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  1. I'm fine with the Fleury pick. Was disappointed at first since I wanted a forward but not many 17 year olds that are 6'3" 200+ pounds can skate like him. Lots of potential there while still being a generally safe pick.



    Best pick of today was the Swede.  Wallmark.  Check this guy out.  I am excited,  I also really like Bishop.  This guy is fast and stout and will one day make an awesome 4th line banger.  All in all I am happy.  I just wish we went with a little bit more size.  But then again we didn't draft any smurfs this year so.


    Not sure where you get "fast" or 4th line banger" from. Unless you're talking about Bishop who could potentially become a speedy 4th liner one day.


    But I really love the Wallmark selection. He was passed over last year to the surprise of many much like Tolchinsky. He's not a good skater at all. But he is supremely skilled. Great playmaker with plenty of smarts much like Lindholm. He was also a teammate of Lindholm and Erik Karlsson at the World Juniors where he had 8pts in 7 games. He's playing in the SHL next year. If he can continue to work on his awkward skating stride he could become a contributor. Good value pick in the 4th.

  2. I'm still totally against taking Perlini. Could be a decent complementary player but was completely shut down the second half of the seasons when he was relied upon for creating offense. Doesn't play a power game like Ritchie or Virtanen and doesn't have the absolute skill of a Nylander/Ehlers. Just doesn't do a whole lot for me and I'm concerned because they chose to do a prospect profile on him, over Nylander and Ehlers.


    Haydn Fleury has been connected to us a lot in mocks and I still think #7 is too high for him. He is the epitome of a safe pick. We need winger depth so much more than a decent D prospect.


    Michael Dal Colle is my favorite player in this entire draft. He does everything. If the price was reasonable, I would move up in a heartbeat to 5/6 and take him.

  3. Don't think Dal Colle will be available at #7.  I see him going possibly as high as 2nd overall.

    The problem with Nylander, skilled as he is, is his lack of size.  Ritchie could make an immediate

    impact.  Tuch would be another good choice, but he'll be attending college and wouldn't be around

    for a minimum of two to three years.  RF is probably looking for someone that can step into the

    lineup right now.


    Personally, I'd draft Virtanen - who will likely be available because of the shoulder surgery.  He's

    worth waiting for, imo.  Basically there are 10 to 12 guys that are similar, but different.  It'll depend

    on what the different teams value.  And the Canes should value size above all else.


    Dal Colle would be the most likely to drop out of the often considered "top 5/6". If Vancouver is set on Virtanen or Ehlers he could certainly fall to 7. It's not likely but who thought Grigorenko would fall as far as he did? No one we draft this year will play in the NHL until at least 15-16. Which is good. We shouldn't be rushing them. Looking for immediate impact is what got us in a bad place with some other prospects.


    People around here have some craving for size but there's a difference between playing a hard nosed game and having size. Both Staal's are 6'4" and well over 200lbs. Alex Semin is 6'3" 210lbs. Manny Malhotra is 6'2" 220lbs. Sure Ritchie seems attractive with what he brings against kids in junior hockey, but there are a lot more risks with a player like that and he certainly lacks many things to a player like Nylander.


    Virtanen would be there around 6 or 7 prior to his surgery. Now some people are imagining him dropping to 10-12. Tuch would be horrible at #7.

  4. The more I think about it, the more I'm ok with Carolina drafting Fleury. We have a couple prospects at forward coming through the ranks with Tolchinsky, McGinn, and Lindholm, as well as a few of our regular call ups in boychuck, shutter and Blanchard. Our defensive prospects are paper thin. Pretty much, our only prospect close to nhl caliber is Murphy.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Carolina took Fleury.


    Wanna see the list of RW prospects?


    Greg Nemisz

    Jared Staal

    Brendan Woods


    That's it. Seriously. All will probably never be NHLers.


    We have some good defensive prospects on top of Murphy:


    Trevor Carrick- Nominee for multiple OHL awards, had 51pts in 70 games this yr. Tons of raw talent.

    Jaccob Slavin- Made USA World Junior team, had 25pts in 32 games in his first year for Colorado College. Leader.

    Brett Pesce- Great defensive defenseman with outstanding gap control, almost made USA World Junior team, offensive numbers rose in his 2nd year at UNH. 21pts in 41 games. Huge frame. 6 foot 3. 19yrs old.


    Drafting Fleury at 7 would be idiotic to me. Not the best player available and his stock is up because of the lack of dmen. Trade back to get him.


    I really want Dal Colle or Nylander, followed by Virtanen/Ritchie.


    Nylander is the most skilled player in this draft. He has questions but is so much like Patrick Kane. It would be absolutely insane seeing him with Lindholm and Skinner.


    Goaltending is even more of a need. Here's a list of all our goalie prospects with NHL potential. Brace yourself:


    Daniel Altshuller


    That's it.


    Draft a forward in round 1, goalie in round 2. Try to get Dysin Mayo or Aaron Irving in early 3rd.

  5. Watching Jussi light it up for the Pens - reinforces my fire muller attitude ... Brilliant move JR give away jussi - sutter and Rutuu ....

    Just brilliant !


    I wish we could have given Ruutu away with no cap retention.


    Sutter was a big piece in a trade improving our C corps.


    Jussi clearly had no value. We're just lucky his cap retention ends this year.


    These things shouldn't have that big of an effect on how you feel about a coach though :P

  6. Hey Staalsy, what's the knock on Perlini? 


    His game is about positioning himself in open areas to use his best attribute, his shot, which is outstanding. Though he is a good skater as well. He has size and some people even compared him to Pacioretty when he was hot to start the year in junior. I don't think he is tremendously skilled on the puck as some of the other projected top 10 guys are. His teammate (leafs prospect) Carter Verhaeghe fed him passes all day long early in the OHL regular season and he'd just put it in the net time after time. During the playoffs he was shut down as Verhaeghe struggled and played through injury and he couldn't put up points like earlier on. This led some people to think he was simply a product of Verhaeghe since he's not yet good enough to single handedly dominate a game (which was evident in the playoffs). He's not bad defensively though as one would be led to believe after hearing how he plays.


    I think he'll be a complimentary guy who can set up on the circle on the PP to use his shot. I don't see him going in the top 10. It would be too much of a risk considering the inconsistencies he had this year and the other players that should be available. Maybe he falls to a team like CBJ who can be patient with him and see if he can round out his game. Could end up being a real steal, or a flop.

  7. If we're talking about Fleury, no chance I take him at #7. He'd be a very solid defensive prospect to have but 7 is too early for him. Guys like Ritchie, Ehlers, Nylander, Virtanen will be on the board and I'd rather have any of them over Fleury. If Ronnie is interested in Fleury, he should trade back and pick up another asset while still being able to take him.

  8. im going to have to swallow my pride on this one and say the canes should go after nylander , the kid has the hockey iq , skill and compete level that francis wants for the canes ,  im not happy about it cause i want ritchie and ho-sang  but that is only because i like those  guys better  and that nylander does not have the defensive side to his game like skinner  still does not ,  not saying it can't be taught  but it takes years for guys like that to develop a decent defensive structure for the nhl , and thats something we need in a rookie  not something later in years to develop if we are looking to make something of ourselves .   i just hope nylander can become that player , crossing fingers !!!


    I have kept up with the prospects this year a lot and haven't posted here in a while so wanted to chime in.


    Have you watched much of Nylander? I don't know how someone could want Ho-Sang at #7 but then have to swallow their pride to get on board with taking the most skilled player in this entire draft. Nylander was too good at the U18. His team could not keep up with him. He honestly had to do everything on his own. Picking Nylander also brings about the option of playing him, or Lindholm at center if those two end up being linemates down the line. The other can play the wing.


    That being said, I personally would like a bigger winger such as Ritchie or Virtanen at #7. I would stay as far away from Perlini as possible, and Kapanen gets a big NO from me as well seeing where we are picking in the draft. Kapanen has an on ice problem. It seems like arrogance. I'm not a fan.

  9. It's the same thing that's been going on with Peters for a while. He has to play consistently to produce results like he did earlier in the season. He didn't play for 3 weeks and look how he did last night. Even when he does get some consistent playing time, he's still not as solid as you'd like your average "starter" to be in terms of his rebound control and positioning.


    It's tough, and really not possible to have that trend in performance and play a backup role.


    Khudobin is much more consistent and definitely looks to have the most starter potential between the two. IMO it's time to move on from Peters seeing that we currently have better options in front of us.

  10. You guys are so negative.


    There is NOTHING better we could get in return for Gleason and his 4mil cap hit. As of now, neither player was playing and wasting time (and essentially money) in the press box. Now, both players can be utilized to help their new teams. Liles is a great offensive presence on the blueline and will probably mentor Murphy a ton. This way, Murph won't be thrown into crazy situations and he can take his time to learn (or go to Charlotte for a bit even). Liles is still a great 4-5 D-man in the NHL. The only reason he was in the AHL was because of his salary. Toronto needed a stay at home D-man, Carolina needed some more offensive presence from the blue line. Both have extremely similar cap hits, therefore this is a trade that works both ways. The prospect was thrown in likely due to the age difference (Liles is 33, Gleason 30). Liles can contribute on the powerplay, he has great instincts of sneaking in for back-door feeds, great shot, and good skating. People probably assume he'll be like M.A. Bergeron but no. Much more controlled in his own end. The other "folk tale" of needing to be tougher for the Metro division is a joke. We still have Harrison, Bellemore, and Komisarek who are all defensive d-men that can hit and use their size. Adding Liles subtracts nothing of that such. Aside from all this, Liles is a great person, he is charitable, and is very funny (follow him on twitter). I think he will fit in well with the nice people in the south.

  11. Lindholm is rounding into form and is going to be an excellent player for us...Tlusty still seems off a bit...what about this for the near future?


    Semin J Staal E Staal

    Gerbe Lindholm Ruutu

    Skinner Nash Tlusty

    Dwyer Sutter Dvorak/Bowman/Westy


    I myself would like to see E and J together some time in the future. That aside, I think if Lindholm is centering line 2, Skinner will have to be there with him and Ruutu or Gerbe will be on line 3. Skins and Lindholm have already developed some good chemistry it seems.

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