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  1. Good game, and I was pulling for the Hokies, but Alabama deserved to win that one. And Frog, if you're going to get stomped, you definitely want it to be at the hands (or feet?) of a ranked team, haha. As for UVA... looks like they'll compete with Duke for the right to be called the biggest laughing stock in the ACC. Is W&M even I-A? I know Richmond isn't, and that didn't stop them from beating Duke... again. Edit: W&M is, in fact, a I-AA team. They actually play in the same conference as Richmond.
  2. #7 is Cadet. He's a transfer and had never worn an ASU jersey before. Funny, that's not the first time a QB wearing #7 came into an ASU game halfway through and did big things. His passes looked pretty sloppy, so I don't think he'll compete for Armanti's job, but he'll challenge Presley for the starter's job after Armanti is done. I didn't know who #95 for the Pirates was, but I do now. That guy is some other kind of gritty; I was impressed. It looked like he hurt both of his hamstrings and then had to be helped off the field for some other leg injury. Holtz pretty much had to duct tape him to the bench. Hopefully for their sake he didn't knock himself out for a few weeks.
  3. I never liked MASN to begin with, and I pretty much hate them now for dropping the ball on this broadcast. Kind of sucks for ECU fans, who missed most of their team's good play because the station couldn't figure out what was going on until the second quarter. Anyway, despite the outcome, ASU really put on a show in the second half. I wouldn't know who the first and second strings are for ECU, but if Holtz lifted the first stringers, he did it a little early (wait until you're at least four TDs ahead, preferably five) and it almost cost him the game. And since we were playing our second and third string QBs, the fact that our rally was against their second strings doesn't take as much away from it as it normally would. If you told me before the game that we would have lost in a nailbiter, I probably would have been OK with that. If you told me that at the end of the first quarter, I wouldn't have believed you. Good showing... too bad the Mountaineers didn't show up until the second half. Anyhow, I think Cadet and Presley just swapped places on the depth chart. Now less than an hour until the Tech/Bama game... this should be good.
  4. Oregon suspended Blount for the year. Maybe it's a little harsh, but it's a good move all the same. Somebody else would have suspended him if they hadn't. Makes another guy think twice about doing something stupid if it might cost him a year of eligibility. I missed what the anchor had to say, but I agree. There's no reason to drag an issue in when it isn't there to begin with.
  5. Went by division (roughly) and finished with 1:18 to spare. Had 29 in about 2:30, but I also forgot the Sabres. Knew it was one of those northeastern teams and it took me a while because I could never remember who all is in the Northeast and who is in the Atlantic (Boston is not in the Atlantic, for example, while Pittsburgh is). Actually, this quiz made me go and learn the two divisions once and for all, and it actually makes sense once you think about it. Anyway, I ended up going state-by-state until I figured it out. Did it at 3:30 AM, to boot!
  6. Where would we have put him? We would have had to unload one of our wingers.
  7. I was wondering the same thing when I first heard about it. ECU has nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing that game. If they wanted to pay a I-AA team to be their tune-up, you'd think they'd pick somebody other than the team that had won the last three titles at the time. And if ASU pulled off the upset, no matter how good of a season either team ended up having, ECU would still have the ignominious loss to a I-AA team on their record. That's the sort of thing that can put a team into a tailspin. Indeed, it was happening to Michigan, and had they not curb-stomped the Irish in Week 3 (a team that ultimately went 3-9, but it was too early to realize just how bad they were), their season easily could have spiraled out of control. The last thing ECU wants going into road games against two potentially ranked opponents in Weeks 2 and 3 is a demoralized locker room. From their standpoint, they should have talked to Western. From an ASU standpoint, it's exciting to see a matchup with a I-A team that we have a snowball's chance against.
  8. Anybody see this? I admit I don't follow ESPN much, so I don't know much about Buck Showalter, but he sounds like a complete idiot from this article. His proposal is about as drastic and unnecessary as tearing down and rebuilding a house over a broken window. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/notebook?page=bbtn How about just balancing the divisions and going back to playing divisional opponents 12 times a year? Problem solved, and it avoids spitting in the face of over 100 years of league tradition, contraction for a non-business reason, and alienating an entire league's fanbase.
  9. Just remember I didn't bring it up!
  10. Maybe there's some sort of raindance-like thing I can do to make them win. Or at least something that helps Armanti overcome the wrath of the lawnmower in time for the game.
  11. That would be correct. The NHL is off the entire second half of February.
  12. HNIC! Hockey Night in... Carolina?
  13. And I can dream about Appalachian knocking off ECU in Week 1!
  14. Am I the only one who's not at all surprised? We never get respect from anybody else, so why would VS be any different? Honestly, I'm at the point where I just assume anybody in the hockey world will overlook, if not completely disrespect us. I'm more surprised when that isn't the case than when it is.
  15. Why not Florida? Maybe for him they'll surpass their MLB counterpart's http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/articles/2008/09/03/ramirez_marlins_beat_braves_in_front_of_600_fans/' target="_blank">mark for lowest attendance[/post] this season.
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