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  1. Not the most reliable twitter source but he has reported a few deals this year such as the iginla one. @HockeyyInsiderr: "Meanwhile the #Canes are closing in on signing Morrow. No deal in place done yet but sources say talks are progressing nicely." and another weird rumor account has us close to signing Hainsey. @NHLSourcesSay: "#BreakingNews #Signing #Hurricanes on the verge of signing Ron Hainsey, still some details to get done." Either one could be right...will be interesting to find out.
  2. So glad ill be able to see the canes in person now. Will be interesting since ill probably be the only one in Nationwide arena with a canes jersey.
  3. Some are suggesting Gleason is the one JR wants to move, but im not sure I want to give up on him just yet... He played all of last season on a hurt limb and brings some physical presence which we need. I'd like to see what he has next year. Pitkanen on the other hand can hit the high road.
  4. Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip 2m Rutherford said "95 pecent" sure Khudobin deal will get done. Said no potential KHL concerns. Looks like Anton Khudobin will take the backup position. Really nice move if it gets done.
  5. This would be actually quite nice especially if Joni comes back and plays well.
  6. Confirmed by a local CBJ reporter here. I actually hung out with Horton a bit. ...ok maybe not but still interesting he was in c-bus.
  7. We probably wouldn't need to spend as much as he'd demand for our backup. It is posible if he takes very low pay but I just dont see it.
  8. This guy busts his butt every shift, after watch some film on him he really does everything he can while he's out there. He also seems to be very good friends with Victor Rask and (our) Erik Karlsson. Here's a cool video of the chemistry that Rask/Lindholm already have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t2GHHX23XE
  9. I believe he said he was about 190 in his interview. He also acknowledged that he needed to fill out this coming season at UNH by gaining at least 15lbs.
  10. Wrong. If Lindholm excels at camp and makes the team, he can play here next season. He would only return to Sweden if he fails to make the roster this year. I wanted Nichushkin but after looking at Lindholm's skill set he has what it takes to be the next Peter Forsberg. This is a safe pick that should help the canes in the long run. Some of you guys are so negative it's like you give nothing a chance. Take the time to learn and then form an opinion.
  11. I want us to pick him so bad but I think there's 0% chance that we do. He's insane.
  12. I would not mind Phaneuf in a Canes sweater. Interesting to see if that pans out though I doubt it will.
  13. Twas the night before the draft... Anyone in the "fab 5" I would love to see on the Canes. I think I'd be pretty diasappointed if we dont stay at 5.
  14. If Peters is Cam's backup next season we are screwed. Fix it JR. I wouldn't mind Cullen coming back but not for too long of a deal.
  15. OllieC

    EA NHL 14

    Old man Brodeur has won the cover vote. Definitely seemed rigged. Oh well.
  16. Right, I would be absolutely fine if Nashville passed on Barkov and we took him...
  17. I will be so upset if we dont take Nichushkin. Fast forward to 5:34 in this video and watch who he absolutely embarasses...Ryan Murphy
  18. OllieC

    Jersey Help

    I've had a Ward jersey signed by the SC team since 06, it's lasted me this long so im very glad with that choice. For you, I'd say Faulk because he meets all your criteria and JR is going to have to keep him. A Tlusty jersey is on my wants list as well but I need to see that contract extension first.
  19. The home jersey needs black. No doubt about it. Suckas mock up looks so much better.
  20. I think over time and in person the home ones will look a lot better than they seemed today. The nameplate on the away ones is nice.
  21. Erik Johnson. For his salary he would fill a definite need for a nice price if colorado would be willing to let him go. If we could land Yandle that would be amazing and I'd be ecstatic. What about Michal Handzus? Veteran presence, could be a help to the bottom six. He's flown under he radar this year but has performed quite well these playoffs. There is no way he'll still be with Chicago next year.
  22. Even if he does go to Tampa, Nashville seems to really like barkov as he is perfect to play with Forsberg. Drouin to us would be great and i'd take that any day.
  23. NHL.com has a write-up about Nichushkin and his desire to be a top player his first year. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=672471&navid=DL|NHL|home
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