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  1. Had a great time. Went both days. Second day was a lot more business-like. Got a picture with Nicolas Roy and congratulated him. Day 2 Connor McDavid got off an elevator and was immediately mobbed, and he does have very quick feet, because he got out of there really quick with about 50 people chasing after him. I did get a blurry picture of him. Also on Day Two, I spent some time with an old friend that needs to come back to Carolina. The Stanley Cup was there and I got a few pictures with our old friend.
  2. Was wondering if anyone was going to the draft down in Sunrise. I got four tickets for both days, probably will only use 2 tickets. Will be wearing my Red Jersey, hope to see a few others.
  3. Is anyone going to the draft. I submitted a request for tickets. Not sure how hard it will be to get tickets. I would think the place will be 1/2 full.
  4. Just did the math for tickets in my current section (112), if I got all "cheap" Bronze games next year (that will be on stubhub very cheap) the cost will go up 28%. If I got tickets to all Gold games, the cost will go up 57%. I assume I would lean towards Gold with a few Silver and maybe a bronze or two, so I am estimating the increase is around 40% per game for me. I can not believe that ANYONE would think an increase like that is justified.
  5. I just called up my account manager and discussed the new packages. The price for a mini pack in the package they sent is just if you get what are classified as "Bronze" games. If you want to go to a "Silver" or "Gold" game, the cost will be more. So for 11 Bronze games (Bronze will be on lousy nights against teams nobody wants to see) for what I paid for 14 games this year. It just is not worth it anymore..........I have have been a season ticketholder (mini packs) since 2003. This is my last year.
  6. I agree, bring back LaRose. He will lead our effort to rebuild by helping us stay at the bottom of the league....... LaRose has 10 points in 23 games, with a -5 +/-. How is he going to help???
  7. Here is the latest on the AllStar voting. I pulled just the Hurricanes. Looks like Sekera has a chance if they expand the rosters to 73 players a side. 145 Andrej SekeraAndrej Sekera · #4 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 178 Jeff SkinnerJeff Skinner · #53 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 179 Eric StaalEric Staal · #12 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 264 Cam WardCam Ward · #30 Carolina Hurricanes Goalie 265 Justin FaulkJustin Faulk · #27 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 320 Elias LindholmElias Lindholm · #16 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 407 Nathan GerbeNathan Gerbe · #14 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 449 Tim GleasonTim Gleason · #6 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 451 Riley NashRiley Nash · #20 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 483 John-Michael LilesJohn-Michael Liles · #26 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 494 Anton KhudobinAnton Khudobin · #31 Carolina Hurricanes Goalie 499 Jiri TlustyJiri Tlusty · #19 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 541 Jay HarrisonJay Harrison · #44 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 554 Alexander SeminAlexander Semin · #28 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 569 Victor RaskVictor Rask · #49 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 590 Ron HainseyRon Hainsey · #65 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 604 Brett BellemoreBrett Bellemore · #73 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 637 Jordan StaalJordan Staal · #11 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 677 Zach BoychukZach Boychuk · #22 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 703 Andrej NestrasilAndrej Nestrasil · #15 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 706 Michal JordanMichal Jordan · #47 Carolina Hurricanes Defensemen 752 Patrick DwyerPatrick Dwyer · #39 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 766 Brad MaloneBrad Malone · #24 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 785 Chris TerryChris Terry · #25 Carolina Hurricanes Forward 792 Drew MacIntyreDrew MacIntyre · #35 Carolina Hurricanes Goalie
  8. Chantel Mccabe went from being a joke her first year, to a pretty decent this year. I think she really does her homework now and can not only pronounce names correctly, but also ask some decent questions. Anyone else concerned that 30-40% of the suites are being filled? I looks like a lot of the corporate sponsors that would filled the luxury suites have deserted. What happened to Ric Flair when we scored or were on the power play? Also, our video guy this year is horrible!!! He is clueless on how to use video's to get the crowd pumped up. Some reason he has increased the "fan cam" shots, and when he does use a video it usually starts so late the crowd can not respond. This new guy appears to have had zero experience, a 10 year old could do a better job. Where are all the promotions this year? With attendance at most games looking like crowds from a early preseason game, you would think dropping bobblehead and other giveaway nights would not be a great idea. Whose thinks having a Crazy Caniac contest each game is a good idea? Get the three most annoying people in the arena, and give a prize to the one that can annoy the people around him the most??? Really wish we had a good size, active, well-organized booster club. I know we have one, but it really has never gotten much traction. How lucky are we to have the TV/Radio announcers we have. Watched a couple of non-Carolina games on center ice and some of those announcers are horrible. Our TV/Radio coverage of the games is as good as any. Did we lose our organist? Don't remember hearing him the last couple of games. The best food at the PNC for the money has got to be the BBQ sandwich from the North Carolina BBQ stand. Biggest rippoff has to be the $6.50 for Dipping dots. Back to Chantel..... we are 5-0-1, post DUI suspension!
  9. How about this for a nickname "Cane's Number 1 goalie"
  10. http://cardiaccane.com/2013/12/01/tim-gleason-moved-mid-week-per-darren-dreger/
  11. http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/car131202.html another link on Gleason trade.. also mentions Peters/Khudobin and Ruutu.
  12. http://www.rantsports.com/nhl/2013/12/01/nhl-rumors-carolina-hurricanes-have-better-options-for-tim-gleason/
  13. On NBC Sports network they said this possibly could be career ending..... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/eric-staal-writhes-pain-knee-knee-hit-alex-195338757.html
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