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  1. Hey a quick note on the airport runs...if you don't want RDU Security to ban us in the future, please make sure you follow the rules. You need to pick up your trash when you leave. Also, alcohol is strictly forbidden so if you leave evidence of it on the ground, we are going to get banned pretty quick. Not trying to sound like your mom, but after talking to the security folks while a few folks picked up everyone else's trash, I figured I would let everyone know. Outside of the drinking bit, the security guys say the crowd was very well behaved and they enjoy us coming out. See ya next time at the airport!
  2. At least you did not post any pictures from later towards the end of the reception
  3. Is there a place to follow these games online by chance--even via audio link?
  4. FM...LOL I remember that...seems it worked last time or was it the threat of the Zippo that did the trick? Whichever...count me in for it.
  5. I still want to know who the designated driver was
  6. Thanks again for the ticket...I enjoyed sitting with you guys tonight even though the game was the pits. Always nice to sit with a fellow screamin' Caniac.
  7. Confirmation PM sent. I will be there...here's to a rowdy section Wednesday night...lol
  8. sorry I missed your B'Day thread Dallas. Hope your day was very special!
  9. more like infamous :mrgreen: see you guys Saturday
  10. LOL--I was actually thinking about myself (selfish me) since it was the wee hours of the morning and I had to be up early today. But hey, I've got all summer to catch up on my sleep. LOL I had a grand idea for a sign & just could not sleep until I got started on it. But I cannot wait to see your Belfour sign.
  11. ^^^Irish...I am liking the sound of that poster :mrgreen: PS...you know you are a true Caniac when you stay up way best your bed time working on a sign for Saturday's game.
  12. Pens are going to take it all (so Jordan can talk smack to Eric & Eric will come back next season with a huge fire in his belly to be better than his brother) :mrgreen:
  13. guess we better finalize the tailgate parties for Friday & Saturday tomorrow
  14. I swore I would not post anything for a few days but all the negative press coverage has gotten me a bit on the defensive side on behalf of our team. So here is my list: Thank You for....... 1. Opening Night & watching those beautiful WELL-EARNED banners going up to the rafters 2. 3 goals in 43 seconds 3. 6 goals in 1 period (let's do that again Saturday, k?) 4. Rod Brind 'Amour night 5. Winning my first away game 6. 32 games of Carolina Hurricanes hockey (# of home games I will have attended come Saturday) 7. For Chad LaRose & Scotty Walker's spirit(please stay Walks) 8. For providing me the opportunity to meet some really great folks along the way this season 9. For every member of this team & the class they display and finally for... 10. the desire to go through the whole ride again next season--see ya at training camp
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