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  1. I'm IN! I couldn't pass up the chance to meet my favorite hockey player and it's all for a great cause!
  2. What an unbelievable ending to Game 7 !! Wooooo Wooooooo !! I'll be there too ....can't wait to welcome back the boizzzz!! Go Canes!!
  3. I got 1 (possibly 2) in section 101 near the aisle for $85 (face value). Let me know if you are interested.
  4. Sorry... I forgot the most important part. Gate price is $100 and Face value is $85 OBO
  5. I just hope that their HD broadcasts go way up this season. Wishful thinking, right?!
  6. Kabs can turn it on, but lately he's been going thru the motions and not hustling and not getting to the puck quick enough IMO.
  7. If JR can pawn Franky off on some other organization then he is "THE MAN"! Sorry, Franky but it's time to go baaaaaaaaby!
  8. I really haven't had too many issues parking at the RBC center. IMO the people that take the money is why most of the traffic backs up. It would be nice if they had two people for each line take money to speed up the process. I do admit though, last year I did start leaving earlier to avoid the majority of the traffic coming in.
  9. I only saw him perform here in Raleigh at the NHL level. I just think that his reaction time to the puck is a bit slow.
  10. As far Leighton goes, I've seen him in action and I don't think he's the answer either. Yes, he doesn't flop like a fish out of water out there when pressured, but he is extremely sloooow post to post. Molasses moves faster than that boy. Just get him moving from side to side and he looks like swiss cheese out there. My guess is that JR will go with Leighton because we can't afford to buy a solid backup goalie this year.... Of course, this is my 2 cents.
  11. I certainly wouldn't mind if Hedican was back for one more year. He paired well with Gleason last year IMO. They brought out the best of each other. Besides, I bought a stick of his and would love for him to sign it before he leaves! lol!
  12. I'm glad he's not playing in the Worlds. His ankle needs to fully heal before next season.
  13. I welcome them both back. Whitney will be great on the PP as well as a terrific scorer and assist man. JWilly can shoot from anywhere.....Man....I'm glad they will be back tonight. Even if they are not 100% in shape, they should still do well tonight. LETS EAT MORE OVENCHICKEN !!!!
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