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  1. the difference is that Bettman is just a mouthpiece for a majority of owners. Fehr is the one calling all the shots for the "poor" players.
  2. totally agree with you BrokenSeason. Contrary to to what Versteeg said , Fehr is the "cancer" that needs to be cut out, not Bettman. I dont believe anything the ambulance chaser says. Btw Super Dave what has there been in this thread that has NOT lead to moaning groaning and complaining?
  3. to hell with the union and the lawyers. im dun worrying about it or even caring at this point. i might come back next fall but probly not
  4. Time for the players to get ready to play some nhl hockey. Sick of the lawyers. Its a fair deal
  5. I agree with TSA that the players are gonna have to "cave" in order to reach a deal. I have never been a fan of unions in general so i'm biased but especially in this case. The league agreed to 57% for the players 7 yrs ago. In those 7 years the league learned that those numbers are not "fair" to themselves and so have every right to even it up. That is of course if you use the same definition of hrr that they had in the old cba. For the life of me i cant imagine how the millionaire players thought they were getting the short end (in 05) at 57%. I know that they had to accept a salary cap but so what? Every employer has a " cap" that they can pay based on revenues. The NHL has said already it would still use the "old" hrr definition and raised the %proposal from the first offer. Time for the players to give some imo
  6. The latest from Spectors: http://spectorshockey.net/wordpress/2011/12/04/sunday-nhl-rumor-roundup-december-4-2011/ Its not surprising that talk has already started about the Canes as potential sellers at the trade deadline. I believe the deadline is Feb. 27th this season. That seems a long time away but the way the season is going i see no reason to doubt that the fire sale will be a reality. IMO JR needs to blow this team apart and every player on this team should be on notice with the exceptions of Skinner and Ward. Spector mentions Ruutu and Gleason specifically. I wouldn't be shocked to see either moved for picks/prospects. I'm beginning to wonder if #12 might be another one. I'll probably get flamed for that but I sure never thought the Flyers would move Mike Richards. I bet nobody thought the Oilers would trade The Great One either. Just sayin.....anything is possible
  7. As usual i was perusing the rumor sites for some hope of a trade or something but all i found was this: "SPECTOR’S NOTE: C’mon, Rutherford, you’re tearing your fans apart! Do something! End this suffering. And no, I’m not mocking. Seriously, how low can this team go before management finally realizes it needs a coaching change? Right now, that’s the only real option this club has to turning things around. There’s no magical trade coming for fix things, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest they’re going to improve under coach Paul Maurice." No matter what it keeps coming back to the same inescapable conclusion. Not saying a coaching change is automatically gonna make us a playoff team but change has to start somewhere.
  8. Sorry dont have the link right now but the latest rumor from Spectors is Bryan Allen for Antoine Vermette (via Columbus) IDK how that really helps us getting rid of one the few guys that can play defense for what i consider a mediocre winger . Hope a rumor is all it turns out to be
  9. Cmon now. I felt the same way after last nights tough loss but you gotta keep the perspective that this is still a rebuilding year and maybe your expectations are too high. Having said that this years team is still very much in the running for a playoff spot. I'll be there tonight and gotta have the attitude that the guys can start on a winning streak. To quote a former basketball coach from my alma mater, "never give up"
  10. Welcome back 61! I've always felt that he is underated and one of the best playmakers around. Never was fast or physical but always very dangerous to play against. It's easy to say that he is not the same player of 3 yrs ago but just as easy to say that the Canes have never been the same since he left. Really like this move by JR even if only for the short run.
  11. looking forward to the new season and watching all the youngsters LETS GO CANES

  12. Thanks a ton. I don't get the N and O but that news just made my day. Edit: I need to keep up with the blogs more, forgot about those.
  13. Anybody heard any news on the status of Wardo's back? I understand teams wanting to keep injury specifics to a minimum (in order to protect a player) but with him being out rest of the season it would be nice to get an update on our franchise goalie every now and then. Maybe Forslund or Tripper have mentioned something that I missed.
  14. Thought JR wanted to make the club younger? Don't really get how that happens with 32 yr old Pothier.
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