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  1. There seem to be quite a few negative post on the Corvo topic. I had a very pleasant interaction with him in his front yard. He used to live around the corner from me and I stopped to say hello one day while out running. Our conversation was brief but I didn't get the impression he was withdrawn or rude in any way. He was very polite and talked for a minute or two. I thanked him for all his on ice efforts and he seemed very appreciative. Maybe he is just a private guy.
  2. I was out for a run today and saw Joe Corvo playing in his front yard with his kids. I was a little disturbed to see moving vans. So on my return route I stopped for a quick hello and to thank him for all his on ice efforts. I was concerned he was traded so I just ask. To my relief he is just moving.
  3. Ward, Battaglia, and Shane Willis have been attending the practices. Maybe it is one of them.
  4. Jeff was there and for all those bashing him...He looked very good. He was in shape, passes were crisp, and he was shooting dead on. The guys did the usual drills at the beginning with Brind'Amour running the show. The best was the 4 on 4 that lasted around 30 minutes, that was fun to watch.
  5. I spoke with him specifically about the hit that did the damage. I ask him if it was an unusually hard hit or did he get hit awkwardly. He did not indicate it was dirty, awkward, or a hard hit. Sometimes bad luck just happens and that is what happened to my ACL. We did discuss some possible causes and fatigue seemed to be one possible answer. He indicated they had just come off a long road trip and maybe muscle fatigue was to blame (muscles just weren't there to stabalize his knee during the hit).
  6. I workout where Rod does his rehab/off season training. I had a brief discussion with him about his knee becuase we had a similar injury. He said he was 100%. He looks great in his workouts. It is absolutely amazing to watch him go.
  7. Below is a translated version. If you want to call it that. The computer does a literal translation but I think we can all get the general idea of the article. It has long been silent about the combination klassv
  8. I attended on Saturday and I agree with everything Fantum stated. It's not just a coincidence, I was the guy he was talking to. On a serious note, I was very impressed with the work ethic on the ice and the skill level those young guys displayed!
  9. Thanks for the feedback, this is exactly what I was looking for. Based on your numbers and analysis...He is a no go and his videos are misleading.
  10. I don't typically post responses or topics but I'm an avid reader of the board. After reading the post by "Kahz" I felt compelled to post a response to the mention of trading Cole for Bieska. I wasn't familiar with Bieska so I did a little youtube research and liked what I found. He appears to be a tought scrapy middle weight Dman. I'm not sure about his skills but I love his aggressive style (fights like he means it very much like Walker). I love Cole and the speed he brings but I would like to see us with someone like Bieska.
  11. There is a good video of the hit and some commentary on www.hockeyfights.com.
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