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  1. Whenever someone wants to get it. I have it sitting in the living room, next to the patio doors, so it's ready for someone to come get it and take it out. I live in central North Raleigh (off Millbrook, between Falls and Six Forks). I have a part-time gig, though, that makes it a little hard to catch me at home, but I have 2-3 free evenings this week. I don't know about this weekend yet.
  2. Whoops! I meant to include that in the initial post and didn't mean to be so secretive about it. =.) I'd like to get $200.
  3. I couldn't even read the whole thing -- Sanders started talking ignorance pretty early in his "column" and there was no point in finishing. Thug life, baby.
  4. Ack! Now I'm really kicking myself in the butt for my lousy memory -- I kept forgetting to send you the $$ for that picture of the pucks lined up at a pre-season practice. And now if everything's packed up, it's too late!
  5. Please don't give the money to PETA, they endorse (they don't commit it but do support it) eco-terrorism, i.e. burning down new housing developments, burning research labs that test on animals, and destorying autodealerships. Give it all to the Humane Society, then you'll actually help some animals and do some good. Also, there was a story last year that some members of PETA aren't any better than the people they protest. http://www.petakillsanimals.com/news.cfm (That page has link to news articles about what happened.)
  6. Last I heard, he would still receive pay and I imagine that would be the case until he is convicted of something. I hope he and his co-horts burn in hell forever. Sure, he hasn't been convicted yet, but I'm not stupid. I can figure out why someone would have about 60 pit bulls and all the accessories of dogfighting. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck. And even if he didn't actively participate, I can't believe he didn't know what was going on.
  7. kermelbar


    Nope, no chip to make them seem more lifelike. They look like almost any other stuffed animal, but they come with a tag that has a code. The code gives you access to the inner workings of the Webkinz site where you can, as Topshelf said, feed them, earn points and Webkinz money, etc. So, basically, it's another way to keep our kids chained to a flat box, getting fatter, instead of, oh, playing outside. And the code's only good for a year.
  8. The NFL told him not to go to training camp.
  9. kermelbar


    And I am one of those poor Hallmark employees who has to answer those effing phone calls! One Saturday, I alone answered six calls about then between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. "Do you have any Webkins?" "We do." "What ones do you have?" "*goes down list*" "Do you have the black lab?" If you wanted the freakin' black lab, just ask me if I have the damned black lab!!!!! We kept a notification list for a long time and it was just nuts. It got up to about 30 pages and people were still dumb enough to put their names on the list. Seriousl? You really think we're going to call all of you? Then people would come in ticked off because we hadn't held a Webkin for them -- they thought that was what the list was for. Look, if that's what it was for, then we just wouldn't bother putting them out on the floor! "Well, then you shouldn't have a list!" Alrighty then! We'll ditch the list! And it's been muuuuuch better since then. Then people get picky over which Webkinz. Not very many people like the bullfrog, but one day, our sister store had about six of them and we had none. So I'd tell people that the last time I talked to the other store, they had six bullfrogs. I'd get this disdainful look. "Yes. I know. We were just there." You just want the effing code and you're the idiot driving all over North Raleigh trying to find one of these stupid things and you're going to look down your nose at a bullfrog?! At my store, they run about $9 for a LilKin and about $13 for a Webkin. Whatever the next big thing is, I hope to God we don't carry it.
  10. Nope. 1. I don't particularly care for basketball at all, so I'm not choosing college over NBA. 2. It's not that they're goons, it's that far too many are thugs, live the thug lifestyle and more than a couple probably couldn't spell their own name if you spotted them half the letters. I'm always stunned that guys like Ovechkin speak better English than half the NBA, almost all of whom GREW UP IN AMERICA. I'm just not going to support people I can't halfway respect. I don't see movies with Tom Cruise in them and I'm not going to watch the NBA.
  11. I also hear he's not quite the upstanding husband he's been awarded for being. I'm also irritated by the R being pronounced before the V, even though the V comes before the R.
  12. kermelbar

    Jersey Sale

    the guy at the eye said the new ones would be about 15-20 dollars more than the old ones. And a guy at The Eye told me to expect the old ones to be sold for at least $5 more than they were because they'll be considered "vintage."
  13. *smacks forehead* I need to amend my list -- I can't believe I forgot these! Mike Tyson -- Just a sorry excuse for a huge steaming pile of poo. Same goes for the parasites who bottomfeed with him. Eli Manning -- Son, be thankful you've had the skills and opportunity to be drafted AT ALL and go where they freakin' tell you to go. Play with a cheerful heart and you and your family STFU. Eric Lindros -- Same reason.
  14. In no particular order: WVU NASCAR NBA Baseball Buffalo Sabres The Vick brothers -- what fine, upstanding young men they are. "Pacman" Jones -- ditto; and a WVU guy to boot! (Son, you need to learn that strip clubs and guns just don't mix!) Brett Favre -- I just do. NJ Devils
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