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  1. The Canes have now released the schedule for the 24 pack. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app?service...p;bcid=rad5FF2A
  2. haha...I was just up in Pennsylvania and there were a bunch of discussions going around on whether they should have a parade for it. And if they do have a parade, instead of going the original parade route, they want to go backwards.
  3. Oops!! Looks like Carycaniac beat me to it. http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...?showtopic=8428
  4. Eh? The Flyers were so bad at hockey that they became a football team? Whoops! Sorry about that, I guess I wasn't thinking. haha
  5. NHL: Carolina Hurricanes Calgary Flames Pittsburgh Penguins NFL: Carolina Panthers Philadelphia Eagles Baseball: Atlanta Braves Boston Redsox Durham Bulls College Sports: NC State Wolfpack USC Gamecocks
  6. On June 19 I was so excited and nervous all day. I remember not being able to sit still and the hours leading up to the game went by so slowing. We arrived at the arena about 4:30 to tailgate, with the car decorated with car paint and car flags on the car of course. I was there with my mom and sister(CamWardFan30). It was amazing to see so many people in the parking lot and it was a different atmosphere than it had been previous games. Everybody was tense and excited. I remeber walking into the building and going to my seat in section 111. Waiting for the game to start I just sat there silently thinking about the season. All year I had known there was something special about this team. I remember after seeing the first preseason game that this team was good. In November I remember talking to other fans and saying we truely thought and expected the Canes to win the cup. Of course I also knew how long the playoffs were and how difficult it is for any team just to make it to the finals. But here we were, game seven of the stanley cup finals. I was a little worried about game seven, because of our poor play in game six and the fact that anything can happen in game seven. But for the most part I felt like we were the better team and there was no way they would let the cup slip away. Then all of the pregame videos start and the crowd was electric. I had heard people talking about the idea of standing the whole game and I wanted to do it, but I didn't think it would actually happen. It was great looking around seeing 18,000 screaming fans. It sounds weird, but I kind of felt like if the fans did their part and screamed and stood the entire game, then there was no way the canes could lose the game. I had also felt this way in game seven of round three, going into the third period down a goal. The puck dropped and I could immediately tell the Canes were ready to play and that tonight was our night. I felt like we were the better team and we were getting some great opportunities. And then Ward scores and the place goes crazy. I could tell looking around that everyone felt like we were going to win the cup. I remember screaming so much and knowing I would lose my voice before the end of the night. It was funny seeing everyone sit down and rest during the TV breaks and intermissions, just like the players were. The no goal at the end of the first period was dissapointing and confusing. Being in the arena, it was hard to tell what was going on. I thought the puck had went in, it was hard to see from my seat in 111, but seeing the way Williams celebrated, it was clear he thought it went in. I tried calling some of my friends who were watching the game on TV, but I couldn't hear a word they said because the arena was so loud. Sitting there during the intermission I kept thinking that I hope that call doesn't lose us the game, while I was stll confident our guys could get it done. Through the second period the Canes continued to look like the better team. And then Kaberle scores and the crowd goes crazy once again and some how gets even louder. If was a great feeling being up two goals in game seven of the stanley cup finals. After the Oiler's scored I became much more nervous. I believed we were going to be okay, but there was part of me who knew anything could happen. The final ten minutes of the game went by so slowly. Everytime the Oiler's crossed the blue line or even touched the puck I was nervous. And then the Oiler's make a rush up the ice and Torres has the puck. So many thoughts go through my mind. I think "Oh gosh, this is it, they are going to tie this game up" and "OMG, Come on Cam, you have to stop this!" and "Where is the defense, someone get the puck out of there." And then about eleven rows below me, Cam stretches out his pad and makes THE SAVE. Everyone in the arena goes nuts, especially everyone in my section. Everyone in my section could see the rush coming up the ice towards us and then we saw Cam make that impossible save. A WARD-O chant in my section started shortly after. After that moment I knew we were going to win. With less than a minute to go I watched the players fight for the puck along the boards. It squirts out to Staal and I see Justin Williams skating up the ice. I start jumping up and down in excitment. During that moment when Justin Williams is carrying the puck towards the net I just remember looking at Staal who is following behind Justin and he is jumping several feet into the air while moving down the ice. Seeing the players emotions as the buzzer goes off is something I will never forgot. It was obvious how much wining the cup meant to all of our players. BTW, this is my first post, but I have been reading the boards for a while. Sorry it was so long.
  7. Wow...where should I start. *Warning, this may be pretty long* I guess my whole game 7 experience started the night of June 18th. It was around midnight and I was planning on just glancing at the boards before I went to bed. That didn't happen. In just a few hours, there were at least 30 long, inspiring, and emotion filled posts written. I found myself, along with a group of other caniacs, still reading the boards at 4 in the morning. By that point everything that was happening finally sunk in. I was so excited I didn't know what to do. I had way too much energy to even think about going to bed. After finally convincing myself to sleep for about two hours, I was up and couldn't wait to be back in that arena for game 7. After making a few adjustments to the red car paint that covered my windows, I spent most of the day running around Raleigh with my canes flags proudly flying trying to get ready for the big night. After waiting around for what seemed like forever, it was finally time to go. We got to the arena around 4:30 ready for some serious tailgating. We had tailgated for some of the other playoff games, but this game was different. It seemed as if everyone was having the same thoughts. We were all nervous but at the same time wanted nothing more then to be there supporting our Canes who we had loved so much that season. I know that true Caniacs are there every season to support their guys, but this team was different. I knew from the first preseason game that there was something special about our team and that we could win the cup. Actually seeing the canes live out this vision through the season and all of the playoffs was an incredible experience. By the time I got to my seat in section 111, I started reflecting about the whole season and how amazing it had all been. As all of pregame videos started, I became completely absorbed in the atmosphere and started realizing that everything the Canes had worked for all came down to one game. That was a very exciting yet scary thought. Yeah, I knew that we were the better team and thought we could win it, but at the same time it was just one game. Anything could happen in 60 minutes. All of these fears went away at the first face off. Between the amazing fans who stood and cheered the entire game and seeing our guys giving it absolutely everything they had on the ice, I knew that there was no way we could lose. Thankfully, I was right. The electric atmosphere made game 7 the most exciting game I have ever been to. I can't even describe how I felt when Justin scored the empty netter. It was amazing. Everyone around me was crying and hugging each other. WE FINALLY DID IT!! I've been a Caniac since the 2000-2001 season, but this season I became a much bigger fan. Between going to about 30 games and always finding a way to watch the other games, going to the practices and staying after some of the games to meet the guys, reading the message boards, and learning more and more about hockey, I really felt close to the team. After experiencing all of the ups and downs the team had been through, it was great to see them all lift the cup. We stayed in our seats for a while just trying to soak in everything that was happening and then ran over to the Eye. Somehow we managed to get into the eye,which was absolutely packed, and grabbed a handful of champion shirts and hats for all of my friends that weren't able to get tickets. I then went home to find a group of my friends jumping and screaming in my driveway. We spent the rest of the night talking about the game, everything that happened in the season, and everything we hoped would happen in the future.
  8. Omg..not again. Is anyone else watching this? They're still showing boxing instead of the awards. Hopefully they'll actually show it sometime tonight.
  9. It has just been posted that it will now be shown at 11:00 pm.
  10. Yeah, I don't know whats going on. According to NHL.com, the awards show was supposed to start at 7:30, but either way we should be seeing it by now. Hopefully they'll be switching over to it soon.
  11. ...that was sad. Kipper looked amazing tonight. He looked so upset after the game. Great job Flames for having a pretty good season and making this a really exciting game six. Hopefully next year's season will be better...just not as good as the Canes next season.
  12. I was just talking about that. It's amazing just how many people are actually wearing red, and almost all of them are jerseys. It's pretty cool seeing the whole crowd blend together like that...except for that one guy near the blue line wearing yellow, but that's ok, he probably just didn't get the memo.
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