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  1. Update on the lanyards..I was at the EYE on Friday and the Mgr said he's having trouble finding a company that is NHL licensed to make them..so don't expect them to see them in the near future - he's trying to work a deal. Apparently the sales peeps in the EYE didn't have all the info when I asked them previously.
  2. I have been a STH for 5yrs now and have never received the magazine. I noticed it was part of the perks last year too, but I never received mine..I hope I get one this year!!
  3. Hey MattDoc..I've been asking at the EYE when they will have them again and they have told me they are on order...So keep an EYE out for them (no pun intended!)..
  4. Poor effort on our part...for every Canes player there was 3 Rangers on them...
  5. Yeah color commentator is definitely a new englander - that's not a new york accent
  6. Why aren't our boys in front of the net...we need to be there for the rebound..we're hanging too far back it seems
  7. I've got Staal's quote in my head about scoring..."they come in bunches" - He better come out of the box and give us bunches!!!
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