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  1. I agree. Ward was amazing tonight....just listening to the leafs announcers was proof enough. Hopefully the canes and pull together 3, 4 , 5, or more wins and turn the season around. LETS GO CANES!
  2. IMHO I think we will make the playoffs this year and at least make it till the second round....from there its anyones guess. The team is OK, they just need to make a few changes. lol Can we PLEASE bring Wesley back? I think its too early to give up and wayyy to early to worry about the team moving or anything of that sort. The canes just need to play 60 minutes of solid hockey instead of 5 minutes good here and there.
  3. I just bought a 12 pack cans of Pepsi and the Rod Brind'Amour pic is on it. I saved a few cans figured they'd be good keepsakes. I havent seen the Mountain Dew Cam Ward ones but hopefully they will pop up in my local food lion soon. Does anyone know of the other players being featured on the cans??
  4. Really? Here its still coming down pretty good....most of it is turning to slush when it hits the ground but its sticking in some places
  5. Im at UNCP and its snowing here as well
  6. yes this past saturday even Forsland stopped after my brother called out to him lol
  7. Yeah I mean who doesnt love Twisted Sister? I wouldnt mind hearing a few more metal songs but I like a good mix too. btw...you sig line makes me want to stand up and dance lol
  8. call me old fashioned (sp?) but I still quite enjoy the "Lets Go Canes!" song lol
  9. In areas such as this would State and the Canes split the cost or do the Hurricanes take on the whole thing?
  10. Is it more of a rock song?
  11. I agree 100%! lol I also like that guy WOLF...he's a tough dude
  12. Flinstones Vitamines for EVERYONE!!!
  13. lotekspy

    RBC Ice

    This may be a dumb quesiton but....what do they do with the Ice when it melts?? Like does someone go there and mop it all up?
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