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  1. He's also worn a lot of other numbers: #6 for 4 years when he played with the Windsor Spitfires #42 with LA Kings and #3 with Manchester Monarchs
  2. Not that it has to do with the fight... but an interesting tidbit is that Leighton (the Norfolk goalie) and Gleason were teammates for 2 years when they played for the Windsor Spitfires in the OHL
  3. Well, even though the Canes lost, I went more to watch Gleason play than anything. He didn't do great either, but I got some lovely pics and had a great time, so I didn't get ripped off at all.
  4. I've seen it many times being from Windsor, ON. It airs on TSN which is Canada's sports channel, but I haven't seen it recently, I don't think it's airing anymore. Have you tried looking for it on youtube?
  5. In criminal law, theft is defined as the taking of another's property without that persons freely-given consent. If he didn't take it to lost and found or turn it in, it's theft. until i have time to research this I will take your word on it. Would a passage from the Canadian Criminal Code be sufficient? :wink: Nah!! you guys have funny laws, you let 18 year olds into strip clubs and get drunk (my kid decided he didn't want to wait until he was 21)!! Then there is all that Hockeyphobia which explains why the Pentagon has a contingency(sp) plan to invade Canada and bring democracy to the moose. It's 19 actually
  6. I'm glad Canes fans are starting to like Gleason.... He's been my fav for 7 years or so now
  7. It looks remarkably similar to the Canadian Sports channel commerical with the 3 Staal brothers... it looks like they cut out the 3 staal's, added a new background and threw Jared in there... notice how he's off to the side and doesn't really fit in. I don't know if any of you have seen the commercial I'm talking about, it's advertising the Canadian sports channel (either TSN or sportsnet, I can't remember which) but most of you probably haven't. At the end of the commercial the brothers are skating towards the camera and stop real quick, spraying the camera with ice, saying something along the lines of "this is our life, this is our sports centre" and then there's a brief still shot of them, what looks to be the shot in the pic you're talking about. Perhaps while the commercial was being shot they took stills as well and this is one of them and someone superimposed Jared.
  8. I've always called him Timmy G ... that was a nickname around the arena of his junior team and it's just stuck with me ever since
  9. canes8

    Gotta ask!

    Definately Gleason... by a long shot
  10. Lol.... too bad I bought one off of Ebay a few months ago from you already. I could have gotten one for free if I'd just waited.
  11. I searched on yahoo for the "Pittsburgher" and I couldn't find anything
  12. Well, guys, I can pick you up a cheesesteak (or a hoagie), but unless you want to make the trip to Windsor, ON where I live, that's the only way you're going get it, lol
  13. It was meant to be funny, I wasn't trying to be rude... I'm probably Gleason's biggest fan, I've been watching the kid play hockey since he was 16, I wasn't being disrespectful to him.
  14. I figured that much, same foot he broke playing for the world juniors back in their 2003 tournament... he's had problems with it ever since.
  15. Is it his left or right foot? Does anyone know?
  16. I didn't see the game tonight, but I do know that Gleason has always been plagued with foot injuries... ever since he broke his left foot in the first game of the world junior championships when he was playing for the Windsor Spitfires. I remember him hobbling around the arena on game night for months after... if it's another foot injury that's going to suck.
  17. Gleason and Ben Eager played against each other for years back in their OHL days and Eager is a big fighter. I can't remember that far back, but I'm sure Gleason has fought with him before (he got in quite a few more fights in his younger days than he does now). They probably went at it for old times sake... nothing wrong with a little friendly fight, plus it gets the crowd going.
  18. Just a quick question.... I'm a new Canes fan this year, still new to the website... I can't seem to find the Ask the Canes section that you guys are talking about. Where might I find that? Thanks, Stacy
  19. what pictures in the gallery are you talking about? I don't see any pictures anywhere.
  20. First of all, I doubt people even get CBC hockey night in Canada... it's a Canadian station Second, can't we block this guy? He's annoying
  21. If we didn't need him that much, you wouldn't be worried about whether or not he's playing against the Sabres
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