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  1. I voted change it. To something like... "LeafsSuck" or "ILoveTheCanes" or "Leafs=Losers", etc. You get the point, just fill in whatever you like most.
  2. I think most arenas basically have the same look, the same shape and the seats basically in the same place. Can't really change it much That's what I was going to say. If anything, it doesn't look much like ours at all for many reasons if you ask me. The double club level with the small section of seats and then an entire upper section above it, the double exits at the benches, etc. Looks like a really nice arena.
  3. Only corrections are, like rpope said, Tampa cannot get a full 2 points, only 1, and Montreal cannot get 4 points, only 3. They both have tiebreakers on us by having more wins.
  4. AJerman

    Age Poll!!!

    I agree with just about everything you say here, however, I'll note that most of the lack of proper spelling and grammar, as well as the childish arguing is because of exactly that. Age DOES reflect maturity, maybe not perfectly, and maybe not every time, but it's a pretty good indicator more times than not. I'd have to agree that I'm not surprised for one second by the results of this poll, and it's unfortunate that we've lost so many of our older members over the last year or so with our horrible forums and with the little kids turning much of the message board into a playground.
  5. The entire team sounds like a bunch of crybabies, jeez. Kinda pathetic for a bunch of "professionals" if you ask me.
  6. It's not THAT bad, we just are past being able to put ourselves in. Now we need people to lose as well as us win every game. We have 4 more games left which means a total of 8 points which would put us at 92. Now I haven't checked which teams play each other in that group meaning one team HAS to win, but just generally speaking, anyone with less than that 92, we COULD beat. That's as far up as 6th, or 3rd of course if Atlanta loses every game. We have to have other people lose now, and most importantly, WE HAVE TO WIN GAMES.
  7. Although people who think they are mods are quite obnoxious, jwillie is 100% correct. Around the NHL was the proper section for this even if it does affect us. Everything affects everyone, some things more than others, never the less, this isn't Carolina news, it's Islanders news. Now back on topic!
  8. Phew, the Storm Squad members aren't players!
  9. Don't be so quick to retire Wesley, he's having a great year and is the veteran presence this D needs. He's consistently outplayed several of the "young guys". :wink: It's all but a given that Wesley will retire. A lot of people were surprised he even came back this year. I'd say there's a 95% chance that this is his last year. We will miss him though.
  10. You think elderly female rabbits are beautiful women? :-o
  11. Okay, well then lets put it out there in a less sarcastic way and in actual reply to this thread. The whole perfect fan thing really is getting annoying. No one said they were giving up on their team, and if they did it was out of frustration. We all love our team, however if anyone wants to show their pleasure or displeasure in any way they wish, it's not for anyone else to tell them they are wrong. I don't know what sports you guys grew up around, but EVERYONE boos their team when they do poorly, and by everyone I don't mean every individual person, I just mean fans of every team. Why the hell should you not be allowed to boo when they play poor, but you should cheer when they do well? It seems like there are a lot of you, the younger girls especially, who are just in love with them and think you're going to hurt their feelings or something. They are professionals and if anything, getting booed by their own fans will show them that they are screwing up. Another thing that gets annoying is the constant whining about people leaving early. Do you even stop to wonder if they have reasons? Perhaps a child needs to get to bed, or a child is home alone that they need to get to? Maybe they live far away and want to get a head start? Those of us who are full season ticket holders go to 41 games a year, and that's plenty of hockey. It becomes routine and it's not a big special event for us to go every night, so if they are playing like crap, we may not want to sit and watch it when we know we'll be back in a couple of days. On top of that, the person who buys their seat has complete freedom to do whatever they want with it. Again, an empty arena at the end of the game would make me think twice about how I was playing and make me want to give every effort to keep my fans there. Oh, and one more thing. This is a public message board. Anyone here is completely free to criticize any player they want for whatever they want to criticize them for. Again, everyone is allowed their opinions, the only ones you need to worry about is yours. If it annoys you that other people share their opinions, then don't read their threads. This is not a private message board only for people who have halos over their heads and would act like soccer moms after their kid just played horrible no matter how bad the Canes play. Just because some of us actually want to talk about what some players are doing wrong doesn't mean that we are horrible fans and hate the team. The majority of the bashing people and arguing that goes on on this board is when someone comes in and posts a criticism of the player or team as a whole, and then the (sorry to generalize but it's true) typically teenage female and some even older group comes in about how you should never say ANYTHING bad about them or else you're less of a fan. We don't need an "Anti-Meltdown Squad" or threads like this. None of us are giving up, we're all on the same team. We're going through a very tight part of the season now and after last year we're all used to our team playing better and sometimes it's frustrating, but just let people vent and move on. I assure you that no real fan is going to completely give up on the team and stop being a fan just because we're losing, or even if we don't make the playoffs, so just be accepting of other people for these last 2 weeks and just worry about yourself being a fan, and not how other people are a good or bad fan. Remember, we're all on the same team cheering for the same goal. Now... LETS GO CANES!
  12. On this board it does haha, put me down for sunshine and lollipops as well.
  13. AJerman

    I'm 18 today.

    So now that you're 18 you have to start acting 18... I know... it sucks. Edit: Here, this came in today, you get a ream of paper for your birthday, I know... I'm that generous
  14. Happy excuse to drink a lot day!
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