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  1. The Hockey is Strong in This one!!
  2. As far as "win now" Ronnie didn't do much BUT I think he is on the right path of building the back end. We don't just want to challenge now but also have a group in the minors waiting for their turn. I like what he has done. A lot of stupid $$$ were spent yesterday for a lot of stupid years (sorta). Glad we didn't get caught up with that.
  3. That wouldn't make it bad, Mike Ilitch is the owner of Littel Sleazers!! He is the owner of the Detroit Red Wings, major bro-hate there!!
  4. must have been designed by the same crack team that need our new home jersey!!
  5. I thought the same of Skinner and we know how that turned out, will be a matter of how he stacks up against the big boys.
  6. My money this season as far as the biggest surprise will be Tolchinsky
  7. Personally I think Peters game is fine but it is more of the square peg in the round hole. If given the chance he could be a good/great starting goalie somewhere BUT it takes a certain mindset to play backup and he doesn't have that. We have only seen that in Legacy and Ellis. He will never be able to go in cold and turn things around, he needs to be in a regular rotation which is why he excels at the AHL level.
  8. unless he forces there hand in training camp. I didn't go to any of the prospect camp sessions but it is my understanding that he and Tochinsky really impressed as did McGinn.
  9. btw, I learned the hard way this summer that Ocracoke is an Island. My better half and I plus her sister took the LAST ferry over one weekend. Was suppose to be a day trip!!
  10. according to NHLNumbers.com we are paying Peters $550k which I would think would make it an easier pill for another team to swallow.
  11. wouldn't disagree but am hard pressed to see JR pay NHL wages in Charlotte or is that the Checkers problem?
  12. I am curious as to the general concensous as to what will happen to Justin Peters. JR never (or almost never, can only think of Irbe as the exception) pays NHL wages in the AHL. We also never carry three goalies. So what do you think happens here? Trade? Pay him NHL wages in Charlotte? Inquiring minds want to know.
  13. Still sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, don't know why they feel they have to tinker with something that already works.
  14. Lowe's Foods, large selection without Teeter's prices.
  15. With their lockout dragging on I don't see that happening, at least not this year.
  16. Made that same discovery of the EpiCenter in Charlotte during a recent Checkers game.
  17. This is a business and as such there are NO guarantees, if we win the cup and he moves on then it was worth it.
  18. yes it is incorrect and out of context. Kinda sad though that you got to dig up the past, what is your point? I am flattered though that you seem to be a fan. Back on topic, it is probably nothing more than the Sutter deal though I wish it were something in the way of a trade to replace what Cole brings to the table. Guess we will see soon enough.
  19. chip tweeted this afternoon something about it not getting done today so I am thinking there was some anticipation.
  20. seemed like a waste of time rehashing what was already said so IMO agreeing with you seemed like the logical choice. Your statement about last year is incorrect and I will leave it at that. This message board has/had some great members, I have learned alot about hockey (what to watch on the ice and what to ignore), and have enjoyed every point of view whether I agreed with them or not. For me it is about content, no one person is an "expert" BUT if you take the content as a whole you can glean tons of useful information from it. You are never too old to learn.
  21. wasn't overly excited at first but with Lewis added as a coach, Boucher backing up Cam, the addition of some new blood (Brent, Stewart, Kaberle, etc.) - I like our chances. Curious as to if JR will address Cole leaving with chasing Hemsky or see what the Checker kids can do.
  22. 1) No vendetta towards Coastal or for that matter anyone. 2) Not baiting anyone, simply agreed with his post. Figured I had two options, cut and paste or simply agree. 3) You are reading way to much into a simple response.
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