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  1. Chicago trade for Forsberg. Are we going back to the scrap heap for goalies again?
  2. By DJ do you mean stadium announcer? I would vote for that. and the DJ too.
  3. OK Thanks to some great help from OBXer, I am back again as lazyestimator. Looking forward to meeting some new fans and getting reacquainted with others.
  4. Just back, and it was a great team game, with Cam really standing tall. The defensive effort though really allowed Cam to see the shots. Really impressed with Wesley and Seidenberg and the entire defense. They really made it tough for the Pens to get it through the neutral zone. I thought Pittsburgh really came out hitting and was glad that the Canes answered the call on that front. Oh, and don't forget Hamilton. I think he is going to make a really big contribution to this team.
  5. That first goal is now credited back to Staal. Text taken from News and Observer Lord Stanley's Blog
  6. PP looked pretty good early on, but steadily regressed as the game went on. Wallin was horrible from his stupid penalties to his puck handling. Cam was excellent I thought And Commodore put a killer hit on somebody. I have been looking for a clip of that hit but have struck out so far.
  7. The first couple of Power play opportunities, the Canes actually looked very good. The puck movement was quick and sharp and they had several good chances, however from the 5 on 3 and then after that the power play went downhill. As far as the ice conditions, I was seated in Sec 101 to the left of Huet, and I saw Cullen lose his edge a couple of times in front of us and I assumed it was soft ice. I think that the team just showed a lack of discipline and took some stupid penalties, especially Wallin. He just looked lost all night, from the penalties to his puck handling, it was not a good game for him at all.
  8. I think the Cole Stillman Staal line is gonna be back with a vengeance. Cole, Staal, Willie and Ladd all light the lamp. Canes win 4-1
  9. I am rested, all fired up and glad to be back. Looking forward to a GREAT YEAR!!! Go Canes!
  10. Ok it's opening night, I'm baaack and will be ready roll in Sec 101. See you there Caniac's
  11. I am not a big Vasicek fan either, but I have to agree that Joe did play a decent game last night against Philly, he is hard as heck to get off of his feet, he could do wonders parked in front of the goal on the PP, which was a travesty last night but that is a whole different subject. Remember the rest of this team is not exactly on fire either.
  12. According rumors, Ladd could be on the move...... From 850thebuzz.com/blog that quote coming from an article in the Ottawa Sun http://www.ottawasun.com/Sports/Senators/2...586791-sun.html
  13. i won't argue that the timing is a bit off but they got nailed last season for waiting until the last minute and expecting them to be paid instantly. always the voice of reason... good point.
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