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  1. Hello, I am a season ticket holder. I have had good luck in selling tickets to games I cannot attend on Craigslist in the past. This year, not so much. Where is the best place to put tickets up for sale these days? I do list them on Ticketmaster too. Thanks!
  2. I was able to register. I put a '7' for the cell phone prefix. Uppers are all gone. A few hundred lowers remain. I have to decide QUICKLY if I am going to go to St. Pete on way to Helsinki in order to get my visa.
  3. If anyone finds out info on tickets to the St. Petersburg game please post info here. Thanks!
  4. I priced tickets and hotel(based on 2 people attending): 2 lower level Club Seats for both games - $1116 4 nights Radisson Blu - $850 Total: $1962 So for the 'Land' package the Canes are offering you are paying $1,342 for the following... · Transportation to see the Carolina Hurricanes team practices · Exclusive VIP lunch with the team · Roundtrip transportation to both games from hotel to Hartwall Arena · Half-day sightseeing tour of Helsinki · Special NHL souvenir · AAA escort
  5. Any chance you can post what the grand total was for the tickets? I checked and it seemed that it was pretty close to what the Canes/AAA were asking.
  6. The problem is that by the Carolina Hurricanes shifting this to AAA, AAA now becomes the Carolina Hurricanes and everything they do is representative of the Canes organization. Right now they are failing themselves and the organization on every level. You can't return phone calls or emails to people willing to turn over THOUSANDS of dollars? Unreprehensible! EVERY email/ phone call should have been returned before they left the office yesterday. No excuses.
  7. This whole thing has turned into a fiasco. I don't know why season ticket holders weren't given first dibs on this. I left messages and emails today and received no reply at all. Not happy...
  8. This whole thing has turned out to be a fiasco. I don't know why season ticket holders weren't given first dibs on this. I have left messages and emails and neither have been returned.
  9. As per their contract, the acquiring club must supply single hotel accomodations for 21 days as well as a medium size car for 21 days.
  10. John and Tripp actually had a weekly show a few years ago. I liked it. It ran the realm of topics including one show devoted to Tripp and Bates going to the State Fair. It only lasted 1 season though.
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