I thought about not renewing my tickets.  The Canes marketing slogan that year was simply “Here to Play, Here to Stay.”  The sales pitch was nothing over-the-top, just an honest come see us play hockey and we’ll do our best to give you a show.  A frank and no nonsense sell, nice...of course fondly recalled as that team ended up winning the Cup.

  13. Oh man!  A Carolina Hurricanes season ticket just called me and being in IT I usually screen my calls but this time I answered.  She told me how it was a great time to be a season ticket holder and how there is a lot to be excited about this season.  I proceeded to ask her what is so exciting about a team that has missed the playoffs for the past 6 years and how the team's system totally looks like crap.  I also asked her what's so exciting about watching the star players not produce and just coast out there when on the ice.


    She was speechless.  I guess she picked the wrong guy to call and try and sell tickets to.

    Wow!  I don’t begrudge telemarketers, pollsters, etc., cause everybody’s got to make a buck, but to me these calls don’t reflect well on the Canes.  Either their agents are clueless or whoever gave them the script to go by is clueless.  The two fairly newly hired reps I’ve interacted with lately seem to be newcomers to town and Hurricanes hockey.  Surely with the local universities we have and fan base, there are young recent grad Caniacs who would be in the applicant pool that not only know the sales and marketing stuff, but know the psyche, history, culture, and traditions of the team, fan base and season ticketholders?  Wouldn’t those folks be better hires as ‘representatives’ of the organization?   Strange.

  14. I got a voice message yesterday from my new (and I gather fairly recently hired) season ticket account representative saying as the introductory part of the message in an extremely enthusiastic and upbeat voice, "I hope you are enjoying the season so far!..."


    I had to listen to it again, those were the exact words.  I told Mrs. Storm later and she's shaking her head, "you're kidding!?!"  :blink:  

  15. I wonder if Chantel'S DUI affected her resigning.....

    It is hard to imagine that the DUI did not impact the decision on Chantel. All the more reason I would have thought the Canes would have had Michelle McMahon clean up some of the photos on her Instagram account before the hiring announcement. The Canes posted a link to her account on their Instagram announcement of the hire. Looking at some of her photos, it appears Michelle much enjoys the juice of the grape...the photo of her looking disappointingly cross-eyed at an empty wine glass is most amusing!


    Talk about a change in perception!



    It sure is LakeLivin!  Although I think I'm with the Pens fans reaction--at least as a quick take, it does look like a pretty good deal for them.  And Vancouver's GM is referring to Sutter as a "foundation piece" for their team, which seems to be a reach...and a sure sign that ol' JR must have put on quite a sales pitch...!  

  17. I dropped from a full season to an 11 game so this was our first experience with the on-line select-a-seat.  Our time slot was today and Mrs. Storm actually did the selection as I had a work meeting during our assigned time slot.  She said it was very easy and worked well.  We reviewed the extensive instructions beforehand, I like that they included actual screenshots and overall they were helpful.  I was surprised that the process was to select the seats first, then select the games we wanted.  As wxray1 says, doing it this way would seem to artificially restrict seats available for those that are lower in the pecking order.  For us, Mrs. Storm got good seats, so I was pleased.


    I very much like the flexibility of picking our own 11 games (well, 10 games after the mandatory opener) versus having three fixed plans to choose from.  Interesting too how few silver and gold games there were...I figured they would be a relatively even split.  We picked all bronze mostly because the dates worked better for us.  Canes get good marks from me for this added flexibility (of course, I realize this amount of flexibility is only possible for them because there are sooooo many seats available... :unsure:). 

  18. Thanks Coastal for the nice coverage of the action. I've been unable to attend any of the practices so your report and those of others is a help.

    I was excited about Tochinsky's numbers last season (and the scoring touch he's shown in prior years) and it sounds like this camp has been good for him from various sources. This team is desperate for scoring, Tochinsky should get a serious look.

  19. And the NHL is making it more difficult to do a McDavid/Eichel coup next year.  Rules change next year such that the worst team can now drop as far as 4th.   No sense in losing.


    That's a step in the right direction.  My idea is much bolder.  Give the team that misses the playoffs that had the BEST record after the All Star Break (or some similar mid-point in the season) the top pick and determine the draft order from that.  In that way, fans of teams that are going to miss the playoffs will actually have a reason to CHEER their home team for winning...not the farce we saw in Buffalo, etc., this past season where home fans were actually booing their own team if they won.  A lot of Canes fans in the last few months of last season were also 'upset' when the Canes won, saying the team should be 'tanking'.  This change would fix that thinking.

  20. Yes we are.  That's why I don't think we're going to see any of that money from Semin's buyout put to good use.  It's going straight into PKs pocket.  In my opinion defense has a lot of options so we "might" be ok there if any of Han, Fleury, Pesce, Carrick, Biega are ready for the big show.  Look at the lines though..







    This is hands down the worst forward group that the team has ever had.  I could be wrong buys but if my speculation holds up brace yourselves for a very long and enduring season.

    bluedevil, it is really sobering to see that lineup in writing, so 'thanks'. I really don't want to watch a team that's near the bottom of the league in scoring again, but that appears to be in the making. On the plus side, the defense and goaltending may be a little better, so instead of losing all those 2-1 games like last season, maybe we'll lose them 1-0 instead?
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