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  1. The teaser from today makes the logo look a little more 3D.
  2. I wish we could get some kind of update on Wardos knee. He should be done rehabbing.
  3. McBain: "Ooooh im gonna get you Edler, right after I go score on Ben Bishop"
  4. Although I am obviously devastated and angry, the timing of this injury is actually not that bad. We have a long time before the season starts so Staal can get started in rehab or whatever is required. JR has the time to pick up a second line center such as Ribiero assuming Jordan will take over line 1. Best wishes to Eric.
  5. I like the idea of bringing in Doug Murray as well. Surprisingly I think Craig Adams could be a decent recycle for JR at the salary he's at. Could use the experience.
  6. OllieC

    EA NHL 14

    I find it almost impossible to make any kind of centering pass in front of the net most of the time. Hopefully they make that a little more realistic.
  7. I haven't posted in this thread but this is exactly my thought. I dont know what I'd do if Nich is there for the Canes and they dont take him. He is ridiculously good.
  8. On Nichushkin: "An NHL comparison that best suits him would be Jordan Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes who uses his big body to make plays but also incorporates his stickhandling ability into the mix which allows him to score goals." Interesting.
  9. For those of you who watched, what did you think of Ellis' exit interview? Im still on the fence as whether I personally would like to see him back next year. He sounded very impressed with the way this organization is run from the top down, as well as the coaching.
  10. To add to the stats point, how can you have "top-5"-like stats when you're playing on this team? He actually has good stats for what he has to deal with.
  11. I'd give J a full season before killing off your prediciton like that.
  12. Wouldn't you rather see Wallace in Westgarth's position? The enforcer role? We've seen Wallace go to the net and have a presence there which got him his goal (against Westy's 0) on top of all the hitting.
  13. I would easily re-sign Ellis. He would be a great backup for Ward. He was outstanding the beginning of the season. After all the injuries, and then his, he looks rattled.
  14. ...And Kunitz, and Morrow, and Letang, and Fleury
  15. Speaking of that, they just picked up Jarome Iginla. Boston thought they had Iggy wrapped up but Pittsburgh came through instead with a trade and got him. The penguins are honestly pulling players out of their behinds.
  16. Agree. I probably would have done the same if I was him. Too many people now are afraid to do stuff like that.
  17. This is the only logical thing I can think of, so if he gets claimed and no trades follow I'll be pretty confused.
  18. It was reported that JR did make an offer to acquire Murray, but Shero of the Pens came with a better offer and ultimately got him.
  19. It's hard enough getting players to develop in our system. Getting rid of two guys who have developed and can be elite would not be good lol. ----------------------- JR on Ellis situation via Chip:
  20. I can't even tell you how quick I'd be all over this if I were in Raleigh. Good luck selling.
  21. Exactly what I don't understand. The goals will come for the original Skinner/J line so I think breaking it up is a bad move.
  22. Bowman should be parked period. I would rather have Terry over him. He hasn't shown any signs of being that legitimate sniper goal scorer type that he was expected to be.
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